#holla: It’s the return of Teddy Long in an authority role! In the series of weekly guest GMs, it’s time for a face one and Teddy ‘Tag Team Match’  Long is up this week. Will he do anything memorable? What do you suppose the over/under is on how many Teddy Long Specials there are this week on both RAW and Smackdown? He’s already made one as the main event, so at least things get off on the right foot. He said with heavy sarcasm. Speaking of the Blue Brand, Smackdown will be live tomorrow with the return of a former PPV name, ‘The Great American Bash’ as the night’s theme. TGAB was actually borrowed from WCW, which itself was taken from NWA’s Jim Crockett Promotions. The More You Know.

#backtonormal: After last week’s special opening that did not include John Cena, things are back to the way WWE likes it. Cena is opening the show with a promo and the 9 nine year old kids couldn’t be happier. John blabs about the ending to last week, etc etc etc. It’s kind of disingenuous how he says he ‘could’ come down all angry, complain and want revenge, but then ‘thanks’ Show and Jericho. He’s clearly out there to complain and I’m sure he thinks he’s clever saying exactly what he means in the guise of ‘well, I could do that’.

#anythingbutnormal: WWE’s resident Yes Man, Daniel Bryan comes out shouting Yes! on a microphone and no music, which might be an improvement over his usual theme. After Yessing his way to the ring and ignoring Cena’s lame insult, he mentions he didn’t even know Cena was there, which is a great line. He follows it up by stating after he beats Punk for the title and if Cena wins MITB, then he’ll the first to cash it in and lose. Cena is probably the only one that could happen to and not leave a black mark on his record. Oddly enough, Punk comes out to no music and this means Jericho will be coming out soon, in the cliche setup for the show’s main event that WWE does all the time. Punk mocking the Yes! chant and Bryan screaming at him to stop was quite funny. At least Y2J comes out to his music and proceeds to tell Bryan to come up with catchphrases that are longer then a word. Early contender for highlight of the night might be Jericho welcoming everyone to RAW. IS. JERICHO! It’s been ages since we’ve heard that. After Kane and Show comes out the usual brawl ensues. This would have been the point for Long to come out and book a tag match, but I guess not since we already have one set up.

#onebasket: Ya know the saying don’t put all your eggs in one basket? That’s exactly what Creative did right here with a Santino-Christian-Kofi-Truth vs Otunga-Rhodes-Young-O’Neil mega tag match. There was way too much going on to make sense of it and to top it off, Brodus Clay came down at one point. Of course the faces won and we get a dance segment. I’m wondering if that was the whole point of the match?

#mynameis: How comes Alberto doesn’t say that catchphrase anymore? Complaining to Teddy about his title chances, he learns that the faceless Board of Directors has booked him against Sheamus for the WHC at MITB. Maybe if I complain more at work I’ll get a raise. Teddy does his own booking and pits him in a surprise opponent which turns out to be Sin Cara. Any hope that Cara fans had of this being the start of some sort of push were quickly dashed when Alberto assaulted him ringside before the match could even start.

#herecomesthehustle: So after teasing some sort of response from Lesnar himself, all it turns out is Heyman talking more. Don’t get me wrong, Heyman is great on the mic, but as if Brock were actually going to show up. So the claim that Lesnar will answer HHH’s challenge personally at RAW 1000 could happen. Or in a pre-recorded segment.

#consistency: That’s what we’re getting from Teddy Long so far. Main event tag match announced at the start of the show, followed by a mega-tag match and now another Long Special. This time it’s Sheamus-AJ vs Dolph-Vickie. Ugh. Thankfully it was over in a matter of minutes with Crazy AJ the one to get the pin. Also we’re past the half way point and there have been only two actual matches. Go figure.

#slatertime: Now it’s the time of the show where we see Heath Slater get squashed by a random old timer. His opponent is…Doink The Clown? I don’t know what’s more shocking, the fact that Doink is the opponent or that Slater actually won. Of course Heath can’t celebrate too long as yet another old-timer comes out. It’s D-D-P. I’m sure the guys in attendance are excited, but surely not the kiddos who probably don’t even know him. His sole purpose was to come out and give Slater the RKO. I mean Diamond Cutter.

#confused: So we have Kane and Show in a No DQ match? Since both are heels, who is the crowd supposed to get behind? Like any big man vs big man match, it’s not very entertaining. Oh and Show won.

#recordbreaker: Tyson Kidd is getting a TV match? Is this bizarro-WWE? He faces Tensai in what is probably a Smackdown MITB hype match. Kidd gets a quick roll up pin moments into it. Not quite sure if it broke the Sheamus-Bryan record from Mania, but it’s probably less then 20 seconds.

#mainevent: Yes this match is filled to the brim with star power, but other then that, it’s basically the same main event tag match we’ve seen numerous times before. The feeling out process early on, hot tags later to get the crowd back in it, so on and so forth. Since Cena is in it, you can add his signature comeback to the mix. It was still a solid match that an unexpected finish. After Cena and Jericho brawled to the back, AJ came out to skip around the ring. Problem is both Punk and Bryan were ignoring her and continuing the match. So what does she do? Gets a table out from under the ring, sets it up and perches on the top turnbuckle like she’s gonna jump. This finally gets both guys’ attention. Their concern gets Punk a smooch from her and a push into Bryan as both fall through said table. AJ kept shouting Yes! as RAW went off the air. I’m sure that was meant to seem like AJ as the ref doesn’t totally favor Punk, but it was still an entertaining finish