For the 12/12/12 concert at Madison Square Garden to aid the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, Paul McCartney got together with a Cobain-less Nirvana. When rumors initially circulated, the concept shocked and horrified some, but there was no doubting the potential. Kurt Cobain has cited The Beatles as one of his main musical influences, his aunts providing him with their albums, so it’s a pairing of which he would likely approve.

When the clock neared 1 am on the East coast and Paul McCartney hit the stage, anticipation grew. He finished a few of his own, and then he recounted how Dave Grohl had invited him to jam with the band, then welcomed them back on stage as part of the Nirvana reunion. Like many, I was underwhelmed with the set list. Not because they played songs other than the ones I was hoping for, but because they only played one song – a new song, at that.

Less than twelve hours later, I had sought out discussion of the topic with a friend of mine whose vast music knowledge and varied taste made him the perfect collaborator for what I was seeking to put together. The concept is simple: if Paul McCartney were to front Nirvana, and their first album was a double LP featuring a mix of songs from Nirvana, The Beatles and Wings (note: no Foo Fighters here), what would be included?

The vocals would obviously be different. Paul McCartney isn’t going to try to sing like Kurt Cobain. And the heavy, distorted sound  Nirvana’s best known for would be altered a bit as well. The idea is that songs which were formerly Nirvana tracks now have McCartney’s influence, likewise classic Beatles and Wings songs would be a bit harder, potentially faster, and not as clean.

Avoided were songs which Nirvana covered other bands. As much as I’d like to hear Paul McCartney do “The Man Who Sold The World”, it wouldn’t end up on this album. They can cover David Bowie in a next release.

Here’s what we came up with:

Disc One

1. Back In The USSR
2. Come As You Are
3. Hey Bulldog
4. About A Girl
5. Band on the Run
6. Breed
7. Twist and Shout
8. Octopus’ Garden
9. In Bloom
10. All Apologies

Disc Two

1. Hard Day’s Night
2. On A Plane
3. A Day In The Life
4. Sliver
5. Help!
6. Heart Shaped Box
7. Helter Skelter
8. Something / Something In The Way
9. Polly / Yesterday
10. Live And Let Die

Perhaps it’s not a perfect track list. Maybe there are songs you’d like to see included (a popular option being “Rape Me”, though shock-value aside, that’s arguably a terrible option here). Maybe you’d rearrange things to give a different vibe. Maybe you hate the concept all together.

We’d like to hear from you.