I’ve never seen a movie where every character in it was a good guy. Now, I’ve never seen Rainbow Brite or the Care Bears so it might be possible. In all of those movies, we know that the villain will not win. Good will prevail & the bad guy loses.

I do know that when it comes to sports, there’s always someone that every fan hates/can’t stand. There is nothing more enjoyable than watching your favorite team/player win. If you don’t get to see your team win, then the next best thing is watching the team/player you hate lose.

With 10:12 left to go in the first quarter of Game 5, I said, “this game is over.” I could tell less than two minutes into the game that the Thunder & Heat players body language & mentality were polar opposites and that it was a matter of time before the Heat would blow the game open and win by 15+ points. Shots were skipping off the front and back iron for OKC like a smooth stone on a creek, they were mentally confused and frustrated and they’re body language told me that they had sensed the end before the game really began.

As for Miami, Lebron had that same confident composure that we’ve seen from him since Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals and he wasn’t about to let his team give this game up. Before the middle of the third quarter (when the Heat started to open the game up), I probably repeated my earlier definitive statement ten times. Kevin Durant was the only person that I saw that the fire to continue to compete with everything he had. For that, he will always have my respect.

As I have thought about the end of another NBA season, I heard the question asked on The Scott Van Pelt show of who is the next athlete in line that “has” to win a championship to get the monkey off of their back. And as I pondered that for a moment, I thought a little more into the question. As many people that turned on Lebron and made him the villain for either going to Miami, or for making his announcement (and giving all of the proceeds to The Boys & Girls Club), or for making the d-bag statement of “not 1…not 2…” I started thinking, “is there any other so-called villains in sports that have the “must win a championship” tag on them?

Back in the day (which was a Wednesday according to Dane Cook), you had some guys that were considered villains that never won a championship: A.I., Bonds & T.O. Those guys have rode off into the sunset…and keep trying to come back. In most recent years, the numbers have dwindled because of retirement or because they’ve actually succeeded. Two guys that have been on that list were A-Roid and Lebron. They are no longer on that list. Both were tagged as choke artists on the biggest stage, but A-Roid came up big in the ’09 World Series and Lebron in this year’s playoff run. So, who wears the black hat now?

Does it get passed off to the biggest flip-flopper, immature, amazing physical specimen known as Dwight Howard? Does it get handed off to the clutch, scoring machine, often selfish superstar Carmelo Anthony?

Does it go to the rich kid, pouty-lipped, questionably tough guy Jay Cutler? Maybe the biggest question is…is there another superstar villain that should wear the black hat?

Is it possible that there are no more villains in the sports world? This isn’t Rainbow Brite or the Care Bears. Surely, there is a bad guy out there somewhere.

Who is next?