omaketheaterOmake Theater「おまけ劇場」is a unique collection original and parody comics, animations, and games that poke fun at topics from all corners of the pop culture universe. I meet the guys from the site while doing press coverage at the 2014 ConnectiCon. I was able to get in contact with the people behind the site in order to get some questions answered for the readers at GuysNation.

Mr. Incredible: So, how did you come up with Omake Theater? 

Onii-san: Years ago, I was curious as to whether or not the domain “” was available, since “omake theater” is a common term among anime fans. It was, so I decided to buy it. What it would become came about a year after that when I finally decided to do something with the URL.

Mr. Incredible: Are you surprised at the following and response you get from the site? 2011-04-23

Onii-san: I’ve worked on a lot of different websites in the past, but Omake Theater is the first where it has a much more global visitor base. Most websites have a huge following in the United States and then it trickles off into other English-speaking countries. Omake Theater’s second largest country is Indonesia, and it is very popular among Spanish-speaking countries, as well. But, to answer your question, yes.

Mr. Incredible: How do you choose what goes into the content for the site?

Onii-san: Most of the content on Omake Theater, currently, has no dialogue. So, if I can tell a joke without words, odds are I will use that premise.

Mr. Incredible: How has social media played a part in what you do with the site?

Onii-san: Facebook is the most active social media community for Omake Theater. Once an update goes on there, most of the traffic for the day appears.

Mr. Incredible: Now, I met you at the ConnectiCon. How does going to conventions like that help you reach the fans?

Onii-san: You can reach a completely different audience than you can on the internet. It will never have the opportunity to be as viral as the internet, but it is definitely more personal.

Mr. Incredible: How hard is it to build and maintain a site like

Onii-san: Creating new content is time consuming, especially since it is not my full-time job. The website took a lot of time to rebuild, but I wouldn’t say it was hard to do, just took a lot of time to get right.

Mr. Incredible: Tell us a bit about Friday 4Komas.nyan-car

Onii-san: Friday 4Koma is a weekly comic presented in a four-panel Yonkoma format. Since Friday 4Koma is a gag-a-day strip, there are only a handful of recurring characters and jokes.

Mr. Incredible: Can you give us a hint of what is coming up next for Omake Theater?

Onii-san: Two brand new silos of content will appear on the website in the next couple months. I am also hoping to finally have the first game available on the site and for mobile devices by the winter.

Mr. Incredible: Now, what does an interviewer have to do to get one of those cool Omake Theater shirts?

Onii-san: Ha ha, good question. Those have been out of print for a while now. Remind me next time I do some new t-shirts.

Mr. Incredible: Thank you for taking time to do this. Is there anything else you would like to say to the fans and readers?

Onii-san: That I truly appreciate all the patience and support that my readers have given me over the years. Thank you.

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