I’m not sure how I happened to find PalladiaHD, but I’m glad I did.

It was likely during a late evening channel guide browsing session when I was trying to look for things to possibly DVR.  Back in the day, I was a huge fan of MTV Unplugged, so when I saw the “Unplugged” name on the guide, I immediately checked it out.

Katy Perry Unplugged.  There’s no way this show would be about a musician on a music channel and NOT be associated with MTV Unplugged.

I know there’s a chance I’ll lose some street cred for admitting this, but I like Katy Perry.  Maybe it’s because she’s hot.  Maybe it’s because her first hit single had a hot vibe of bi-sexuality to it.

Actually, it was her first song, but it wasn’t JUST because it was a hot, sexually charged song.  It had some awesome guitar riffs and I actually thought that her band might be inspired by some of Marilyn Manson’s harder stuff (I still think that).

Back to the point, I definitely recorded the episode of Katy Perry Unplugged, and I was hooked.

In the days and weeks that followed, I’ve recorded Kings of Leon Live, Hard Day’s Night – which my DVR eventually devoured somehow (TiVo would never do such a thing, but I’m not yet an HD TiVo guy yet – not enough $$$ to feed that habit right now), and the other night I recorded something that I think is an awesome concept.

It’s called Crossroads, and when my wife first saw it on the DVR, she gasped in a mix of horror and disgust – “Is that the Britney Spears movie?”

NOPE, WAY better.

They take two acts and throw them together in a concert.

This episode?

Def Leopard and Taylor Swift.

No joke.

And it’s awesome.

About half of the songs they played were Def Leopard songs.  The other half were Taylor Swift songs.  All the artists were involved in all of the songs.

If you’re curious how this happened, Taylor Swift is a huge Def Leopard fan.


She describes her mom as a fanatic, and she listened to Def Leopard her whole life from the time she was in the womb.

That’s okay, you can take a second to get over the fact that Def Leopard’s Hysteria album came out BEFORE Taylor Swift was born.

If you aren’t a Taylor Swift fan, you’ll likely warm up to her when you see her rocking out with Def Leopard.

Tonight, the DVR is set for Jimmy Buffett as he teams up with the Zac Brown Band (which has a lead singer with a strikingly famous face).

This is quite possibly my new favorite channel.

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