Even though last week’s results weren’t all that great, people still seem to be enjoying the Who’s Winning article series, so Lienesch and I are keeping this going here in NFL Week 4. And all those picks we made… How’d we do all together? Well let’s just say that we’re bordering back down to the 50% spot after having some decent weeks the first two.

Roll out, NFL Week 4…

Baltimore Ravens @ Buffalo Bills

Pigskin Pig – I’m not hopping back off the Bills bandwagon, but I just like Baltimore more this week. Buffalo is really competitive against some above-average teams, but the Ravens look like they’re capable of beating up on good teams on occasion. Last week’s game against Houston was closer than the score made it seem, but it’s still more than what I’ve seen Buffalo capable of doing. Next year, maybe the Bills take a step forward and are competitive enough where it’ll be a coin flip against strong teams like the Ravens, but we’re not there yet.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – You can like Buffalo knowing full well they probably don’t have a chance in this one. Are the Bills competitive? Sure, but for all their competitiveness they’re only 1-2. Baltimore, meanwhile, seems like a completely different team than that one that opened the season. Ravens roll.

Arizona Cardinals @ Tampa Bay Bucs

Pigskin Pig – A lot of people might not like this game, but I’m real interested in it. Sure, they’ve only got one win between them, but they’re real close to having three additional (combined) wins. Tampa Bay should have the slight advantage with it being a home game, but they’re starting a rookie QB in his first week, and that puts them behind the 8-ball (billiards reference, not a drug reference). You can start a rookie week 1 after they get a lot of work in the pre-season, but switching gears midstream like this, it’s going to be rough for the kid. I like the Cardinals this week with their running attack… and Larry Fitz’.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – I’m actually excited to see how Mike Glennon plays. I thought he was very underrated in the draft and it’s nice to see him getting a shot to prove himself. That being said, Tampa still has plenty of issues and Arizona has shown some real positive spurts in the first three weeks (okay, first two weeks, really). I’ll say Arizona in a close one.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Minnesota Vikings

Pigskin Pig – I don’t care where the game is being played, the Vikings have the advantage this time. At some point, a game between Adrian Peterson and Le’Veon Bell could quite possibly be a great duel, but we’re not there yet. Pittsburgh just isn’t back to form yet here in NFL Week 4.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – It’s good that Pittsburgh gets to play in London, where fans are used to football teams only scoring a couple points and kicking the ball down field every four plays. The Steelers, like the Redskins, redefined what their rock-bottom is last week and, quite frankly, it’s on them to prove me wrong until further notice. Minnesota wins on the pitch overseas.


New York Giants @ Kansas City Chiefs

Pigskin Pig – I don’t think the Giants are as bad as their record says, and the Chiefs probably aren’t as good as their record says, but I’m predicting they both stay on track. The Chiefs just seem to have found the right formula, and with all the turnovers the Giants are giving up, Kansas City might just have a field day.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – The Chiefs dismissed the Cowboys, who beat the Giants on the season premiere (of sorts) of Sunday Night Football. Wouldn’t it be fitting that the Giants win this one AT Arrowhead? I’m sorry, I misspelled DELUSIONAL. The fact that I traded for Philip Rivers in my fantasy keeper league should indicate that I’ve officially given up on Manning and these Giants.


Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Pigskin Pig – I hate games like this, where I really like one team to be a powerhouse and the other to be a doormat, and it’s a division game and it’s a home game for the doormat. I’ll go with my gut and say that the Colts do something similar to what they did to the 49ers last week. The Jaguars have some exciting weapons in the passing game, especially with Justin Blackmon getting set to return, so keep an eye out for them the rest of the way.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – I agree, this seems like a trap game for Indianapolis given the way they played against San Francisco last week (really, really well) but I just can’t pick Jacksonville. If they pull the upset, fine, so be it. But I’m picking the Colts.

Seattle Seahawks @ Houston Texans

Pigskin Pig – I think it’s time that I get off the Houston bandwagon for now. They should have all the tools to have a good defense and a really good offense, but I just haven’t seen it yet this season, and the Seahawks aren’t the right opponent for a coming-out party. After a lackluster Week 1, I’ve seen plenty to love about Seattle.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – Oh, Pigskin. How we fail to learn our lessons. That lackluster Week 1 was on the ROAD. Where is Seattle this week? That’s right: same place but against a better team. Every now and again you have to throw down and upset pick so here it is: the Texans OVER the Seahawks. Bam!

Pigskin Pig – Hey, I’m just glad we’re disagreeing on this one. It’s makes it easier for me to get ahead of you in the right/wrong standings early on in the season, here in NFL Week 4.

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Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns

Pigskin Pig – The Battle For Ohio, part 1 is on, and with Trent Richardson leaving town, I would’ve thought this would be easier to pick for the Bengals, but I really like what the Browns are doing on defense, and I have to look at divisional games more closely. Just looking at what the Bengals have done, and who they’ve beaten, I’m inclined to not only say they’re better than the Browns, but that they’re looking like they could potentially be highly competitive against the NFL’s elite.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – Cleveland had a nice little upset last week and Brandon Hoyer may be the guy going forward, but Cincinnati looks REALLY, really good this year. I don’t care if Cincinnati is on the road, they win this one.

Gio Bernard - Remember the Name

Gio Bernard – Remember the Name

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions

Pigskin Pig – I’m going with the Lions to hand the Bears their first loss of the season in this one. Chicago is undefeated but doesn’t have a great resume. I just got done talking about Cincinnati being a strong team, but the Bears only beat them by 3 in Chicago. A win over Minnesota by 1 and a win over under-performing Pittsburgh? Not THAT exciting. Maybe this could be a statement game for the Bears, but I like it going in the Lions favor. I’m not JUST giving it to the home team in a divisional game, though. Detroit has plenty of weapons.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – Didn’t you pick Chicago last week and Detroit to lose? Whatever, I’m glad you’ve seen the light. Detroit might not have a remarkable defense, but Matthew Stafford and Megatron will give them a fighting chance in ANY game. Detroit is finally playing like the team we expected a year ago and that’ll culminate in a win today.

Pigskin Pig – It’s all about the divisional games, man. And it isn’t hard to pick teams against Pittsburgh this year.

New York Jets @ Tennessee Titans

Pigskin Pig – For my money, both of these teams are over-performing with 2-1 records. The opponents they’ve beaten haven’t been all that impressive, but the Titans have won a road game, whereas the Jets have just been successful at home, so we’ll give the slight edge to the Titans here in NFL Week 4.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – Tennessee is a legit .500 team if Jake Locker can keep playing this way and CJ243509329832K (renamed for his mileage) stays healthy. New York, I agree with you, is overperforming and they should be brought back to reality against a Titans team that looked impressive in a close win against San Diego last week.

Washington Redskins @ Oakland Raiders

Pigskin Pig – If the Redskins don’t win this game, then they have a serious problem. Given the rosters of both teams, it shouldn’t be too much of an advantage for the Raiders that the game is simply being played in California. Washington SHOULD be a legit playoffs threat this year, just like last year, and by now all the rust on RGIII should be shaken. That defense better have improved their tackling a little bit, or it’s going to be a LONG bye week of hitting things… though, if they don’t beat Oakland, some of the Redskins coaching staff is going to hit the road.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – Washington can’t tackle, Oakland can’t tackle even worse. Washington is worried about their mobile quarterback, Oakland won’t HAVE their mobile quarterback. Washington hasn’t been able to get into their game plans, Oakland doesn’t HAVE a game plan. Everything that is wrong with Washington is worse over in Oakland. The only bright spot about this Raiders team isn’t playing today so, yes, this is 0-3 Washington’s game to lose. And if they do lose? It’ll get REAL ugly in the nation’s capital. However, I don’t think that’ll happen.

Pigskin Pig – All the doom and gloom I’m hearing from Redskins fans makes sports-talk radio in that area almost impossible to listen to. I heard one guy talkin’ about how the Redskins should trade RGIII during the bye week before he loses all of his value.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Denver Broncos

Pigskin Pig – I’m looking at this game to be a competitive game until sometime in the second quarter. I don’t think the Eagles offense is efficient enough to keep up with Peyton Manning’s offense, especially against a talented Broncos defense. And that non-stop offensive attack is going to have fits against the conditions at Mile High, giving Denver another advantage. I’m thinking this bodes really well for the Broncos, especially in the second half, where the blow-out should begin.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – These were the two most talked about teams after the season’s opening week. The difference here is the Broncos weren’t all hype. It took about 6 days for San Diego and then Kansas City to stifle Chip Kelly’s “revolutionary” offense and now, like last year, Philly is reeling. They’re going to fall to 1-3 here, Pigskin, and I don’t anticipate it’ll be pretty.

Peyton Manning and the 3-0 Denver Broncos looking to extend the streak with at least another 3 wins.

Peyton Manning and the 3-0 Denver Broncos looking to extend the streak with at least another 3 wins.

Dallas Cowboys @ San Diego Chargers

Pigskin Pig – This game seems like it should be really competitive and fairly high scoring, so if it’s not close, it’ll say a lot about both teams. The Cowboys have been rolling, and although I didn’t initially think they were as good as a 3-1 record, I’ll go that route for them this week.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – This will be the only quarter of the season that the Cowboys win 3 of 4. That being said, they WILL win three of four here as they beat the Chargers in NFL Week 4.

New England Patriots @ Atlanta Falcons

Pigskin Pig – I’m sure neither of these teams is in the spot they were hoping they’d be thus far. The Falcons can’t be happy with their 1-2 record, and the Patriots probably want to be closer to “elite” status by now, but are still battling those injuries. I’ll go against their records and give the Falcons the win playing at home as the Patriots take a slight step-back before they start to improve again starting next week. The Falcons just have too much going for them to continue stumbling.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – Once again, that’s Twitter handle W-h-o-N-o-t-T-o-P-i-c-k. In case you haven’t seen it yet, the Patriots HAVE righted the ship. This new receiving corps. is starting to gel with their field general and things are going in the right direction. Meanwhile, Atlanta will have an even harder time moving the ball against New England than they did against Miami and they’ll have only marginal success against the Tom Brady-led offense. The PATRIOTS win tonight, not the Falcons.


Monday Night Football? 

Pigskin Pig – We don’t pick this game, but I’ll say that I’m real interested in it. I still like the Saints to be one of the premiere teams this season, but I want to see just how legit the Dolphins are after they’ve had a good start.

Bryan Lienesch (@bclienesch) – If the Dolphins can win this game, look out, folks, we might have a bona fide dark horse (albeit dressed in turquoise) on our hands.

This week, maybe we’ll do a bigger recap article together, just like I always mention, or maybe we’ll continue to “just wait until next week” and do this whole “Who’s Winning” thing all over again for the Sunday games. Until then, you should follow Bryan on Twitter (@bclienesch), as you might’ve seen the links above… and if you want, you can follow me too (@PigskinPig), because I am remembering to get on there on Sundays, at least for now.