Every year, Playboy magazine picks one of their 12 featured beauties and crowns her Playmate Of The Year.  While the factors they use to decide the most qualified candidate are still unknown to me, that doesn’t mean you can’t pick your favorites based on whatever factors appeal to you. Regardless of how the top candidate is chosen, I wanted to take a minute and look at the 12 who are in the running and give my prediction on who might take it.

December is a good month to be featured in the magazine if you’re a woman who hopes to get the yearly award (and the big paycheck and the free car which come along with being named PMoY).  In the history of Playboy magazine, ten times the PMoY was the playmate featured in December’s centerfold.  Seven times the November beauty was picked.  January and October each hit six times – including October getting it last year when Claire Sinclair was presented with the award.  The other months mostly had five each, though the hot months of June and July have only had one of their centerfolds picked for the awards.

January – Anna Sophia Berglund (@AnnaSophiaB)

Anna Sophia Berglund Gets Comfy Naked in Bed

Anna Sophia Berglund Gets Comfy

February – Kylie Johnson (@missfeb2011)

Kylie Johnson takes a dip!

March – Ashley Mattingly (@AshleyMattingly)

Ashley Mattingly getting undressed

Ashley Mattingly lounging after a long, rough day!

April – Jaclyn Swedberg (@Jaclyn_Swedberg)

Jaclyn Swedberg and the Come Hither stare...

Jaclyn Swedberg knows the importance of stretching.

May – Sasha Bonilova (@SashaBonilova)

Sasha Bonilova awakened from a nap.

June – Mei-Ling Lam (@meilinglam)

Mei-Ling Lam thinking about things she'd rather do than sleep!

July – Jessa Hinton (@JessaHinton)

Jessa Hinton showing her great curves on silk sheets

August – Iryna Ivanova (@IrynaIvanova)

Iryna Ivanova considering her lingerie options

September – Tiffany Toth (@TiffanyTothxoxo)

Tiffany Toth in stockings and barely anything else

October – Amanda Cerny (@AmandaCerny)

Amanda Cerny doing her Bed Pilates

November – Ciara Price (@Ciara_Price)

Ciara Price getting ready for the day

December – Rainy Day Jordan (@RainyDay53)

Rainy Day making the cowboys drool

One more photo of Rainy Day just seems appropriate so you'll have one... for later

After viewing and reviewing all of the candidates, including these images and more revealing ones through Google, I’ve got no clue who’s going to win.  They’re all beauties, and while I’d like to know more about each of them, I’m having trouble finding time to do anything other than view images of all of them.  I would like to know who you would pick, based on whatever criteria you’d like.  Vote and leave a comment!

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