BATTLE OF BRITAIN: Lochte called these Olympic Games “his time”. Unfortunately for him, so far it’s been his time to not live up to expectations. Photo courtesy Clive Rose/Getty Images

Were into the work week for most people, but the action in London has done anything but slow down. In fact, an argument could be made that these Olympic Games are actually getting MORE exciting. But with the nine-to-fivers returning to their 40-hour slog, all that means is there is that much more most people are missing out on.

Have no fear, Olympic Recap Day 3 is here:

Lochte’s London Trip Gets Worse But US Brings Sexy Back(strokes)

Ryan Lochte’s Gold Medal in the 400-Metre Individual Medley on Saturday must seem as far away as the Beijing Games now.

After pretty much costing the US relay team a Gold Medal in the 4X100-Metre Freestyle Relay, Lochte failed to win ANY medal competing individually yesterday in the 200-Metre Freestyle. Adding salt on the wound was the Yannick Agnel, the French swimmer who blew past Lochte in the final leg of the freestyle relay, as he took Gold once again in last night’s event.

If you recall, the 200-Metre Freestyle was the one event Michael Phelps qualified for but opted to drop in order to slim his program down to just seven medal events. Had he swam last night, he might even further complicated the results in an already-intriguing race.

However, there was good news for USA Swimming yesterday. 17-year-old phenom Missy Franklin and men’s US swimmer Matt Grevers took dual Gold Medals in their respective gender’s 100-Metre Backstroke events. As if that’s not impressive enough for you, Franklin won her Gold Medal after finishing a race — one of her heats for the 200-Metre Freestyle — just 14 minutes before. And what did she do in between? She swam laps! Are you kidding me?


DALEY LETDOWN: Some say Daley is the British Michael Phelps. Like Phelps, Daley left his first event without a medal. Photo courtesy Clive Rose/Getty Images

Host Country Hero Comes Up Empty

To put it into perspective, British diver Tom Daley is a lot like what Michael is to the U.S. to his country. In fact, the 18-year-old Daley only has about 140,000 fewer followers on Twitter and both Phelps and Daley have several hundred thousand more than breakout US swimmer Ryan Lochte, who believe his fan base is large enough to be called the ‘Lochte Nation’. And with Great Britain hosting these Olympic games, that spotlight he will compete in is all the more concentrated.

But Daley and his dive partner Peter Waterfield left the Men’s Synchronized 10-Metre Platform event empty-handed. The competition, which consists of six dives for each tandem, was actually being led by the British duo at the midpoint, but on their fourth dive the tandem entered the water and considerably uneven angles and their score paid the price.

You see, these diving competitions are sort of like a race. If you can’t keep pace, you’ll be left behind. So even though Daley and Waterfield, representing Great Britain, led the five other teams after three dives, their botched effort on dive number four equated somewhat to them crashing; and all they could do was look on as the others five nations flew by.

Controversial Sword Fighting Leaves Judges on the Fence

Those who love drama at the games couldn’t do much better than at the fencing arena on Monday. A close-fought battle between Germany’s Britta Heidemann and China’s A Lim Shin ended on a bizarre and extremely controversial note.

Since most of you are not fencing aficionados, we’ll break down what happened in layman terms. Heidemann and Shan were in overtime with one second left. The match was tied but Shin held “priority”, or the tiebreaker. Somehow the clock never wound down to 0 as Shin and Heidemann scored simultaneous strikes three times in a row.

Then, the fourth time around, Heidemann got a clean touch and the buzzer hit zero. No one seemed to understand why the clock stopped and Shin’s coach ran over to the judge’s table in protest. After a 25-minute delay, the judges awarded the match to Heidemann.

After hearing she had been handed the loss, Shin remained sitting on the piste — or “that thing they stand fighting on” — as, by rule, her exit is considered her acceptance of the judge’s ruling. Shin went on to the Bronze-medal match where she lost and finished the Women’s Epee event without a medal.


DIG IT: The women’s US Volleyball team is looking like the team to beat. Photo courtesy Elsa/Getty Images

War in Ladies’ Volleyball: USA Beats Brazil in Juggernaut Match

If you were following Olympic volleyball, it was the match you were waiting for. USA and Brazil, the two best teams in the world, found themselves pitted against one another in pool play. Going off of the numbers, USA was the better team and it showed on Monday. The Americans defeated Brazil three sets to one and absolutely dominated for much of the match.

Team USA jumped out to a commanding lead by winning the first two sets. Even though a three-set sweep against the Brazilians seemed, even then, improbable, it was clear the Americans had the match in hand.

Brazil battled back and took the third set in a very close-fought set, but then handed the match over to the US with an astonishing seven service errors in the fourth. For Brazil, it was a heavy-handed loss that hurt their chances of crossing over from pool play and winning a medal significantly.

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