To say Adam Sandler has been on a rough streak of late is both an opinion and an unfortunate trend in terms of movie-goer opinion on his works. While I certainly haven’t seen everything he’s done in the past five years, Adam Sandler’s work has not been at the level to which she used to provide. Some say that this is due to movie viewers having grown up and expect more out of comedies than what Billy Madison, Happy Gilmour and the like have to offer. But I believe disappointment in his recent movies stems from the case of Adam Sandler being the old guy at the college party. His brand of comedy has not evolved as he has aged.

This has nothing to do with the shortcomings of Pixels.

While Pixels might be Sandler’s best movie in years, its not a great film. it’s not even great by Adam Sandler standards. However, don’t believe all the extreme negativity from some of my colleagues with regards to the quality of the film. There is certainly some successes which can be attributed to it.

The storyline, while a completely ridiculous fantasy concept, is still a fun concept indeed. The idea that aliens might misunderstand signals they receive from Earth and then take the concepts from 1980s era video games and use them to attack on Earth? That’s a decent concept. From there, I couldn’t ask for a better execution on that concept than the way they did it.


Seeing Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Josh Gad, and Peter Dinklage fight CGI manifestations of characters like Pac Man, Centipede, Donkey Kong and others was, at times, stupid, but always entertaining in a great throwback away. Viewers without history playing the aforementioned games will not fully appreciate moments like when Break Out destroyed a significant landmark. In that respect I’m not surprised some people didn’t like the film. It’s possible they simply didn’t have the right background to enjoy it.

The performances were decent, for what they were. Adam Sandler was believable in a part of a guy who waste a lot of his life playing video games, had failed to have any real achievement, and was put into a situation where he was mostly in over his head but happy to help out an old friend. Kevin James shoehorned in as President of the United States of America was an awkward fit hello but out of everyone from the typical Adam Sandler movie cast, the best suited. David Spade.

My rating: 65 out of 100

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