Each week the GuysNation contributors get together and talk about the current state of the NFL and some of the top topics. Part of that involved Power Rankings, the results of which are in a different article. As for other inputs? Here we go.

JMB’s Three

JMB picked three games this week and tells us who’s going to win, and why. Here’s his perspectives and my follow ups (because we love the dueling perspectives).

JMB: The Pittsburgh Steelers will beat the New England Patriots.  The Pittsburgh defense has serious issues defending Tom Brady and the New England offense year to year, but for the first time, I think the New England defense is so unable to stop the pass, that the advantage tips to the Steelers in a shoot out.  With Wallace, Brown, and Sanders manning the WR spots, Roethlisburger has serious playmakers that can take the Patriots D to task.  Also, let’s not overlook field position with Antonio Brown’s return ability.

Rob:  I definitely agree about the outcome, but I see Rashard Mendenhall and the Steelers rushing attack to play more of a factor. The Patriots are going to be doing their best to keep up with the receivers JMB mentioned, but Mendenhall’s lack of productivity last week is going to be a motivator to him against New England, and he’ll get over 100 yards with at least one score.

JMB:  The Dallas Cowboys will beat the Philadelphia Eagles.  DeMarco Murray story is the big one of the week, and of course the Eagles will try and stop him.  However, to stopping Murray will be at the expense of defending the pass.  Dallas will hang 27 on the Eagles, and by virtue of getting hit numerous times, the Eagles will have one too many turnovers.

Rob: I have to disagree, as much as I hate to predict a victory for a frustratingly rejuvenated Philly. The Eagles aren’t the same team you saw the first few weeks, and that’s going to be on display today. Their defense is much improved and the pieces are all gelling, just like Trent Dilfer predicted would happen at the start of the season.  Also, DeMarco Murray only had one touchdown last week to go with all those rushing yards… and that’s because he got tired. I don’t see him being totally ready for a repeat performance yet, as history has shown with drop-offs after huge efforts. Look for Philly to have a close game, given the Cowboys passing attack, but ultimately when I get Aldred to give you his first-person perspective from attending the game, I expect him to talk about how his Birds won the game.

Frandsen: Philadelphia’s season is still on the line and the Eagles have incredible speed at all the skill positions. If Andy Reid allows LeSean McCoy to get 20 carries, a balanced Eagles offense will be too much to handle for Dallas. It’s a matchup with a lot on the line so expect Tony Romo to make just enough mistakes to lose.

JMB:   The Detroit Lions will beat the Denver Broncos.  Tebow-mania isn’t running wild.  You can play bad ball for 56 minutes and beat a team like Miami.  You can’t do that against Detroit.  Stafford or no Stafford, Megatron will get his, and Moreno is one back the Lions probably can shut down.

Rob: Totally agree. The Broncos were able to beat Miami because the Dolphins are deep in the mix for Andrew Luck. The Lions are one of the top teams in the league, and by the time Tim Tebow gets set for his comeback, there’s going to be a much bigger deficit than he faced a week ago.

Frandsen’s Other Two

Frandsen: The Redskins should beat the Bills in Toronto, where the home field advantage will be only a slight one for the Bills. After facing the speedy Eagles, the Redskins’ solid defense should be able to handle the Bills’ receivers. Washington has several injuries but most of the backups are capable.

Rob: Not too sure about the Skins being able to contain the Bills passing attack, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I see a lot of weapons up there, and I’ve seen Washington’s inability on defense to stop the other team from scoring early & often the past couple weeks.

Frandsen: Expect Carolina to defeat Minnesota. Cam Newton has more experience than Christian Ponder, the Panthers are at home, and Carolina has made a commitment to the run in recent weeks. Steve Smith is back to his old form and the Vikings don’t much going except for Adrian Peterson.

Rob: I have to agree, Peterson won’t be enough to help the Vikings win, but they’ll keep it close. Nothing the Panthers did last week impressed me very much. They basically just capitalized on some second-half mistakes by Washington.

Other Takes

Last week’s game between the Texans and Titans (the Oilers Bowl, if you will) had been touted as the battle between the top two teams in the AFC South with Indy on the mend. Given how the Texans routed the Titans (41 to 7) and the way the Jaguars surprisingly stifled the powerful Ravens on Monday Night Football, what are you expecting this week as Jacksonville visits Houston?

JMB: I expect Houston to pick up the W.  I wouldn’t say they are going to blow out the Jags, but it will be about 10 points different.  Schaub and Foster just out perform Gabbart and Jones-Drew

Rob: At this point it definitely looks like Houston is legit. Jacksonville is a team which is finding itself in decent shape during a rebuilding process, but they’re not ready to compete right now. Tennessee is going to take a step back when they go with Jake Locker, though they’d be doing a lot better if Chris Johnson were performing.

Frandsen: Jacksonville has traditionally been inconsistent under coach Jack Del Rio and Blaine Gabbert is still learning on the job. The Texans’ offense is a fine-tuned machine even without injured receiver Andre Johnson.

Were you impressed with Tim Tebow’s performance last week?

JMB: I wasn’t impressed with Tebow.  He’s a work in progress, and he performed generally badly like many rookie project QB’s do.

Rob: Seeing the way he commanded that team was impressive, but knowing the hole the Broncos dug themselves into against a very weak Miami team for the first 55 minutes of regulation just shows me that he’s not in the same class as someone like Cam Newton.

Frandsen: Tim Tebow led a nice comeback at the end of the Miami game but was awful most of the game. He does show a good ability to run the ball. He’s on a bad team, though, so don’t expect much success too soon.

Last week I asked about Matt Forte, Adrian Peterson and Arian Foster, and then each of them ran for over 110 yards, with Arian Foster also getting 110+ receiving yards. Which of their performances surprised you the most?

JMB: I think Arian Foster’s return to prominence in both the running and passing games surprised me most.  That’s just a monster game in both elements of the offense.

Rob: Foster definitely hit milestones on both facets on offense, and Forte’s effort wasn’t out of the ordinary for what he’s capable of doing. Adrian Peterson surprised me because he amassed more yards rushing against Green Bay than the Packers defense have allowed to any other team (all rushers combined) this year!

Frandsen: Forte’s performance surprised me the most – not because he doesn’t have the ability, but because Mike Martz usually doesn’t give Forte the ball enough.

Ray Rice didn’t have 100 all purpose yards last week, and Chris Johnson didn’t amass 50. Hosting games against Arizona and Indianapolis, respectively, what are the odds that these guys combine for over 220 all purpose yards in week 8?

JMB: The odds are very good that they will break 220, just given their receiving ability alone.

Rob: The number should probably look more like 320.

The Bills, typically of Buffalo, travel to Toronto for their “vacation home game” to host Washington. How do you feel about Buffalo having the second home? Is it different than sending two teams to London every year?

JMB: Ugh!  This is a worse idea than London really since there is no spectacle or really globalization really happening here.  Plus, as a fan, I want the real deal home field advantage for my time.

Rob: NFL Europe proved not to be a great idea, so I don’t totally understand the London trip. That said, I do think Toronto might be a potential landing spot for an NFL franchise some day, and I don’t have any problem with it. If the Bills win today, it would be the first victory for them in Toronto after three previous unsuccessful trips.

Most significant injuries currently facing your favorite team:

JMB (Pittsburgh Steelers)

1.  James Harrison – You can’t not miss a force like that on the outside.

2.  Hines Ward – The running game is already struggling, and you potentially take away that outside blocker?

3.  Chris Hoke – A D-Line thinned by the absence of Aaron Smith really needs his presence.

Rob (Washington Redskins)

1. Trent Williams – the offensive line already has depth issues, and he was arguably the most important starter

2. Jarvis Jenkins – he shown signs of being a potentially great D-Lineman, even just in the few efforts we saw from him, but the rookie gets sidelined and potentially sets back his development for quite a while.

3. O.J. Atogwe – his presence at Safety was going to allow LaRon Landry to be at the top of his game.