Each week we’re gaining momentum and gaining fans on Facebook and Twitter, and since people still seem to be enjoying the Who’s Winning article series, GuysNation continues to have Lienesch and I keep it going here in NFL Week 5. One of these weeks we’re going to look back at how we’ve done with our picks so far through the season to that point, but it stands to need more than just some numbers when doing analysis. You all deserve the type of analysis to say that I always pick Buffalo wrong and Bryan stomps me when he’s not being arrogant. Another place, another time, folks.

Roll out, NFL Week 5 Sunday picks…

New England Patriots @ Cincinnati Bengals

Pigskin Pig – I know New England is 4-0, but the Bengals are an above-average squad just like the Patriots, and I think Cincinnati is going to give them their first loss of an over-performing season thus far.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – On any given Sunday. that’s what they say, right? Well, the Bengals won in a tough game against Green Bay so I’m going the OPPOSITE way here and saying New England gets to them. Patriots win.

Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers

Pigskin Pig – A team as good as the Packers, coming off of a bye week? I don’t care how good the Lions looked last week in destroying the Chicago Bears (probably an overstatement), I’ll still go with Green Bay in this one. Matthew Stafford should have a good statistical day, but Aaron Rodgers and company should be able to out-duel him.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – This one is going to be one of those NFC North shootouts we’ve come to love. Defense is dead and it may come down to whoever can score last. Green Bay by a field goal or so.


Seattle Seahawks vs Indianapolis Colts

Pigskin Pig – I think last week showed that the Seahawks do have a bit of trouble on the road. What the Colts did last week doesn’t have much baring on anything, so I won’t even mention their drubbing of the Jaguars. Oops… The Seahawks aren’t an excellent team yet, so I’ll give the edge to the home team Colts.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – If you can beat Houston on the road, you can beat the Colts in an air conditioned dome. I’ve been the biggest proponent of Seattle’s home-versus-away theory, but I also don’t believe Houston has two straight bad games in them, which is what 80% of the Texans game was. Seattle rides the momentum of last week into a ‘W’ here today.

Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins

Pigskin Pig – I don’t know why the Ravens aren’t doing better thus far, and honestly I can’t put my finger on the reason the Dolphins are playing over their heads. I like the weapons Baltimore has on both sides of the ball, and the Dolphins have a suspect offense. To me, that’s enough to pick the Ravens despite their records.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – Well, the Dolphins are 3-1 and those three wins came against pretty beatable teams, so I’m not sure they’re playing over their heads. That being said, the real question here is which Ravens team shows up. Last week the offense got way away from their run game and, simply put, that can’t happen again. I’ll take the Ravens, but I have my reservations.

New Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears

Pigskin Pig – I love the Bears defense and special teams, and I know they’ve got some weapons on offense and being played at Soldier Field, the Bears should win… but until I see the Saints take their foot off the gas pedal, I’m going to keep picking New Orleans.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – The Bears should win? In what world. It’s obviously one where Jay Cutler is a competent game manager, and that’s just not the case. From what I’ve seen a quarter of the way into the season with New Orleans, I’m picking them any day until they give me a reason to do otherwise. New Orleans on the road.


Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants

Pigskin Pig – I really wasn’t expecting the Giants to be having as much trouble as they’ve been having so far this season, and it seems to me that their issues are on the line. Say what you will about the Eagles’ offense being gimmicky and how it won’t last in the NFL… I think their defense is good enough to keep Eli rushing around, trying not to get killed out there. I’ll go with the Eagles.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) -Neither of these teams are particularly good, but I think the difference is glass half-full versus half-empty. For the Eagles, there’s hope under a new regime. New York, on the other hand, is in a tailspin. I expect Philadelphia to just casually step aside and let the Giants continue their spiral towards the earth. Eagles win.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Tennessee Titans

Pigskin Pig – The Titans are a much better team have a much better record than I was expecting out of them this season, and the Chiefs are looking LEGIT. I’m sure maybe Bryan can find a reason to pick against Kansas City, but I can’t.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – Why would I pick against Kansas City? I’ve been touting their prowess from Week 1. The only difference now is they’re no longer underrated. People know how dangerous this team is. Unfortunately for Tennessee, though, that doesn’t mean they have the answers to stop them.


Jacksonville Jags @ St Louis Rams

Pigskin Pig – I’m really hoping that the Jaguars turn into a legit team with the return of Justin Blackmon, because it’s really going to mess up the divisions if they get moved West to Los Angeles or East to London. The Rams should be capable of doing some things against the Jaguars, and if this weren’t being played in St Louis I might go a different direction, but I’ll go with the Rams. I do think that the Jaguars should make it watchable, though.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – I got news for you, even if Justin Blackmon wasn’t still a fringe first round bust thus far into his career, it would take a LOT more than him to turn the Jaguars into a “legit” team. They are awful. They are BEYOND awful. They’re so bad, they make Congress look competent. Everything I said about the Saints? The opposite is true here. It’s going to take Jacksonville actually winning a game or two before I even think about predicting it. St. Louis rolls.

Carolina Panthers @ Arizona Cardinals

Pigskin Pig – For those of you who haven’t noticed, the Cardinals are damn competitive this season when they’re not playing the New Orleans Saints… and the Carolina Panthers are NOT the New Orleans Saints. The game being in Arizona, I’m not sure it matters to me that the Panthers had a bye week, I’ll go with the surprisingly good Cardinals.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – If you’re sold on Arizona, the more power to you. I, however am not. Tampa Bay is a disaster and they just barely squeaked by them. I don’t like Cam Newton, but the kid has made plays on the field. I see a game in the 20’s here. Something like 27-23, and Carolina takes it.

Denver Broncos @ Dallas Cowboys

Pigskin Pig – If you haven’t noticed, Peyton Manning is playing in this game, and he has been tearing up the competition so far this season. I can’t pick against the Denver Broncos here.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – Dallas, you’re up-and-down season is heading back down in Week 5. No other way around it. Denver all the way.


San Diego Chargers @ Oakland Raiders

Pigskin Pig – If I’m going to pick the Raiders to win at all in these articles, I’m going to probably have to pick them at home against a team in their division. Since I won’t be comfortable picking them over the Chiefs and I wouldn’t pick anyone over the Broncos at this point… Chargers get the honor. I’ll go Oakland in this game that got moved to 11:30 PM because Oakland apparently can’t figure out a faster way to shift up the field from baseball to football.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – My co-host, the aficionado on speed apparently, has overlooked the fact that the Chargers offense is boogieing again under Philip Rivers. I don’t understand it, but I’m not questioning it. Oakland seems to need about five guys just to tackle anyone on the football field. San Diego wins.

Pigskin Pig – My co-host fails to see that this is one of my Hail Mary picks where I’m just looking for an outcome which doesn’t otherwise make much sense. It’s a divisional game, what can I say…

Houston Texans @ San Francisco 49ers

Pigskin Pig – The Texans have been competitive in all the games they’ve played so far. Two of them went to overtime, and they were making a comeback against the Ravens before a costly turnover sealed their fate. The 49ers confuse me a bit in terms of whether they’re going to show up or not, and because I think JJ Watt is going to have his team amped up for this game, I’ll go with Houston on the road.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – I agree, San Francisco has been perplexing this season, but that collapse Houston had against Seattle was BAD. Maybe it was karma righting it’s ship for the Texans improbably comeback against San Diego in Week 1, but I just don’t get it. If Houston all of the sudden can’t play defense, they may not be able to do anything. I was a big Texans bandwagoner last year but I just don’t see it. I wager my money of San Francisco showing up as the team that beat Green Bay at home in Week 1 and they knock off Houston in a close one here.


Monday Night Football? 

Pigskin Pig – We don’t pick this game, and I’ll say that I’m glad we don’t, because then I might be trying to watch this game.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – No, I’ll just watch NBC’s The Blacklist. I think it’s about foods Rex Ryan can’t eat anymore.

Pigskin Pig – I’d watch the hell out of a show where Rex Ryan goes to a Las Vegas Buffet. Imagine that dude at a Hawaiian Luau? All that food… and all those people with barefeet?

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – Don’t they roast pigs at luaus?

This week, I’m planning for us to do a bigger recap article together, just like I always mention, and maybe that somehow gets rolled into the Power Rankings I’m planning on doing. Until then, you should follow Bryan on Twitter (@bclienesch), as you might’ve seen the links above… and if you want, you can follow me too (@PigskinPig), because I am remembering to get on there on Sundays, at least for now.