No matter the advances in technology which have added significant complexity to video games and allowed them to be presented with considerable realism, many gamers still love the classics. This link back to a much simpler time serves as a release to some, but reclaiming nostalgic items of this sort can often be costly.

In Nick D’s Video Game Vault project on Kickstarter, a game reviewer (from puts the focus is on the classic gaming market, where he sees too much focus on making an extra buck . He wants to get involved in providing more of a selection of games than some of these other stores, while still having reasonable prices on products which are cleaned, tested, and reliable.

As a game buyer, I understand how the trade game and the used game “game” isn’t made to benefit the buyer. But it looks like that may change with what Nick has in mind. As an old school gamer, I’m happy that this is what he has decided to put his focus into.

Mr. Incredible: Ok, so why do this?

Nick DeMarco: Well there are two big reasons. One, as someone who suffers from PTSD and major depression, I feel gaming, especially classic games, helps deal with the daily stresses of life. Secondly, in my area, a lot of good, honest people are being ripped off by vendors who don’t understand the history and importance of classic games.

Mr. Incredible: Ok, that’s a good reason. How has this cause of yours been received by those who know you?

Nick DeMarco: Pretty well. I consider myself very blessed to have friends and family who are always urging me to try new things. For years I’ve been someone almost too afraid to try new adventures, but I think, with this subject matter, I was more confident than usual.

Mr. Incredible: So how does one start this endeavor? I mean this isn’t the easiest path you could have started on.

Nick DeMarco: Well no, certainly not. With KickStarter you’re not only relying on your friends and family for support, but essentially, total strangers. You have to make a video explaining your plan and if it’s approved by KickStarter and you have an account where all the donations can go to, you’re good to go.

Mr. Incredible: How hard was that, doing a video to explain your vision?

Nick DeMarco: If you’re someone like me, who hates being on camera or even audio recorded, very difficult. I think what got me through it was my passion for the project, the fact that I have watched for years people being taken advantage of by greedy vendors. I knew I was doing something good.

Mr. Incredible: Now outside of KickStarter, where else have you gone to get help for this?

Nick DeMarco: Most of the help I’ve put in towards this has been done by me, and ever gracious fiancée, Kathleen. She has a booth at the flea market where my shop will be, and both she and her fellow crafters (she crochets) encouraged me to go for it. They have a spot ready for me once I get enough inventory.


Mr. Incredible: That’s cool. Now as it comes down to your inventory, are you gonna keep it US games or some imports as well?

Nick DeMarco: Strictly US, at least for now. My major point in this venture is two-fold, to sell games that aren’t readily available in the area outside of online sources, your Ebays, your Amazons, but also to sell games that are quality games, at affordable prices.

Mr. Incredible: Now will you also be looking to sell systems as well or is that too much to start with right now?

Nick DeMarco: Well I am offering systems, the NES and SNES, as part of my rewards system on Kickstarter, so I may have some eventually, but probably not right off the bat. But no, I’m never ruling out systems completely, it just probably won’t happen right away.

Mr. Incredible: So I guess the next question would be how has the fund raising coming along?

Nick DeMarco: Very well, a lot better than I expected. We’re only a week into the 60 day campaign and I’m at $771 of the total goal of $1,000 so the response to this has been tremendous.

Mr. Incredible: What were your original exceptions when you started this?

Nick DeMarco: I wasn’t sure KickStarter would even approve it, and I also figured that a lot of people have lost interest in classic games with all the new technology going around. My mistake was underestimating the nostalgia and the historical importance of gaming.

Mr. Incredible: Now, eventually would you roll this into other things like shirts with old school games on it or things like that?

Nick DeMarco: That I’m not sure of just yet. Right now my focus is on getting a solid inventory and starting some small advertisements locally and then online. This is a huge step for me, and I don’t want to overdo it so quickly.


Mr. Incredible: Have you been approached by others wanted to be business partners in this venture?

Nick DeMarco: Oh definitely, my best friend Paul is at the top of that list. His obsession is sneakers, and he’s a pretty smart guy. I know, in time, I will get a business partner, but nothing is certain right now.

Mr. Incredible: So…one year from now…where do you see yourself as it pertains to this business?

Nick DeMarco: I hope if nothing else, I have changed the landscape of buying and selling classic video games in my area, given people another option in tracking down those titles they’ve been trying to find for years. To me, that’s enough for the first year.

Mr. Incredible: Now, are you worried about getting feedback or pressure from the bigger companies that you are fighting against?

Nick DeMarco: I’m actually more concerned with the vendors at the flea market I’m moving into. These are people who have “ruled the roost” for several years and probably won’t like knowing there’s “a new sheriff in town” so to speak.

Mr. Incredible: Makes sense, but I’m sure you have prepared yourself for some hard competition?

Nick DeMarco: As much as I can, definitely. I’ve made it clear that I’m not to put anyone out of business or ruin any reputations; I just want to give people more options.

Mr. Incredible: Now you have the storefront covered, is there any way you will also bring this online as well?

Nick DeMarco: It will definitely take some time, but I already have a Facebook page ready to go with a few items on it already, but as far as a full scale dot-com, that will take quite some time. Seeing how well it does in my market will be the first test to accomplish.

Mr. Incredible: Well, let me say as a gamer, thank you for doing what you are doing. Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers before we are done?

Nick DeMarco: Thanks, and I just want everyone to check the project out if they grew up with classic games like I did. The rewards are great, and I may be adding more as game goes by.

For those looking for more info on the project or just want to donate and help the link is…