Although OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL enjoyed its second weekend atop the box office, the success isn’t a sign of greatness or power.

Thus far the reviews for the revisit to OZ have been slightly above average, coming in at around 6.8 out of 10. Its success, however, can be understood when looking at its current competition:

  • DEAD MAN DOWN, also in its second weekend thus far, is getting ratings considerably lower than that – 5.0 / 10.  The best compliment reviewer “Minnesota Man” Joe can give the film is to say it ” isn’t a total failure of epic proportions but its lack of any momentum or true surprise stings more than it should“. Our contributing reviewer Dan O’Neill says this is a film people shouldn’t take seriously and just try to sit back and enjoy, but part of the problem he found with the film is that “it just isn’t that fun to begin with“.

Debuting this week:

  • THE CALL did much better than was expected of it, in terms of box office earnings, but still isn’t getting great reviews despite debuting in the 2nd overall spot.
  • The INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE was a big disappointment this weekend and served as a non-threat to OZ’s top spot, pulling in just $10 M in its debut, 12% of what OZ got in its first weekend and only 25% of what OZ got in its second weekend. Erik of Movie140 indicates the problem is that Jim Carrey “steals the show as always” and “is the only one who is truly funny. Sadly he is hardly on screen”. AngryVader, another of our favorite reviewers, calls it “dull” and “forgettable”.
  • SPRING BREAKERS might be an above-average film, but with such a small opening weekend release, it certainly wasn’t challenging for position this weekend.

So the record books will show that OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL won the box office its first two weekends, but the competition isn’t exactly stiff. Next weekend, with ADMISSION getting a release in two-thirds as many theaters as OZ will be in, and OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN likely adding to the list of sub-par films in theaters, it might be up to kids dragging their parents to see THE CROODS to knock James Franco out of the top spot.



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