Each week I pose NFL-related questions to the contributors at GuysNation with some of the questions surrounding the sport this week. Here are the questions and their perspectives.

Is Minnesota doing the right thing by starting rookie QB Christian Ponder instead of Donovan McNabb?

JB: It depends if you are a player or if you are a fan / management. As a player you want your best option on the field, and I still think given the situation that’s McNabb. However, as a fan of the Vikes, you have to know the season is pretty much a loss given the division they are in and the standings, and you want to see what the future has for you. Management wants to have an idea of what they have in Ponder. From the perspective of a fan and management I want to know if we have a future starting QB on roster and if the losses come, then so do higher draft picks.

Mark C: I believe they are doing the right thing. With the season they are having, I would put the rookie in. McNabb was washed up before he left the Eagles. His stint at the Redskins proved he was done; i am shocked that Minnesota actually picked him up.

Nathan: Absolutely. McNabb is not doing anything for them and they need some sort of jolt to get them out of their 1-5 funk and Ponder was drafted to be the QB of the future, which started alot sooner then the Vikings expected.

Collins: Way past due, they can’t go wrong here. McNabb simply wasn’t going to get it done.

Ronny: Minnesota has no choice. Honestly the decision should have been made weeks ago. Its clear that the Vikings are going anywhere this year,so they must find out what they have in Ponder who they invested a first round pick in.

Chris T- I think they are doing the right thing. The right thing won’t get them the win, but they arent going to go anywhere if they don’t at least attempt it.

Will Donovan McNabb go to a different team before retiring, and if so, will he ever start a game for that team in a situation which doesn’t involve injury?

JB: I do see McNabb potentially going to a different team, but I don’t see him starting a game without some injury being involved. The league is really trying to get younger, and with the early success of Andy Dalton and Cam Newton, I think the younger QB’s are going to get their shot over a mediocre vet like McNabb.

Mark C: I don’t think so. I think the writing is on the wall. However you never know how desperate a team is for a QB. Never say never.

Collins: I think a lot of teams would think twice before signing him in any role other than an injury step in. I think the top-dog days anywhere are over…

Ronny:No, this is a very sad ending to a great career. McNabb’s decline seemingly came over night. He’s one of the most under appreciated players of his era in any sport. From the moment he was drafted McNabb never got his due. His career as an starting NFL quarterback is over. One can only hope that in retrospect people will appreciate everything he brought to the table.

Chris T- I honestly think Dono Mc is done. He moves like a man with a walker and there’s no way he is going to be picked up by another team

Which newly starting QB has the best chance of winning this weekend:

JB: I like Palmer’s chances in this one, simply because all he has to do is what Kyle Boller would have done and that’s hand it off to McFadden. KC isn’t in the business of stopping anyone this year, and I would have like Oakland’s chances even without Palmer. Ponder will likely get overwhelmed by the GB defense, and while I think Washington stands a chance, its enough of a coin flip that I give Palmer the nod in this question.

Mark C: As much as it pains me to say it, I think Beck stands a good chance against Carolina. I also think that Carson Palmer might do okay seeing how KC has been playing this year.

Nathan: I was going to say Palmer, but since reports are out that he won’t play, I’ll go with Beck. Ponder has to go up against the Packer defense which is never a good thing. Beck might get outdueled by Newton, but at least he has an easier defense for a debut.

Collins: I don’t care how rusty he is, Carson Palmer can with against KC with his team…he’ll make some bonehead mistakes…always does, but it’ll get done.

Ronny:Thankfully it looks like the Raiders won’t be starting Palmer. I just can imagine pulling a guy off the street that hasn’t played a game since last December and throwing him out there against an NFL starting defense no matter who it is. Christian Ponder has no chance of beating the Packers,even though their defense has not played up to its capabilities. The Pack has too much firepower. So by default I’ll go with Beck. As mediocre as the Skins are they are a better team than Carolina. I think Carolina has a great chance of winning this game but its a toss up.

Chris T- Carson palmer may not play, Minnesota wouldnt be able to beat Greenbay with a GOOD quarterback, so I think John Beck has the best chance because Carolina’s defense is exactly good.

Who would you rather have on your team at this point, Adrian Peterson or Matt Forte?

JB: I think based on pure ability you have to like AP. That’s not a diss to Forte, but AP as a runner is absolutely elite.

Mark C: I think at this point I would go with the proven Adrian Peterson. He is very dynamic and even when his team isn’t doing so well, he still turns up good stats.

Nathan: Tough decision, Forte is one of the best RBs this season and practically guaranteed a good game no matter the matchup. However, AP is a proven star and will continue to produce 1200+ rushing yards, 10+ rush TD seasons for a long time.

Collins: Neither…. I’m agnostic on them… Gimme LeSean McCoy. But if forced to choose… I guess I’d go with AP…

Ronny:I’m going with AP every day and twice on Sundays. Forte is having a great year and I’m taking nothing from him, but AP is on another level. Ironically if these two men switched teams I think that they would have more success.

Chris T- Adrian Peterson…. He’s still a beast. WHEN he gets carries.

Bigger surprise this season: Chris Johnson or Arian Foster?

JB: I don’t think either is a huge surprise given the health issues for Foster or the hold-out issues for CJ. A lack of productivity goes with the territory in those cases. However, I am a bit surprised at how Johnson hasn’t really seemed to improve much as he’s had more and more game time.

Mark C: to me both were a surprise this season.

Collins: Foster has been more productive (HEH!) on less carries. Add in the holding out…and i won’t actually call it a surprise, but if i take your true meaning…yes its Chris Johnson who sucks more. But I won’t say i’m not surprised. I think most holdouts are really just posturing for a good season of sucking…. (Sorry Revis, you are the exclusion). Just my take.

Ronny:Neither, I’m not surprised by Johnson because of his prolonged hold out. You don’t miss all of traning camp and then start running against NFL defenses. Foster’s been hurt but when he’s been healthy he’s produced.

Chris T- The bigger surprise is Chris Johnson, because Arian Foster has been doin fabulous since he’s been back, and Johnson has just plain sucked.

How do you feel about the NFL sending the Bears and Buccaneers going to play a game this weekend in London?

JB: I understand the NFL wanting to expand globally, but I just can’t think that the travel and differences won’t generally have a negative impact on the game being played, and ergo I don’t really care for the decision.

Mark C: From a Fan standpoint, I would be disappointed if it means one less home game that season, but from a marketing perspective, I think it is a great move to get more interest overseas. They are deprived over in Europe, their big game is soccer, who wouldn’t want to see a football game (real football that is).

Nathan: I can understand the NFL wanting to expand its brand, but the effect of having to fly all the way to London and back in the space of a few days has got to put a strain on the teams. I know I wouldn’t want to fly for 10 hours or so and have to do it again in a day or two.

Collins: Meh!

Ronny: I understand what the league is trying to do and in some ways they must do it. The NFL is one of the most impressive brands in the world, but it is not yet a global brand. I honestly don’t think it will be but its worth a shot. However the competitive balance of losing a home game and the travel is a concern.

Pick winners (and give your brief reasoning):

Washington @ Carolina

JB: Carolina in a close one. Torrain will bounce back, and the Skins D will get a turnover or two, but Newton will have his moments and it will be enough to overcome a generally one-dimensional Skins squad.

Mark C: Washington in a close game. I think adding Beck as the starter will push them over the edge. Don’t get me wrong, I will be rooting for Carolina, but I think Redskins will edge them out.

Nathan: Carolina. Toss up, but Cam Newton will have a better game then John Beck.

Collins: Dreadskins!!! I think they’ll pull together and get it done. Cam needs to have a lot of bad days to learn, and I can see Orakpo and Atogwe giving him problems among others. Defense will keep it close, offense will get it done, barely.

Ronny: I want to pick Carolina badly but I think the Redskins have better personnel on both sides of the ball.

Chris T- Carolina! Washington doesn’t have a good defense, and Cam is gonna light them up.

Seattle @ Cleveland

JB: Seattle: Cleveland has very little offense at this point, not even being able to run the ball on the Raiders who opponents have gashed. No Hillis, no playmaker threats, and let’s not forget that the Browns secondary looks to be hampered with Haden’s injury.

Mark C: Cleveland in a solid fashion. The way Seattle is playing I just think they won’t stand up against the Browns.

Nathan: The Battle of Rebuilders goes to Cleveland. Everyone quickly forgot about Seattle after their surprise win against the Giants. Zach Miller is out and that’s a huge loss for whoever is Seattle’s QB.

Collins: Cleveland: I just don’t trust Lynch, or any of Seattle’s players. Cleveland seems to be able to find ways to win…but Hillis is iffy. This one will have me doubting myself.

Ronny: Nasty game and I truly think Seattle is a bad team, however they showed me something against the Giants. I will reluctantly pick Seattle in what I think will be a bad game.

Chris T- Cleveland! Cleveland is clearly the better team, with a better quarterback, and a slightly better defense.

Atlanta @ Detroit

JB: Detroit: This is a different Lions team and they will bounce back at home. If this was in Atl, it might swing the other way, but I don’t see Atlanta having enough D to keep the Lions in check.

Mark C: Detroit will win this with ease. After their loss last week, Detroit is going to be fired up.

Nathan: Falcons, but only barely. Lions had their winning stopped last week and how the bounce back will say alot about the rest of their season. The key will be Michael Turner since Detroit has problems stopping the run.

Collins: No Javhid Best, means likely no ground game, Lots of attention to Megatron. I say Detroit gets handed its second loss…it’ll be close i think.

Ronny: Detroit has to be kicking themselves after blowing last weeks game to the 49ers. They should win this one as the Falcons have not been able to keep Matt Ryan up right all year. Detroit will get pressure on and Ryan and beat the Falcons comfortably.

Chris T- Detroit! And it’s not just a homer pick. I think the lions are pissed off after last weeks loss, and they are out for revenge.

Kansas City @ Oakland

JB: Oakland: In a situation where running the ball looks to be the name of the game, I have to give the edge to Oakland on the special teams front with Janakowski. Some big time FG’s win this.

Mark C: Oakland in a squeaker. Neither team is great, but I think Oakland will edge out the Chiefs.

Nathan: Da Raiduhs. They’re on a wave and McFadden will run wild against the Cheifs defense. Not alot of people have faith in the Cheifs this season and they will continue their slide against the resurgent Raiders.

Collins: Oakland….seriously…. Oakland.

Ronny: There’s some upset potential here with Oakland coming off an emotional win and Kyle Boller potentially starting. However the Raiders running game will still be intact and it should be enough to pull out a victory.

Chris T- It doesn’t matter who is the QB for Oakland… Just running the ball every down and not PLAYING a QB would be enough for Oakland to beat KC.

San Diego @ New York Jets

JB: SD: Ryan Matthews could be a problem for the Jets as well as a return of Antonio Gates as the Jets D continues to struggle because of being put in horrible positions by an underperforming offense. Look for Buffalo to make its claim as a Wild Card team over the Jets starting now.

Mark C: Jets in a hard fought close game. Both teams are doing well, but I think Jets will take it at home. I think the Jets are a tough team and the Chargers have some good talent. I am giving this game to home advantage.

Nathan: San Diego. The Jets are mediocre despite anything Rex Ryan might say. The Chargers are off to a good start, although they haven’t really beaten anyone of consequence. This will be a statement win for the Bolts.

Collins: Ground and pound has been remarkably disappointing. But I’ll go Jets, V-Jax isn’t 100% and the Jets defense is still pretty good.

Ronny: The rumors of the Jets demise have been greatly exaggerated. The media blows everything game out of proportion becauese where they play. In the end the Jets will be there. One important factoid from the Jets recent slump is that they lost all three games on the road. Where is this game being played? I’m taking the Jets.

Chris T- This is a tough one…. I think I am gonna go with the Jets. They have a better Defense. As long as their offense doesnt sputter again, they should be able to squek by with a small victory.

Chicago vs Tampa Bay (in London)

JB: Chicago: Earnest Graham keeps it close, but Freeman still is out of synch with Mike Williams, and I like Chicago’s veteran D to handle the schedule differences better.

Mark C: I am going to say Chicago but I am on the fence. I know that Tampa has a better record, but there is a lot of variables in this one. They are overseas, and who will London be rooting for are the biggest factors I see. Should be a good game to watch.

Nathan: Tampa Bay. The Bucs need the win to keep pace with the Saints in the NFC South and the Bears are teetering on the edge of completely unraveling as a team.

Collins: Chicago, Lots of Cutler interceptions possible, but I like their ground game better.

Ronny: Expect a sloppy low scoring game played on a bad field. Bucs win by a field goal.

Chris T- Tampa Bay. You can light it up against Chicago’s defense, and Josh Freeman can throw.

Houston @ Tennessee

JB: Houston: I know they are down Johnson and Williams, but I just don’t see Tennessee being able to put up enough points to beat them. No Kenny Britt and no CJ running like crazy means they won’t catch the Texans.

Mark C: Battle for their division, and my gut pick is Houston is going to come out on top. I would like to see this game this week, I think it could be an exciting game.

Nathan: Injuries to Mario William and Andre Johnson give the Titans the opportunity for an upset and to put more space between them and Houston for the AFC South.

Collins: Tennessee will prevail in this battle of the lame RBs, because Ten is getting it done through the air. Which is odd in that I think everyone loves Houston Receivers…. Tennessee is getting it done with less flashy and built up (media) players.

Ronny: Houston needs this game badly but injuries have plauged them all year. My Brain says Tennessee and my heart says Houston. I’ll go with my heart.

Chris T – This is going to be a close game. The battle of the heavy weight running backs! I call Houston though. I think they have a few offensive weapons even WITH andre Johnson out.

St Louis @ Dallas

JB: Dallas: St. Louis even with B. Lloyd doesn’t have enough fire power to compete with Dallas

Mark C: Dallas as i have to go with my boys. Dallas is definitely struggling this year but I think St. Louis is struggling even more. Dallas is at a point in the season where they need to decide to Cowboy up and get their game together. You never know what Romo is going to show up.

Nathan: Given how bad the Rams are, even Dallas can’t mess this one up (right?) so the ‘Boys hand the Rams another L.

Collins: Dallas is handed a crushing defeat when Romo goes for 2 safeties, hands the ball to Laurenitus for a TD. OK, SERIOUSLY…Romo’s not that bad…so of course…I was being sarcastic. DALLAS WINS. Hell Bradford isn’t even likely to play, no way they do it.

Ronny: Dallas will finally blow another team out. Bradford’s going to be out for this one and the Rams are just awful.

Chris T- Dallas! need to avenge their last two losses, and what better way then against the bottom feeder rams.

Which will be the most lopsided outcome (and why):

JB: GB over Minnesota: One team is starting a rookie QB. The other is starting the best QB in football.

Mark C: On paper, Green Bay @ Minnesota could be a huge lopsided game, but this is a huge rivalry and I don’t think you can ever count on a lopsided victory when there is this much passion between teams. I think Ravens vs Jaguars is going to be the game with the biggest difference for the week. I think Baltimore is going to crush Jacksonville.

Nathan: Indy @ New Orleans. There is no end in sight for the misery of the Colts. The Saints will pile up the yards and the points, but what will make this so lopsided is the fact that Curtis Painter will be ineffective against the Saints defense.

Collins: ITs gonna hurt, when Green Baby goes up on the score board. Minnesota could surprise with lots of AP… but I somehow doubt it.

Ronny: The Ravens are going to embarrass Jacksonville. Baltimore always shuts down teh running game and all Jacksonville will have left is rookie QB Blaine Gabbert. Things are not looking good.

Chris T – Minnesota is playing a rookie QB and their defense kinda sucks. Greenbay is going to DEMOLISH them… As sad as it is to say.