Talking about how we’re getting more and more popular? Not as important as mentioning how awesome we’ve done picking games the past two weeks… and aside from a crazy week 3, we’re rockin’ the season as a whole. I picked 11 of 12 last week, and I went 20 of 25 over the past two weeks. Bryan isn’t far behind, either, getting 17 of 25 over the past two weeks. All in all, that means that if you were taking our picks and using it to gamble – which we wouldn’t recommend – you’d probably be doing well.

Roll out, NFL Week 6 Sunday picks…

Green Bay Packers @ Baltimore Ravens

Pigskin Pig – I’ll go with trends on this one. Baltimore has yet to lose at home, and Green Bay has yet to win on the road. I’ll go Ravens, even though something is telling me that the trends are broken this week.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – Those trends can’t go on forever, and Baltimore has been very up-and-down this year. A lot of people will want to read into the Clay Matthews injury and say an already-suspect defense is only worse now, but I don’t think it’ll matter too much in this one. Flacco is prone to mistakes and the Packers are an opportunistic defense. Green Bay wins on the road.

Pigskin Pig – Prone to mistakes? He didn’t seem “prone to mistakes” in the playoffs last year when he was lighting up the opposition. This slow star the Ravens are off to is the trend that “can’t go on forever”.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Buffalo Bills

Pigskin Pig – The Buffalo Bills are much more competitive than I figured they’d be this season, and the Bengals actually look like a legit contender. I take a lot of flack in these things every time I pick against the Bills… and because I’d like to see the Bills do well… I’ll pick the Bengals. And because they beat New England and the Bills didn’t.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – You can’t worry too much about mutual opponents because every week is so different. But still, I see what you’re saying. The Bengals, save for the Cleveland game, have looked REALLY good this year. This is Buffalo’s first game with out Manuel and I think they’re going to realize how much of a difference maker he’s been for this team. I don’t have much faith in Thad Lewis OR Jeff Tuel.

Pigskin Pig – Thad Lewis and Jeff Tuel? Who dey?


Detroit Lions @ Cleveland Browns

Pigskin Pig – Don’t look now, but the Cleveland Browns are on a three-game winning streak despite parting ways with their star running back. If the Detroit Lions had Calvin Johnson at 100% (or even 80%) I’d pick them to win, but they don’t. I’m hoping for the sake of Cleveland that Weeden has stepped his game up a notch, because I’m picking them to win this game and keep their season on the right track.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – I think we’re forgetting slightly how bad this Browns team was early under Weeden. They shipped their feature ‘back away for a draft pick in the first quarter of the season, for crying out loud! Weeden’s more concerned with defending his alma mater than he is winning football games. And because he’s starting (and because, alas, it’s still the Browns) I’m taking Detroit.

St Louis Rams @ Houston Texans

Pigskin Pig – The Rams and Texans have the same record, but their resumes are totally different. The Rams only beat Arizona by 3 and they got a win over Jacksonville. Yawn… Beating San Diego on the road, winning in overtime against the Titans and losing in overtime against Seattle… that’s far more impressive. The Texans are taking this one.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) –  I’ve got Houston, too. This one’s almost a sure thing. The only reason to watch here is to see if the lowly Rams are just what the doctor ordered for a struggling Matt Schaub. Even if he struggles, though, the Texans just have too many weapons to put this game in doubt.

Carolina Panthers @ Minnesota Vikings

Pigskin Pig – The Panthers lost, following their bye week, to Arizona. The Vikings are coming off a bye, won their game prior to that, and nearly got a victory over Chicago. If Adrian Peterson plays despite the tragedy he’s experiencing in his personal life, he’ll probably set an NFL rushing record. If he doesn’t play, his team is going to show their support by beating down an inferior opponent. Vikings win either way.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – My heart goes out to AP and, if he decides to play, this could be sort of like Brett Favre’s game following the loss of his father. What a win that would be, huh? I don’t have as much faith as you do in Minnesota here, but I’m picking them for the silver lining on a tough week.

Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs

Pigskin Pig – Last week, I CORRECTLY picked the Raiders to overcome the Chargers in a divisional win at home over a slightly suspect team. This week, I’m absolutely picking the far superior Chiefs to take a victory in Kansas City and continue to be undefeated.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) -Yes, the blind squirrel found a nut the week you said it would. Congratulations. It’s not going to happen again. Kansas City all the way.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ New York Jets

Pigskin Pig – The Steelers are going to get back on track, and coming off a bye week, with New York on a short week, I’ll go with Pittsburgh to finally get their offense going. The Jets have a rookie QB and I’m betting that Pittsburgh can figure out how to rattle him enough.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – I just don’t know how you can pick Pittsburgh until they GIVE you a reason to pick them. Yes, they’ve had two weeks to prepare for the Jets. But that doesn’t change thefact that they’ve played pretty much the way we expected the Jets to play this season. In other words, they’ve been a train wreck. New York and, more importantly Geno Smith, actually really did impress me down in Atlanta on Monday night, so, yeah, I’m going with them.

Philly Eagles @ Tampa Bay Bucs

Pigskin Pig – Sure, the Bucs are still yet to get a win, but in 3 of their 4 losses, a field goal would’ve at least tied it. The Eagles caught the Redskins off guard (and rusty), and got a win over a lame Giants team. Because Tampa Bay is coming off of a bye week, and I think they’re going to out duel Philly.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) –  You can tell Pigskin Pig is having brain cramps because he didn’t bother to spell out the harder part of either team’s name. The P-h-i-l-a-d-e-l-p-h-i-a Eagles are a far better team than the Tampa Bay B-u-c-c-a-n-e-e-r-s. Josh Freeman may be gone, but Greg Schiano is sure to follow. Philadelphia wins.

Jacksonville Jags @ Denver Broncos

Pigskin Pig – Guys on the radio were legitimately wondering if Peyton Manning could beat the Broncos if he were running the Jaguars offense. Of course he could, and that 28-point line is CRAZY, given how talented Justin Blackmon, Cecil Shorts and a guy named Maurice Jones-Drew are for the Jaguars. Of course I’m picking the Broncos here, but it won’t be more than 28 points.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – The Jaguars! Yeah, I said it. There’s no misprint. I’m picking JACKSONVILLE…to lose this game. What, did you think I was nuts? Come on, now. Broncos tear Jacksonville a new one.

Tennessee Titans @ Seattle Seahawks

Pigskin Pig – I’d be real interested to hear someone sell me on the idea that the Seahawks are going to lose at home. I’ll take this second obligatory sentence to say that the Titans are probably better than most people give them credit for, even though they’ll lose to Seattle this week.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – Is Seattle at home? Then why are we even talking about this game. Of course I’m going with the Seahawks up North.

New Orleans Saints @ New England Patriots

Pigskin Pig – If this isn’t the game of the week, I don’t know what will be. I love the fire-power of the Saints, and I almost feel like the Patriots are over-performing… but they’re undoubtedly improving as a “team” each week. The Patriots have had close calls with a few teams… and the Saints haven’t. I’ll go New Orleans, even if it is a road game.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – Probably the most interesting game this week. I kind of like the idea of Tom Brady & Co. getting back home where they’re comfortable and pulling out an unexpected win, but I said last week the Saints are the kind of team that you have to pick until they give you a reason not to. Last week’s win over Chicago wasn’t the prettiest thing, but it wasn’t enough for me to change my mind in this one. The Saints stay undefeated.


Arizona Cardinals @ San Francisco 49ers

Pigskin Pig – After a somewhat rocky start, the 49ers have kicked it up a notch and have been scoring quite a bit as of late, and their defense is doing good too. The Cardinals have some decent potential, but I don’t like them on the road against San Francisco this week.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – The 49ers looked DAMN good against Houston. I think if I said this San Francisco team has turned it around, they’d give me reason to kick myself, so I won’t be THAT decisive here. But against Arizona? I don’t have to be. Even the bad 49ers team we’ve seen at times this year is good enough to beat Arizona on home turf.

Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys

Pigskin Pig – The Redskins are coming off of a bye week, headed into a road game against a division rival who hasn’t changed much from last season, when they beat them twice. The Cowboys are coming off of a tough week where they had the unfortunate task of having to wreck their brains to try to find a way to beat Peyton Manning… and they nearly did just that. Any time a team scores a ton of points and loses, I tend to remember them losing in the follow-up. Did I mention that the Redskins are coming off of a bye week?

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – Boy, you love picking teams coming off of bye weeks. It almost makes me wish Jacksonville had a bye week before they played Denver. The problem is Dallas reminded us last week just what kind of offense they have and even a healthy RG3 can’t play defense. You’ve outed me as a Washington homer, and that’s fine, because I pick with my brain and I root with my heart. There’s just no logical reason to take Washington here. Dallas wins.


The Follow Up

Last week, we started our follow-ups together, since Bryan let me hijack his What We Learned article… and I think we’re going to keep it up. Until then, you should follow Bryan on Twitter (@bclienesch), as you might’ve seen the links above… and if you want, you can follow me too (@PigskinPig), because I am remembering to get on there on Sundays, at least for now.