Nick Palazzo is one of the amazing indie artist that I meet while at the ConnectiCon. His unique style caught my eye as we talked about how I was looking for a comic artist for an idea that I had. You could see Nick has a passion for his work by the prints that he had available for the fans. I was able to break the artist away from his normal day long enough for him to answer a few questions for the site. 

Mr. Incredible: What got you started in drawing?

Nick Palazzo: I’d say it was the absurd amount of cartoons and comics I digested growing up.

Mr. Incredible: As a kid who were some of the artist whose work you enjoyed?

Nick Palazzo: I don’t think I was familiar with specific artists as a kid. But now looking back artists like Todd McFarlene, Greg Capullo and Jim Lee had an immense influence on me, just like every comic book fan my age. And the cartoons had the same effect, everything from TMNT to Cow and Chicken to Johnny Bravo to Ren and Stimpy. Then I got a little older and discovered Dragonball Z and Cowboy Bebop, and that absolutely blew me away. So all this sort of molded me to doodle weird creatures. tumblr_n3vkbxaL471r6jfmpo1_1280

Mr. Incredible: Who influences the style you use?

Nick Palazzo: That’s a bit of a tough question, because essentially every artist that I like has influenced me in some way.  But to name a few local artists whose work I always admire, Leo Gonzalez, Victor Preato, Ricky of ERJUrself and Steph and Ikm of Tainted Sweets, to name a few.

Mr. Incredible: How is it from an artist’s point of view to go to conventions?

Nick Palazzo: The things I’ve noticed since I started exhibiting at conventions, is that I don’t spend that much time on the floor. I’ll at least make a round through the artist’s alley, because the insane amount of awesome grows exponentially each year. But most of the time, I’m sitting behind my table conversing with people who dig the work. And that’s quite incredible.

Mr. Incredible: How hard is it to come up with commissions and sketches in the short amount of time given at a convention?

Nick Palazzo: Not that hard at all. Sometimes it’s a bit tricky if I’m unfamiliar with a certain character, since people tend to view them the way they are. But the more conventions I do the more comfortable I am to infuse my style with the characters. The best is when someone has a very original concept they want me to draw. For example, last con I went to, someone had me whip up a Clayface serving Venom ice cream. Which was quite fun to draw.
Mr. Incredible: How has social media become apart of your career?

Nick Palazzo: It’s just sort of become routine now. At the beginning, I’d use my blog to post things and that was it. Then facebook become more of a thing (or it was already a thing, and I had become more aware of utilizing it), and twitter and instagram and whatever else is out there. So it was quite overwhelming at first, trying to remember where to update and what not. Now it’s just part of the day to day work schedule, or I try to make it be. And it’s pretty great for getting your work out there and talking with people who dig it.

Mr. Incredible: Now for people who may not know…can you walk us through the creating original material process.


Nick Palazzo: When I’m working for a client, it tends to start off with a few thumbnail sketches, then it moves to a larger either  digital sketch or one I scan in. Then if that’s okay, I ink it traditionally then I scan it back into photoshop and add the colors. As for my own stuff, I usually just start sketching and before I’m done with the pencil work I’ll begin inking. This is probably frowned on by most, but my favorite part is the inks. Then depending on the piece I’ll either color it digitally or tradionally.

Mr. Incredible: What is the longest that you have ever spent on a piece?

Nick Palazzo: Probably a few weeks.

Mr. Incredible: What have been some of your fav. pieces to do?

Nick Palazzo: My favorite personal pieces are ones like Monkey Tongue, Walking on Weirdness and Coffee Break. Which I just did because they were fun to do. As for my favorite commercial pieces, that would have to be anything I do for the awesome folks over at Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes. They essentially give me free range to do whatever I want based on their concept. And it’s probably the most fun I have working with someone, since I get to draw monstrous cupcakes.

Mr. Incredible: Well thank you for answering a few questions for us. Is there anything else you would like to say to the fans and readers?

Nick Palazzo: Thank you for having me, and thanks for reading! Also, buy some art! It doesn’t have to be mine (though I’m not against that), but anytime you’re at a convention, support the local artists there.

For more info on Nick Palazzo, check out:

http://www.nickpalazzoart.com/  https://www.facebook.com/NickPalazzoArt  https://twitter.com/nickpalazzoart