With one game remaining in the regular season for most of the playoff bound teams (Boston still has 2), the playoff picture is still unsettled.

Let’s start with the East which is a little less complicated.  We’ll start with my boys from Buffalo and their huge OT win over the Flyers last night.  Not only did they ensure a spot in the playoffs but they helped the Capitals clinch the #1 spot.  Carolina holds the #8 spot and with a win tonight over Tampa Bay (or a Rangers loss) they will clinch the spot.  If they lose or tie, the Rangers have a chance to grab the spot with a win over the Devils.  Position wise, the Flyers and the Penguins are battling for the #2 spot along with the Sabres and Canadiens vying for the #6 spot.  This should all be settled tonight.  Oh and just for the record, I predicted last month the Sabres needed 18 points in their 12 remaining games to make the playoffs.  With their win last night … yep they got 18 points and clinched a spot.  Just sayin …

The West is still very complicated.  Detroit is struggling down the stretch and losing Zetterberg during the Carolina game has been devastating.  Chicago handled the Red Wings with ease last night and look to close out the deal at home on Sunday.  Calgary is done for sure but Dallas is making the run I figured they would make.  Dallas needs a win over Minnesota on Sunday along with a Chicago loss to take over the #8 spot.  If Chicago beats Detroit Sunday, they’ll make the playoffs.  I’m not even going to attempt the positional battles in the West as I’m sure it’s all going to change.   Vancouver has the top spot secured; everything else is up for grabs.

One thing is for sure, the race to the NHL playoffs is always an exciting time for hockey fans.  It’s down to the last game of the season and we still don’t know what the matchups are going to look like!