Photo courtesy AJ Mast/AP

Photo courtesy AJ Mast/AP

You know what MLB and NFL teams have in common these days? They both have about 14 games left. Where they’re different is those baseball teams have played over 140 games and their football counterparts have played two.

So we don’t exactly have a track record yet. But, hey, that’s why we’re here.

Last week we told you the Jaguars were abysmal, the Cowboys were sort of overrated, and the Seahawks are infinitely better at home. I’d say that was pretty spot on. So let’s put on our analysis caps and get at it again.

Here’s what we learned in Week 2…

The Colts Are Going To Have Growing Pains

The infamous Manning injury sparked Jim Irsay to put together what I like to call a Logan’s Run team. Just about everyone over 30 had to go. Youth was the key word in Indianapolis and they had the rookie core to prove it.

That super-young team made the playoffs last year, leading most to think that 2013 would only bring better results. But things don’t go according to plan.

After a tough win against a talent-depraved Oakland team, the Colts lost to the Dolphins this week. It would shock me if either of Indianapolis’ first two opponents finished over .500 when all is said and done which begs the question: is there something wrong in Indy?

In short, not really. This new-look franchise had surprisingly little trouble last year and probably outplayed themselves fighting for their coach who was sidelined with cancer. 2013, though, is going to be about what happens after happily ever after. The road can’t go smoothly forever and it’s going to be interesting to see how this team, namely Andrew Luck, handles a little adversity.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Chip Kelly Is Not A Defensive Guru

Everyone in the media basically spent every second of every day between last Monday and this past Sunday on their knees praying to their new deity, Chip Kelly. He was something along the lines of Bill Belichick combined with Vince Lombardy rolled into one big Bill Walsh. To call him a genius would be to insult him.

And then the Eagles lost to San Diego, and all that hype went away real quickly.

So what changed? Absolutely nothing. Look, I was saying it after Week 1 and I’ll say it here again: Chip Kelly has been a much-needed spark for a very talented team. He didn’t rebuild the Eagles so much as reengineer them. But even all that doesn’t mean there aren’t serious problems.

For one thing, the Eagles employ something called the Swiss Cheese defense. There are holes everywhere. We saw it in the second half against the Redskins and we saw it against the Chargers. Having a team that can run 50 offensive plays in a half isn’t really an advantage when you need to score 40 points just to win a ball game.

Terrelle Pryor Might Have What It Takes To Be An NFL Quarterback

When was the last time the Raiders had a quarterback? I mean really had a quarterback. Probably Rich Gannon, no? Well, Terrelle Pryor might finally be their solution.

Through two games Pryor has thrown for 343 yards with 64.2% accuracy and a rating of 73.1. Sorely pedestrian numbers, I’ll give you that, but look who he’s surrounded with. His leading receiver this week was Rod Streater. I have an unhealthy addiction to football and I still don’t know who that is. Rod Streater could punch me in the face today and I would have no idea what happened.

My point is there is potential here. There’s a reason Matt Flynn and Tyler Wilson didn’t get the starting job. They’re journeyman quarterbacks through and through. Pryor at least has the upside to be better.

What doesn’t translate onto the stat sheet is how dynamic he is. He has the same will-to-win attitude that enamored so many people with Tim Tebow. The difference, though, is that Pryor can actually throw a football.

I’m not saying Pryor is the next Colin Kaepernick or RG3 or even Andrew Luck. I don’t think any rational person is saying that right now. What I am saying is that Pryor fits the way the quarterback position is evolving in today’s NFL. He’s agile but it’s not destined to be his main asset. Terrelle Pryor isn’t another running back under center and the Raiders aren’t trying to run the Wildcat. Their game — his game — isn’t gimmicky.

And that means he might just stick around for a while.

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