For the systematic failures displayed over the past 14 years, the NCAA has levied severe punishment against the Penn State University Football Program, though the penalties do not include the “Death Penalty” (a one-year suspension of football-related activities).

Imposed in a statement this morning are the following penalties:

  • $60 M fine – equivalent to the typical revenues earned in one year by the program
  • Four-year ban from post-season play, including bowl games
  • Limit to program-related scholarships to 15 per season (down from 25) for four years
  • Penn State and Joe Paterno will vacate ALL VICTORIES earned by the program starting from the 1998 season (over 100 victories)
  • Current and committed students may transfer immediately to other schools without loss of eligiability
  • Players on scholarship may remain at Penn State even if they do not wish to participate in the football program (provided they meet pre-established academic requirements)

Discussed in the announcement was the unwillingness to impose the “Death Penalty”, as it would cause negative impacts to innocent individuals currently linked with the program.