Sponsors lined up and submitted bids to be the official products of the 2012 London Summer Olympics, and now some are unhappy with the choices – specifically as relates to the chosen beer.

How many tourists go into London pubs and order themselves a Heineken?

The announcement got such a reaction that the House Of Commons spoke in regards to a decision they clearly disagree with:

This House expresses its disappointment that Heineken lager, a mass produced non-British beer, has been chosen as the official beer of the London 2012 Olympics, despite beer being the UK’s national drink and with the UK being one of the world’s leading brewing nations

In fairness, Netherlands-based Heineken indicates it also intends to to sell their Strongbow cider and John Smith’s bitter in London for the games. Both beverages are made in the UK by the Dutch brand.

Source: DrinksBusiness.com