Wide Right. Music City Miracle. You say any of those to a Bills fan, they cringe in pain and look away. It would be hard to say you can sympathize with them unless you have experienced similar pain. After this Monday Night Football game against the New England Patriots, I believe that Bills fans have felt an all new low.

Everyone knows that the Patriots won, but its how they won, and how fast victory was taken away from the Bills that is the story here. The Bills didn’t control the game, if you look closely into the game, they forced a three and out to the Patriots vaulted offensive juggernaut. Alone that would and should be a moral victory for the average Bills fan. No one expected the Bills to be in this game much past the 2nd quarter. Myself i was making plans to change the channel after the first quarter, or when I figured it would be at least 21 or 28-0.

So after the Bills stopped them, they went 3 and out as well, not much of a shock there. Even less of a surprise was the fact the Patriots then went on a 11 play drive. But to my shock, they missed a field goal, and the Bills Nation was able to breathe again. Still 0-0, it was amazing it was scoreless for this long. A whole 10 minutes into the game…then the magic stuck.

The 4th round pick of the Buffalo Bills Shawn Nelson scored on a quick pass from Trent Edwards, giving Edwards his first TD toss of the new year, and Shawn’s first of his career. Bills nation rejoice, we have found a tight end! Hopefully….

The the Bills and Pats shared 3 and outs….and the Pats scored. Bills nation nods as they see the inevitable coming…then after its 7-7 the Bills punt it away….then Brady does the unthinkable…the unimaginable…the thing he only did under 10 times last year…HE TOSSED AN INTERCEPTION!!! AND IT GOT RETURNED TO THE HOUSE!! SCHOBEL!! SCHOBEL!! It was a great moment, the wagons got circles and it was 14-7 Bills. Do we dare let that thought creep in to our collective minds? Can the Bills actually win this game?

Right after the pick 6, Brady commands his troops and gets them down the field for another field goal attempt. This time it is good, and the Bills escape to halftime with a 14-10 lead. This game becoming a prime example of why we play the games.

The next time we see the scoreboard light up it was in favor of the Bills, following a Patriots decision to go for it on 4th down and miss (the 2nd time in the game, the bills ended up driving to get a field goal, so they have scored 10 points in this game on the drive after the Patriots decided to go for it on a 4th down and failed to convert)

17-10 End of 3 quarters…15 minutes to go…

17-13 11 minutes and 43 seconds to go….


And no…they don’t. Brady get to lead his team down the field and score. They miss the 2 point conversion. 24-19…..McKelvin takes the ball out of the end zone and fumbles (more on this later) and then Brady drives the final stake into the heart of the Bills 25-24.

The miracle didn’t happen. You cant walk away happy with a “moral victory” since the Bills had a moral victory when they were up at half time, and the end of the 3rd quarter. This one hurts. Hurts just as much as Wide Right or Music City Miracle. Hurts to much to think about…but now that the dust has settled we can adjust and see what to take out of this game. Three solid points.

1) Freddy Jackson is the real deal. The heck with Lynch, lets trade him and get some value, sign Freddy to a long term deal and let him be the feature back in this offense.

2) Terrell Owens hasn’t exploded. At least not yet. Maybe that wont come, maybe it will…but right now he is safe with him losing his touchdown streak in season openers.

3) Trent Edwards still hasn’t started to test his deep arm. Not once did Edwards attempt to go long with the ball. The ball control No Huddle offense that the Bills were able to unveil was a very nice addition to this team. Hopefully Alex Van Pelt will call for Edwards to go deep, but only when he is ready to do it.

More on the Fumble: McKelvin did what he was supposed to do. He is a kick returner. He returned the kick, he tried to keep the ball and failed. It happens alot. Now some jerks in our local area decided it would be funny to paint his lawn with the final score and some obscenities. I personally find that repulsive. Was i pissed when he fumbled? Oh hell yea. But lets take a second and pretend he didn’t fumble, and Trent Edwards fumbled the exchange on the first play from scrimmage? What would we be saying then? Screw you Trent? Would Bills Nation forget that he had a solid game? Of course they would. So lets lay off McKelvin for what he did. He did was he is coached to do. Get as many yards as he can. He didn’t cost us the game, he just fumbled the ball.

In closing, it hurts to a Bills fan right now, it hurts a lot, but the sky isn’t as black as it used to be. There seems to be a light and its getting closer and closer to shinning down on all of the Bills Nation.