Photo courtesy Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Photo courtesy Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Happy October, everyone! It’s the season of frills and chills and, for some teams in the NFL, things are starting to get downright scary (I’m looking at you, Pittsburgh and New York). But this wrap-up article also marks a milestone in the season. Just about every team now is a quarter of the way into their 2013-14 campaign. Time flies doesn’t it? Wasn’t it just the other day Denver slaughtered Baltimore?

My mistake, that was Philadelphia.

Either way, it’s getting harder and harder to shrug off the unexpected. What we’re seeing now are actual trends, things that are not going to go away. In fact, they’re going to play a prominent role in shaping the season.

And, as always, we’re here to point out to you just exactly how the season is shaping up. While you’re looking out for your team, I’m looking after the other 31 for you.

Hero? No, I’m no hero. I just play one on the internet. Let’s get into what this week’s lessons.

Nobody Can Beat Denver

Okay, if we’re going to be truly honest, that’s probably a lie. But, Jesus H. Christ, have you seen these guys. It doesn’t matter who they play. Every week it looks like Alabama against some FCS or Division II powder puff squad. Denver isn’t just winning, they’re making people look foolish in the process.

Philadelphia is just their latest victim. And if you’re wondering if it’s too early to wonder if they can run the table in the regular season, it’s not. Whose going to beat them? There are only four teams on their remaining schedule that have a winning record right now. Two of those are Kansas City and Tennessee. Anyone feeling confident they’ll be taking a loss before the postseason?

The real test will obviously come November 24th in New England. By then, the Broncos may or may not still be undefeated. But if I were a betting man — and I’m not — I’d say they will be. And if you’re asking me right now who I’m taking in that affair, it’s not Wes Welker’s old team.

USAT Images

USAT Images

Cleveland Is Maddening

No, I’m not talking about the video game. There is literally no line of logic to explain the Browns’ recent string of success.

Rob Riggle said it best on FOX NFL Sunday: When Justin Timberlake left ‘N Sync, the rest of them didn’t start jamming like Coldplay. How one team can ship away their best, young player and all of the sudden figure out how to win is baffling.

Part of the answer to the equation is Brian Hoyer. Through two games, his numbers have been average at best. But the last time I checked, “average” was a lot better than “abysmal”. That was what Weeden was. Hoyer is proof of how important the quarterback position is in today’s NFL. If you have a guy that, at the very least, gives you a chance to win some games, guess what? You’re going to win some games.

We don’t need to read too far into the Browns’ last two weeks. Even with this newfound spurt, I would be shocked if they remain a .500 team. But who knows? Maybe they’ll now ship off Jordan Cameron and win out the rest of their season. That’s pretty much the strange world the Browns live in these days.

We Need To Lay Off Of New England

Here’s a fun drinking game: take a shot every time an “analyst” mentions how much Tom Brady must miss Wes Welker. Don’t do it for real, though, because you’ll die of alcohol poisoning.

At this point, if you’re saying Tom Brady wishes he had Wes Welker, you’re, A, beating a dead horse or, B, a lazy reporter. The future hall of famer (Brady, not Welker) gets visibly frustrated in one game and all we can talk about is how much this receiving corps. around him needs to learn.

In his two games since then, Tom Brady has thrown for a combined 4 touchdowns and 541 passing yards. And, oh yeah, the Patriots won both games on the way to going 4-0.

So don’t tell me Tom Brady needs Wes Welker. He needs Wes Welker in the same way EVERY quarterback in the NFL needs Wes Welker. Would the Patriots passing game be better with him? Yeah, but they’d it’d be a lot better in any one of a hundred of scenarios. For instance, their passing game would not “need” Wes Welker is Danny Amendola didn’t have the most fragile crotch in the NFL.

Of course, nobody talks about that because that wouldn’t be trying to stir up some drama around a no-drama New England team (future convicted murdering tight ends not withstanding).

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