Tonight, at 8pm EST the All Star Home Run Derby. This is my favorite All Star Skill competition, as it is for most people, I assume. I also think the MLB All Star Game is the best all star exhibition we have. The only one that’s close, in my opinion is the NHL’s game, but the NHL game is SO different than what a regular season NHL game looks like… but that’s a different subject entirely.

Tonight? Home Runs. Chicks… and, really, lets be honest, the rest of us… dig the long ball. Who’s in the contest? Who’s gonna win? Lets take a look, shall we?

First up? Where will this take place? Angels Stadium in Anaheim, California. Home of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. It is 330 feet down the lines, and 406 to Center. It is 20th in the 2010 campaign in homeruns, but was the 2nd most Home Run friendly ballpark in the MLB (Only behind New Yankee Stadium).

Our Competitors:


Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers. 22 HR at the break. **Bats Right handed

Vernon Wells, Toronto Blue Jays. 19 HR at the break. **Bats Right handed

David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox. 18 HR at the break. **Bats Left handed

Nick Swisher, New York Yankees 15 HR at the break **Switch HItter – going to hit Lefty tonight

Who is my favorite for the AL? MIguel Cabrera.

Next? David Ortiz. LIke Ortiz has said when asked about the Derby tweaking his swing… his swing is made for this. Plus he’s done this before.

Sleeper? Wells. I don’t know what to expect from Wells. He has power, but he’s an X-Factor.

Who’s the longshot? Nick Swisher. Swish will be entertaining as hell, though. Hopefully ESPN mic’s him, and has him commentate after he’s out after the first round (I’m predicting he doesn’t make the 2nd round).


Corey Hart, Milwaukee Brewers. 21 HR at the break **Bats Right handed

Matt Holiday, St. Louis Cardinals. 16 HR at the break. **Bats Right Handed

Chris Young, Arizona Diamondbacks. 15 HR at the break. **Bats Right Handed

Hanley Ramirez, Florida Marlins. 13 HR at the break.

Who’s the favorite for the NL? Matt Holiday. Has the best pedigree as a power hitter of the NL group. Also the biggest star of the NL group (though Han Ram is close).

Next? Hanley. I’m gonna go on about him in a second.

Sleeper? Hanley. Fewest home runs in the the contest. Arguably, the most raw talent in the group. 13 HR at the break is a career low. I can see Han Ram putting on a helluva show tonight.

Who’s the Longshow? Chris Young. Young player with a bright spotlight. He is my favorite for going 0-fer. (meaning 0 HR) … I hope he doesn’t. As I never like seeing a guy not get a HR in the derby.

Who do I see winning this thing? David Ortiz. I may not have picked him as my favorite in the AL, but oh well… I can see Big Papi taking this thing. He has done it before. He loves spotlight.

I’d love to see Miggy (Miguel Cabrera) and Han Ram (Hanley Ramirez) in the finals. They are former teammates with the Marlins, and are friends. Plus Miguel Cabrera had the LINE of the HR Derby Press Conference. When asked for his strategy going into the derby he simply said, “Go Deep”.

Here’s hoping we see a lot of “going deep” tonight. Get your popcorn, and enjoy the show, G-Nation! (I got five on Papi!)