Greetings and Salutations fellow wrestling fanatics! We are in the window of the greatest time of the year when it comes to being a wrestling fan!

WRESTLEMANIA SEASON! For years it was just the Grand Daddy of them all. Then they added a Hall of Fame ceremony to be a big part of the proceedings, and an extra on DVD/Blu Rays (See kids, back before the world wide web got all mega hell fast, AND wireless? We would buy these plastic discs that held all the wrestling shows. Before you could watch a Slamboree or ECW: One Night Stand, at your convenience on the WWE Network? You had to buy shows individually! OR, if only a single match on a show was good? You had to hope it got included on a compilation DVD sometime in the not too distant future!)

Now, if you’re forgetting who I am and are wondering what this is? My name is Sir Scott M. Hayes XIV, (@sirmhayesxiv on the twitter and instagram) and this is the:

Over:Under for GUys Nation

I am not a new columnist to GuysNation, but this column is.  So if you’re wondering what in the blue hell all this is?  Welp… its a column where I, your humble handicapper, give you all the inside scoop and dirt leading into a big show. So you can go out into the betting world and make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS! MILLIONS OF DOLLARS! MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!



But? You luck out. Now Wrestlemania is almost a week long of appearances, events, and wrestling! #AlwaysRememberthe2ndW – AND-AND-AND! Its not JUST a WWE deal. Promotions from around the country basically tag along for the ride filling every venue in the greater Dallas area with high quality cards. Dream matches. iPPVs. And future DVD/BluRay releases (Some companies still have to do it this way… hell… works like gangbusters for:


For a while the “World Wide Leader” has attempted to shut out smaller indies from gleaming some nice gates from the rabid wrestling crowd that descends upon Mania. But, starting last year? They decided to battle these cards and companies differently. Which is why I, after quite the hiatus (I was out with the wrestling blogger’s equivalent to the torn rotator cuff like Sami, and Itami, and Cena, and Cesaro, and… damn… dudes really hurting their shoulders!) – NXT’s rise to prominence really kicked off last year at Wrestlemania. A huge crowd at San Jose State University stayed late into the night. Sasha and Charlotte stole the show. Itami hit the GTS. VINCE. HAD. FUN?! It was quite the night and i believe led us to where we’ll all be in less than 13 days! Sitting eagerly waiting for:

Takeover Dallas Logo

(Writer’s note: The third match I write about is a super mild spoiler. I don’t think the match is made/official, yet, but its also NOT earth shattering. SO? Just a heads up if that kind of thing will be a bug-a-boo.)


Truth be told, if you’ve read this before, you KNOW, and maybe have pointed out… SURE, I might not really “GET” how to do “betting lines”. But? Doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun, recapping how matches got made, and who I think is going to win! Internet Wrestling Community… Here… We… GO!!!

Aries vs. Corbin

Austin Aries vs. Baron Corbin


NXT has been snatching up talent over the last year. We’ve seen Apollo Crews, Asuka, Samoa Joe, and a handful of others join NXT. Baron Corbin has been on a mission to end a lot of these “indie darlings”. Feeling his spot has been threatened. Adding to this? Baron submitted to both Joe and Sami Zayn in a triple threat #1 Contender’s match (More On that Later), and felt that he should be included in a rematch between Joe and Sami because there was no clear cut winner… though he was CLEARLY the loser. Regal was all, “Nah, bro”. Corbin was all *Hissyfit*, and threatened an eye for an eye.

The companies most recent signing, The Greatest Man that Ever Lived, Austin Aries. Regal came out on NXT TV and announced Aries as the newest signing. This arrival was promptly tarnished by Baron Corbin who attacked. He went all “Eye for an Eye” on Aries, while Regal watched, totally besmirched (for all my fellow old school Regal fans). Corbin hit and End of Days on the outside. A show or two later, Aries came to us LIVE from a pleather couch (I assume. He’s a devout vegan, so I can’t see him sitting on leather.) – And the match was made.


Baron Corbin -210. DESPITE it being Aries’ debut match, and coming to get his revenge? Feels like the start of a feud. Makes more sense for Corbin to dirtbag his way to a win here. Plus Corbin benefits more from a win than Aries hurts from a loss.


Austin Aries: +100. Its not a huge difference between the two. Hell when I started this, I handicapped Aries as the favorite, but something made me change it… gut feeling… maybe it was the chicken enchiladas I had for dinner. I think this feud continues coming off this match. To do that? Makes more sense to have Corbin win, and Aries chase.


Will Baron’s hairline finally tap? NO! -300. IT SHOULD! even money. YES! +500.
Will Aries be Caped UP?! YES! -200. HE SHOULD BE! even money. NO!? +300.

Revival vs. AA

The Revival vs. American Alpha for the NXT Tag Team Championships


NXT’s tag division has experienced a REVIVAL (see what I did there?) over the last few months. After a couple flat title runs from Blake and Murphy and the Vaudevillians (and that pains me to say as I sit here in my Vaudevillians t-shirt) – The Revival, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, won the tag titles with a throw back, smash mouth style. Working dirty tactics, cheap shots, and vicious backstage attacks they’ve managed to hold onto the gold. They’ve been involved heavily with Enzo and Cass. A good match at Takeover: London, they came out on top. Then an even BETTER match at Roadblock, which they also came out on top.

While this was going on? The division was being lit UP by upstarts, Jason Jordan and Chad Gable, American Alpha. These two high pedigree amateur wrestlers hooked up and immediately brought to mind a man of “Three I’s” and his team. They are one of the most popular things in NXT, and are on a crazy hot streak. A super smark and European flavored crowd will be all in for American Alpha. (find the reactions Jordan and Gable got on that England tour! Go ahead… we’ll wait… … … You back? good.)

American Alpha won a match against Gotch and English to be named official #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Championships and here we are. Probably the only match on the card that isn’t really built between the combatants. They’ve kind of been on intersecting paths, but haven’t really been all up in each other’s grills. Guessing we get some of that in the next two shows.


American Alpha: -150. I think this is the time they pull the trigger on the absolutely white hot tag team. They have had a few opportunities to do it with Enzo and Cass. (So surprised they didn’t go ahead and do THAT at Brooklyn last year) – But here they have these two with a rocket strapped to their back, and the crowd is going to be super into them. Feels like a perfect time for NEW Tag Team Champions!


The Revival: +75. Not out of the realm of possibility The Revival holds onto the titles for another few months. Story wise it’d make the most sense for Enzo and Cass to unseat them, but I feel like those two are main roster destined… and unless I’m way off and they’re going wait on Enzo and Cass till Brooklyn THIS year? I see the Revival losing. Unless… ugh… what if they want Gable in the Cruiser tourney. Okay… I don’t know what to do here. Bet at your own risk!

Over/Under 87 seconds of Singing “Jordan/Gable” by the crowd before they even tie up.
Over/Under 3.5 mentions by Graves of old school tag teams the Revival reminds him of.


Samson vs. Crews

Apollo Crews vs. Elias Samson


Samson debuted a few months back with his drifter gimmick. Bringing a guitar with him and singing bad songs about the towns he’s performing in. (I saw this live in Philly and Asbury Park). Crowd have HATE-HATE-HATED him. Not that good kind of heat. He’s getting that Eva Marie, go away, NOW booing.

Apollo Crews is one of NXT’s highly touted up and comers. He has been treading water a bit since losing to Baron Corbin and Finn Balor. Since then its been a bunch of squashes. This match is about getting him on the card. He has so much upside, its not even funny. Plus he’s from Texas. I’d be borderline criminal to leave him off the show. Probably the only match I’m “meh” on. That’s more the testament on how ridiculous everything else is on this card.

Writer Fun Fact, 57: I saw this match at NXT in Philly a month ago. It was good and entertaining. They had good chemistry and I think it could be a solid outing for both.


Apollo Crews: -450. He needs a win. Nice feel good moment in his home state.


Elias Samson: +800. He’s kind of in that Breeze/Dillenger mode right now. He’s going to be establishment talent for the foreseeable future.

Do we get a song? Sure. -100. Please, god NO! +200.
Over/Under 6 minutes 11 seconds.

Bayley vs. Asuka

Bayley vs. Asuka
for the NXT Women’s Championship


Bayley won the NXT Women’s championship in a match of the year at Takeover: Brooklyn. If you haven’t seen this amazing match with Sasha Banks? You should stop reading NOW, and go find it. RUN. SHOO! GO!

Since then she’s continued to be the gem of the Women’s division, and, arguably, the face of the brand. The likability of Sami Zayn, the marketability of John Cena. Her ceiling is… just… otherworldly. Her fellow four Horsewomen could steal Wrestlemania, and this match could be every bit as good, if not better.

Asuka debuted and was immediately embraced by the NXT fanbase. Working a style NXT fans aren’t used to, ESPECIALLY in the women’s division. She works fast paced. Strikes, submissions out of nowhere and a natural charisma that reminds me of two of her country men: Tajiri and the man who’ll I’ll be talking about shortly.

Asuka made her attentions known after saving Bayley and Carmella who were getting beat down by Nia Jax and Eva Marie (BOOOOOOOOO! sorry… force of habit). After running off the baddies, and with Carmella down and out. Bayley stood side by side with Asuka, but Asuka turned and lustily stared at the crowned jewel. She casually brushed it. Crowd went crazy. Bayley looked nervous. A few weeks later the two women teamed up to face Jax and Eva. Regal came out post match and named Asuka the #1 Contender… and there was MUCH rejoicing.

This is a dream match. It’ll be a while before we can see Asuka vs. Banks or Lynch (two matches I desperately want), but Bayley has shown herself great at wrestling good matches with just about anyone she steps foot in the ring with. Her matches with Nia Jax and Eva Marie show exactly how valuable a wrestler she is.

Question is can after fighting the odds in those matches? Being the fightingest champion on the roster? This is her stiffest test. Asuka could be the next NXT Women’s Champion.


Pick ‘Em. This is as even a match as I can recall on any show I’ve written on. Usually I hate hedging my odds. But for every bit of skill both woman brings to this match? Neither one has seen someone like their opponent in Dallas. Bayley’s resilience. Asuka’s aggression. One of these is going to trump the other, but I know for abso-effing-lutely sure the winners are going to be anyone who sits down and watches this instant classic. (Writer’s jinx, EN.GAGED.)

Are xiv’s hopes TOO high? Yes -100. HELL NO! +150. NOT. HIGH. ENOUGH! +500
Over/Under 57 seconds (from the bell) to a “This is Awesome Chant”
Bayley’s Last NXT Match? No -400. Yes +200.

Zayn vs. Nakamura

Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura


Sami Zayn returned in London! If you recall from an earlier joke in this here column, he had a bum shoulder and was out months. Since his return he set his sights on becoming the first 2x NXT Champion. He and Samoa Joe and Baron Corbin had a triple threat. Both Joe and he locked in submissions. Baron tapped. Confusion ensued. So they decided to have a one on one match to settle THAT. Only… that ended in a double pin. (a much better double pin spot than Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks used, if I may editorialize.) Regal was at his wits end. So he made a two out of three falls match… and if THAT wasn’t enough? That match ended up going an hour. It took up an entire episode of NXT tv. Joe won. So Sami came out to talk about his mission isn’t done, but now he didn’t have anything for Takeover and that bummed him out. He wanted to be on the biggest show of the year! Regal came out and obliged. Grainy cell phone kicked in. The King of Strong Style said he was coming to Takeover. I squealed. Fainted. And we have ourselves this dream match! A match that is on par with anything any company is putting on any card in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area this weekend. I fear if they lay out the card to have the Women’s Championship go right into this match, or vice versa? My heart might not be able to take it. Nakamura is one of my favorites, and when he steps out in front of that Takeover crowd? I’m getting goosebumps thinking about it.


Shinsuke Nakamura: -400. Debut match and a special talent. This is the perfect spot, crowd, opponent to debut him to the WWE/NXT universe. We know Zayn is pulling double duty between NXT and the main roster. So this makes sense.

Sami Zayn: +300. No way he wins this. NXT talent lose “on their way out”. A debuting Nakamura wins, and Sami gets a huge big warm fuzzy goodbye post match as a man who helped usher in this era of NXT. If NXT does this right (and they have… time and time and time again) – I might have to explain to my fantasy draft which is going on at the same time as to why I”m suddenly glassy eyed. #DamnAllergies.

Stealing from my last prop bets:
Over/Under 17 seconds (from bell) for a “THIS IS AWESOME CHANT”
Kevin Owens appearance: Yes: -120. No: +175. Maybe?: WHO BETS MAYBE?!
Over/Under 2 minutes for post match ovation.
IF Owens appears, do they Add Nakamura to the Mania Match? YEAOH! -100. Stop with your fantasy booking, you’re killing us! -400. NO! +200.

Joe vs. Balor

Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe


These two had a standout match at Takeover: London. It was special. As I’ve laid out in two undercard matches, Joe had to beat Corbin and Zayn to get here. Baylor continued to roll as a champion. Having good matches with Apollo Crews and Neville. We also know that Nakamura, and AJ Styles are not the only New Japan talent about to show up on WWE, or NXT television. Doc Gallows (Luke Gallows and Festus in a previous WWE incarnation) and Karl Anderson are boys with Finn. Many feel like Mania weekend will see WWE, or NXT give us our first glimpse at what the Bullet Club (called something else, of course) might look like. By this point in the time of the show? I’m gonna be spent. Props to the crowd if they can keep their energy up for this. I was in Brooklyn and after Banks/Bayley it took a while to get the crowd into the Owens/Balor ladder match. There is SO. MUCH. AWESOME. on this card? By the time they ring intro Finn and Joe? I might be a gooey puddle of smark pudding.


Samoa Joe: -200. I think this is the time and place. Finn is not long for this world. He has main rosterdom in his very near future. Sprinkling in the imminent arrival of Guns and Gallows? AND that this is Joe’s 2nd title match? I feel like the Samoan Submission Machine is going to walk out of Dallas as the NEW NXT Champion.

Finn Balor: +110. Not impossible they have him go one more Takeover cycle with the championship, but I don’t think that’s happening. Time for Finn to graduate. This Takeover for the Men’s side will be what Brooklyn was for the women. (Another possible reason Bayley retains, and stays the face of the brand.)

Demon Paint? NO: -200. Yes: +250. (Don’t think they’ve hinted at this)
Where is Hideo Itami? BACKSTAGE WATCHING: -300. RINGSIDE WATCHING: -100. RUNNING IN!!!! +400.
Where will this match rank on the card? 2nd: -150. 3rd: -110. 1st: +100. 4th: +400.

Phew… Man… I worked myself into a lather just thinking and typing about this show. I am insanely psyched for Takeover: Dallas. Which in no small part inspired me to sit down and write about it. Here’s hoping it can live up to the hype. On paper this is an otherworldly wrestling show. Here’s hoping it can be everything I believe it can be! Enjoy the show, and as always. If you enjoyed, drop me a line. Leave me comments, questions, or rude remarks (okay not the rude remarks I’m delicate.)

As always, I’m Sir Scott M. Hayes XIV (@sirmhayesxiv on the tweets and instagrams)! I’ll see you soon for a 2 part: Wrestlemania Over/Under!