The best way to know who’s going to win an NFL game is to take multiple perspectives and pick out what makes the most sense to you, weigh the odds and go from there. That’s what we’ve got for you here in the Who’s Winning article.

Roll out, NFL Week 8 Sunday picks…

San Francisco 49ers @ Jacksonville Jags

Pigskin Pig – In case you aren’t familiar with these two teams, the 49ers have won four in a row, scoring at least 30 in each of the games. The Jaguars are still winless on the season. Even though the 49ers have to fly across the country to get to the game, I’ll still pick them because the Jaguars didn’t score over 30 in the past two games COMBINED.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – Oh, I get it. This is like the easy ‘gimme’ question to get us warmed up. Like BP (batting practice) for your brain. Okay, San Francisco. Next.

Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs

Pigskin Pig – I like the Cleveland Browns a lot more when they’re at home… and playing average teams. That’s why it’s easy for me to go with Kansas City here.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – Kansas City. Next. Boy, this is fun.

Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots

Pigskin Pig – The Patriots are coming off of an extremely close game on the road where they lost to a division rival on something of a technicality there at the end with a weird penalty which hadn’t ever been called before, in the history of the NFL. No way are they going to follow that up with a loss at home. Patriots all the way.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – Okay, I have some actual input for this one. The Patriots can lose to the Jets. The Patriots can lose to the Dolphins. The Patriots cannot lose to both the Jets and the Dolphins in back to back weeks. Which is why they’ll win this one.

Buffalo Bills @ New Orleans Saints

Pigskin Pig – I saw New Orleans nearly beat the Patriots in New England. Now with them coming off a bye week, there’s no way I’d pick anyone in this game other than the Saints.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – Man, not a lot of real brain twisters this week, huh? New Orleans. Let’s move on.

Dallas Cowboys @ Detroit Lions

Pigskin Pig – There wasn’t too much to be impressed with in Dallas’ win over the Eagles last week, and you can be assured that the Lions aren’t thrilled about barely losing to the Bengals at home last week by 3. I’m going with a bounce-back from Detroit this week.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – Dallas’ pass attack is in shambles. They won’t be able to get to Stafford so can they stop Calvin Johnson? No, because apparently no one can. Maybe Dallas keeps pace or maybe the get left behind, but either way the Lions win.

New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles

Pigskin Pig – Though they won the game, there wasn’t anything pretty about the way the Giants defeated the Vikings on Monday Night Football. Match that up with the fact that the Eagles were playing much better football than what they showed in their last game, and the probable return of Michael Vick, and I’ll go with Philly here.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – So New York finally won a game. Congratu-flipping-lations! Now onward with your mediocrity. Philly puts a fire under the steam kettle that is Tom Coughlin once again and the Eagles win.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Oakland Raiders

Pigskin Pig – The Steelers are on a two-game winning streak since their bye week, but they have to go across the country to play the Raiders who just finished their own bye week. Oakland’s going to be the one getting their third win this time around, Silver over Yellow.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – It surprises me how many people don’t know what a rivalry game this actually is. And, as with any rivalry game, the unexpected can and usually will happen. Terrelle Pryor and the Raiders halt Pittsburgh’s momentum and hands them a road loss.

New York Jets @ Cincinnati Bengals

Pigskin Pig – The Bengals are a good team, especially at home. When it comes to the Jets, it’s hard to really weigh what they do against the Patriots, because that’s their division rival and those games can often defy reason. A loss to Pittsburgh at home by double-digits, and beating the Falcons the week before that by only 2? It’s easy for me to pick the Bengals here.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – The Bengals are a good team, you’re right. Meanwhile, the jury is still out on the Jets. I stand by what I said earlier this week about them potentially being a playoff team, but that doesn’t mean I have to pick them here. Bengals all day.

Atlanta Falcons @ Arizona Cardinals

Pigskin Pig – Beating the divisional opponent Buccaneers at home following a bye week certainly helped Atlanta notch another one in the win column, but the Cardinals are a decent team. I’m not sure who I’d go with if this game were on a neutral field, but this game goes their way this time around because it’s being played in Arizona.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – There’s just been too much agreeing going on this week. Thank you for taking one for the team and picking the lowly Cardinals. They’re a decent team in the same way that Matt Flynn is a decent quarterback. I’m surprised he hasn’t made his way to Arizona yet, but hey, there’s still time. Atlanta continues to rectify their season with another win here.

Washington Redskins @ Denver Broncos

Pigskin Pig – I was pleasantly surprised to see what the Redskins did last week against Chicago, but a lot of that had to do with the illegal hits from Brandon Meriweather and the fact that Jay Cutler went down. Though they scored quite a bit, I don’t see the Redskins being able to keep up with Denver this time around, and I don’t see the Broncos losing two in a row.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – The Redskins beat a better team and the Broncos lost to a worse one last week, so we’re supposed to read too much into that, right? Wrong. Peyton Manning is going to slice up Washington’s secondary like Papa John’s pie.

So was his house nice?

So was his house nice?

Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings

Pigskin Pig – I really like the Packers, who are on a three-game win streak following their bye, even with the injuries. Minnesota looks hapless, and I feel badly for their receivers who don’t have anything in the way of a QB to get them the ball. Easily I’ll pick the Packers in this game, I don’t care where it’s being played.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – Oh the jokes we can make about Minnesota these days. The team that took Tampa’s (yes, TAMPA) sloppy seconds at quarterback. The team so bad they bailed out the Giants. Sorry, folks, they don’t have a chance in this won. Green Bay in a rout.

The Follow Up

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