After defeating Joey Beltran at the UFC Fight For The Troops 2 event, Pat Barry gave a post fight interview, as is customary for the victors of televised fights.  After speaking about his father and the dedication of the troops, Pat barry started to leave the octagon, but then he turned to the camera and announced that Matt Mitrione was fired.

It’s still unclear exactly what he meant by the statement.  There are several possibilities and a bit of background information you need to know to make sense of this.

In a post-fight interview back at UFC 119 a few months ago, Matt Mitrione made the public announcement that he was firing his agent, Malki Kawa.  Though Kawa claims that Mitrione’s reasons for firing Kawa were based on misunderstandings between them, and he was open to working together more in the future.

So it’s possible that Pat Barry was making a joke, ribbing Matt Mitrione for a “meathead” decision that lacked professionalism and was potentially made without all the correct information.

It’s not definite that Pat Barry was just joking, however.

As far as I know, Pat Barry doesn’t have the power to fire anyone from UFC, so it’s not likely that the firing is from the world-wide leader in professional MMA promotions.  Had Dana White made the decision to fire Matt Mitrione for something, there is a chance that he could’ve told Pat Barry that Mitrione was fired.  I doubt Dana White would have Barry make the announcement – public or not, so that possibility is very small.

Matt Mitrione and Pat Barry both train at Roufusport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Pat Barry is listed as a trainer for Roufusport, and so there is a possibility that Mitrione did something to disrespect Roufusport and they had Pat Barry make the announcement that he was being “fired” from training at Roufusport.

If I had to put my money on it, I’d wager that Barry was joking around with Mitrione, however I wouldn’t be surprised if it had something to do with Mitrione’s status at Roufusport.  Time will tell.