We weighed a few factors, put together some polls, let people vote, and now we have our initial NFL Power Rankings for the 2015 season. I fully expect things will change as the season continues, but based on what we know now, here’s how things shake out:


32 – Chicago Bears – Two losses at home, clearly demoralized by faltering in the 4th against the Packers week 1, they’ve lost by more than 3 touchdowns the past two weeks.

31 – Detroit Lions – They’ve lost to three decent teams, twice on the road, but they haven’t been within 1 score at the finale since week 1.

30 – New Orleans Saints – Two of the teams they lost two, each by fewer than 2 touchdowns, were on the road against teams who are still undefeated. Losing to the Buccaneers at home sucks, though.

29 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Defeating the Saints on the road is a great divisional win, but that week 1 loss to the Titans, doing nothing the first three quarters, lingers terribly. Letting the Texans control the 4th quarter in week 3 seals it.

28 – Baltimore Ravens – All three games were close, two of them on the road, two undefeated opponents.

27 – San Francisco 49ers – Both losses were rough, albeit to decent teams, and their week 1 win was mostly unimpressive.


26 – Miami Dolphins – They would be 0-3 if the Redskins hadn’t imploded in the 4th quarter in week 1. Losses to Buffalo in Miami and Jacksonville aren’t the greatest parts of a resume. Weren’t they supposed to have made key additions this season?!

25 – Jacksonville Jaguars – Sure, they beat Miami, and  yeah, one of their losses was to New England, but it was by a lot. I don’t hate a loss to Carolina at home, but by double digits? Clearly not a top-half-of-the-league team.

24 – Cleveland Browns – The only reason they beat the Titans is because they dominated the first quarter. Losing to the Jets and Raiders? Dreck.

23 – Philadelphia Eagles – Sure, they were close against the Falcons in Atlanta to start the season, but they were submissive to the Cowboys for 3 quarters week 2, and they only beat the Jets by dominating the first half. The Jets.

22 – San Diego Chargers – They charged forward in the 4th quarter to beat the Lions by less than a touchdown, then lost their next two on the road. We’ll have a better idea as the season continues, but for now, their resume stinks. Especially the 17-point loss last week to the Vikings.

21 – Houston Texans – They’re keeping games close, twice against good opponents in losing efforts. Stepping on the gas in the 4th quarter against the Buccaneers was promising. Let’s see how they continue from here.

20 – Tennessee Titans – They looked really good week 1, and if it weren’t for a lousy first quarter against the Browns or an unfortunate 4th quarter against the Colts, they’d be undefeated. Not that the Browns or Colts or Buccaneers look any good…


19 – Washington Redskins – They should be 2-1, and a loss in the division on the road by less than two touchdowns isn’t terrible. That running attack is going to be fierce, and when they get DeSean Jackson back? Lookout.

18 – New York Giants – They just BARELY lost to the Cowboys on the road, barely lost to the GOOD Falcons, and dominated 3 quarters against the Redskins. They’re like one, maybe one and a half missing pieces away from fireworks.

17 – Indianapolis Colts – Double-digit losses to the Bills and Jets, former divisional opponents (think Tecmo Bowl), is rough. Barely beating the Titans due to a 4th quarter comeback is nice. Now they need to hope Andrew Luck is able to return soon.

16 – St Louis Rams – Beating Seattle in OT was nice, but getting destroyed by the Redskins in the first half was lame. Barely losing to Pittsburgh doesn’t bother me. This team has much more potential than they’re showing.

15 – Kansas City Chiefs – Beating the Texans in Houston? Alright. Losing to the Broncos? Rough, but not terrible. Losing in Green Bay? Also not terrible. As their schedule levels out, their winning percentage should go way up.

14 – Oakland Raiders – They started out the first three quarters of the season in a rough spot and never came back against a good Bengals team, but since then I like the victories over Baltimore and Cleveland. It’s just enough to get them in the top half of the league.

13 – Dallas Cowboys – Two divisional victories will go a long way, even if Tony Romo and others are out for a while. Losing to the Falcons by giving it away in the 4th quarter is certainly unfortunate. That would’ve been a big win.

12 – New York Jets – Surprise surprise, the Jets took it to the Browns and then went on the road and beat the Colts in prime time. If they had a better first half against the Eagles, they’d be undefeated.

11 – Seattle Seahawks – They’re going to be a totally different team now that their defense got (arguably) their top weapon back. Losing on the road in OT to a divisional rival isn’t terrible, nor is losing in the 4th quarter to the Packers on the road. Shutting out the Bears isn’t impressive, but it’s a statement.

10 – Pittsburgh Steelers – I don’t hate the loss to the Patriots in New England to start the year. Dominating the 49ers wasn’t terribly impressive, neither was their win against the Rams. We’ll see how they fare going forward. (Note: we can’t factor in their game against the Ravens)

9 – Minnesota Vikings – Losing to the 49ers? Blemish, for sure. Beating Detroit and San Diego, both games in Minnesota? Not terribly impressive, but they were both by double digits.

8 – Buffalo Bills – They stunned the Colts, came up short for three quarters against the Patriots, then dominated the Dolphins in Miami. Look out for this team!

7 – Denver Broncos – Week 1 was hard to watch. Revving it up against the Chiefs in the 4th quarter helped get them on track, and the win in Detroit was academic. They’ll need to keep on the upward-trend to get into the top 5.

6 – Carolina Panthers – Neither of their first three opponents were very notable, but they beat all three of them, one a divisional opponent who was looking to get back on track. They need to find an identity other than “Cam”, though.

5 – Cincinnati Bengals – After a dominating performance against the Raiders to start the season, they looked decent against the Chargers and Ravens. I could see them slipping, but to this point they’ve earned Top 5 status.

4 – Arizona Cardinals – All three wins were by double digits. They revved it up and dominated the second half against the Bears, and destroyed division rival 49ers. They need better opponents, but they’re winning games handily.

3 – New England Patriots – They weren’t as impressive as they could’ve been against a Bell-less Steelers to open the season, especially when they should’ve wanted to make a statement. Dominating three quarters in Buffalo was a good way to follow that up, and then destroying Jacksonville? They’re making plenty of noise.

2 – Atlanta Falcons – Opening with a close win against Philly and then two 4th-quarter comeback wins on the road the past two weeks, I really like how this team is playing, and apparently so did the voters.


1 – Green Bay Packers – Winning the opener in Chicago was decent for Packers fans, considering it was a divisional road game, but the next two really solidified who they are. A 4th quarter comeback against the Seahawks, winning by 10, and following that up with a 10-point win over the Chiefs in a game that wasn’t THAT close, the Packers are the top team in the league.