The odds seem stacked against John Laurinaitis as he’s set to face John Cena tonight at Over The Limit 2012.

There will be no guest referee.

No one is allowed at ringside in either corner.

Any superstar who interferes in the match will be fired.

Not to mention the fact that John Cena is far more talented than Laurinaitis was even in Johnny Ace’s prime.

But that’s not going to stop Laurinaitis from winning the match, and it’s all about Big Show. After being mocked by the World’s Largest Athlete on RAW, John Laurinaitis made Big Show apologize… and then wished him well on his future endeavors. But having been out of a job for a few days, The Giant is going to show up tonight and take out John Cena. As he’s no longer an “employee”, Big Show doesn’t have to worry about getting fired for his actions. Quite the opposite. By helping Laurinaitis beat John Cena, Big Show will get his job back.

At this point, the only question is whether Big Show will begrudgingly help Laurinaitis at Over The Limit, or whether he will have changed his opinion and embraced the dark side. At various points in his career, Big Show has played the villain’s role – and excelled at it. David Otunga and Lord Tensai aren’t cutting it as Johnny Ace’s chosen bodyguards, and an evil, angry, motivated Big Show should do the trick – and get a welcomed “freshening” to his character in the process.

Daniel Bryan will defeat CM Punk for the WWE Championship

In his current gimmick, Daniel Bryan is the perfect type of character to have a championship and have someone else chase after him. CM Punk has enjoyed a decent run with the belt this time around, and the feud between these two is far from over. There aren’t many options for The American Dragon if Punk wins this match.

Sheamus will retain in the Fatal Fourway

Initially it seemed perfect for Chris Jericho to defeat Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship at Over The Limit, but with rumors that he could be leaving WWE again very soon – as early as tonight by some reports – that’s not likely. While Randy Orton has some great feuding potential coming up with Alberto Del Rio, Wade Barrett and The Miz among others, they’re not ready to pull the trigger on that just yet. ADR still needs an opportunity to show that he can run with a gimmick that involves something other than “destiny”.

Ziggler & Swagger Will Be The New Tag Team Champions

WWE is starting to put a bit more effort into pushing the Tag Team division, and they raised its stature by putting the belts on Kofi Kingston & R-Truth – whom fans actually care about (Epico and Primo who?). Putting the belts to the powerful & talented heels under Vickie Guerrero is the right thing to do at this point, as it allows the two teams to feud a bit over the coming months.

Layla will defend successfully against Beth Phoenix

A great option to be the face of the Diva’s division, Layla will hold the belt at least another month or two, narrowly escaping tonight. By the time it’s all over, Layla will have proven herself a viable competitor, and then Beth Phoenix can have another reign with the belt and a probable feud with kHARMa… but as of yet it’s still premature for any of that.

Kane will lose to Zack Ryder

The face run of Zack Ryder should be nearing its end. If WWE knows what’s good for them, they’ll find a way to build up the ego of Zack Ryder and he’ll eventually turn heel and seek to regain the United States Championship. For now, Ryder needs a decent win over Kane that he can brag about in the face of Santino and start to show an attitude problem.