I’ve kept track of the movies I’ve seen in 2010, and instead of traditional write-ups, I’ve got one sentence reviews that include my rating of the movie on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, the date I saw it and the format I saw it in, be it the theater, DVD or otherwise.

I’ll be posting these five at a time throughout the remainder of the year.

As you can see this article doesn’t start with “1”, you might click the “One Sentence Reviews” tag under the title of this article to see the others.

31 – Burn After Reading (* * * *) – To say that I was entertained from start to finish would be an understatement. [5/21/2010, Format: Blu-ray]

32 – The Stepfather (2009) (* *) – Even having never seen the original, I can still say that this one was weak. [5/23/2010, Format: DVD]

33 – Bob The Butler (* * *) – If I had seen this when I was 9, it would’ve been a favorite for years. [5/25/2010, Format: Netflix Online]

34 – Iron Man 2 (* * * *) – Marvel Studios provided a worthy sequel. [5/29/2010, Format: Theater]

35 – Fantastic Mr. Fox (* * * *) – It was a fantastic animated film adaptation by Wes Anderson. [6/2/2010, Format: Blu-ray]

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