I’ve kept track of the movies I’ve seen in 2010, and instead of traditional write-ups, I’ve got one sentence reviews that include my rating of the movie on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, the date I saw it and the format I saw it in, be it the theater, DVD or otherwise.

I’ll be posting these five at a time throughout the remainder of the year.

1 – Up In The Air(* * *) – It was definitely worthy of the Oscar nominations.[1/2/2010, Format: Theater]

2 – Answer Man(* * * *) – Jeff Daniels shined in his typical role.[1/2/2010, Format: Netflix Online]

3 – Paper Heart(* * * *) – Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera were made for each other.[1/3/2010, Format: DVD]

4 – Youth In Revolt(* * * * *) – This is quite possibly my new favorite Michael Cera movie.[1/9/2010, Format: Theater]

5 – The Ugly Truth(* * *) – The only Truth is that Kathryn Heigl is the complete opposite of Ugly in this one.[1/10/2010, Format: DVD]

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