So its Wednesday. Time to do the Guys Nation Head to Head Competitive Dueling Picks of… DOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!

Pride before the fall. Last week I did a significant amount of horn tootage. I was riding a 3 or 4 week hot streak where I got 12+ games right each of those weeks. So last week’s picks happen. I’m feeling nervous, and rightfully so. I got taken behind the woodshed pick wise… at least by my standards. 8-8 is not good enough. Here’s hoping with 2 weeks to go I can do better.

2010 Overall Record for sirMHayesXIV: 146-78

Yet again, I’ve got too much on my plate to determine how my picks are going… so I’ll just assume I beat Philly Boy last week and just tied him in most of the previous weeks, which (in my mind) tells me that I’m probably beating him.  Not likely, but I’ll go with it.  Game pickin’ time!

Carolina @ Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, at home, against the worst team in the NFL… AND Coming off back to back losses? No Brainer.

MY PICK: Pittsburgh

Rob’s Pick:  Steelers.  Agree that it’s a “no brainer”.

Dallas @ Arizona

A game on Christmas night… not sure WHY, but we have one. So Dallas plays on Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. One thing Arizona has going for them, its a home game. Sadly that’s also the ONLY thing going for them.

MY PICK: Dallas

Rob’s Pick:  Cowboys.  As much as I hate to say it, they are looking fairly good lately, and although I think Arizona’s passing attack can take advantage of a subpar Dallas pass defense, I haven’t seen the Cardinals defense do anything that makes me think they’ll keep Dallas from scoring, despite that being one of their strong points a couple seasons ago.

New England @ Buffalo

The Packers were surprisingly competitive against the Pats last week. They competed to the end and had a shot to win it. Can Buffalo continue to play hard and pull an upset? They ARE at home… but New England loves cold and snow, so there goes that advantage.

MY PICK: New England

Rob’s Pick:  The Patriots…. though I’d really like to go the other direction with this.  Divisional game against a team who plays well but comes up short?  Sounds like a trap.  The realist in me says to predict Bill Belichick doesn’t get caught up.

New York Jets @ Chicago

Chicago keeps winning, and people keep saying they don’t believe in them. You can count me as one of those people. I think their defense is decent, but have no faith in their offense. The Jets need to win this game

MY PICK: New York Jets

Rob’s Pick:  Chicago.  All the pieces are falling into place for the Bears at the right time, and the Jets are pretenders who can’t put together quality games consistently.  The Bears defense will eat the Jets offense alive.

Baltimore @ Cleveland

Baltimore going back to Cleveland is always interesting. At least for the fans, who will never forgive Art Modell for packing up the Browns and taking them to Baltimore. The crowd will be rabid and trying to urge the Browns to victory. Baltimore needs a win to keep their division and playoff bye hopes alive

MY PICK: Baltimore

Rob’s Pick:  Ravens.  I like Cleveland and I usually like home teams in division games, but Baltimore has too much on the line with the tight AFC North.

Tennessee @ Kansas City

If you like running the football? This is the game for YOU. Kansas City has one of the best rushing attacks in the league. Tennessee has one of the best backs in the league. I think this boils down to 2 things. Home team and the fact that KC has something to play for.

MY PICKS: Kansas City

Rob’s Pick:  Chiefs.  I agree with Sir H’s analysis, but I’d also like to throw Kansas City’s defense into the mix as an important factor.

San Francisco @ St. Louis

Ugh… talking about NFC West games is never fun. Sad that someone is going to win this division and host a playoff game. Both team coming off losses. They’re both in the hunt. I’m on the fence, and usually I go with the home team, so lets switch it up for poops and giggles.

MY PICK: San Francisco

Rob’s Pick:  Rams, going for the home team.

Detroit @ Miami

As someone who lives in the Northeast I’m jealous of Detroit’s last 2 weeks. At Tampa last week. At Miami this week. Not bad for back to back road games. Can Drew Stanton actually win 3 straight? Can Miami actually play the way they’re capable of? I see last weeks loss to Buffalo as a little wake up call. Miami “snaps to” and stops the red hot (i use that phrase loosely) Detroit Lions.

MY PICK: Miami

Rob’s Pick:  Dolphins.  There’s a reason Detroit lost so many road games in a row, and they’re not going to start the opposite type of road streak this time around.  Though Miami did lose to a low-win-count team at home last week, they’re not going to make it a habit.

Washington @ Jacksonville

Rob’s team(the Redskins) can really really help Rob’s player (Peyton Manning). Jacksonville needs to win to stay with Indianapolis as they come down to the wire to win the AFC South. The Redskins threw up 30 against the Cowboys, ushering in *giggling* The Rex Grossman Era. Seriously, pump your breaks, DC. He IS capable of having good, nay, GREAT games, but he is crazy inconsistent. See: Chicago. See: Those who do not remember the past, are doomed to repeat it.

MY PICK: Jacksonville

Rob’s Pick:  The Redskins, because I’m a fan and because I think the Jaguars are pretenders.

San Diego @ Cincinnati

T.O. is done for the season, so cincy has lost their best weapon. San Diego is doing what San Diego does EVERY December, play good football and squeak into the playoffs. In a division as weak as theirs is the should be embarassed that they haven’t run away with this.

MY PICK: San Diego

Rob’s Pick:  Chargers, because the Bengals stink and San Diego wins in December.

Houston @ Denver

Game 2 of the Tebow Experience. If this game is on TV I’m watching it on Mute. The announcers last week were acting like Tebow was the second coming. Can we PLEASE treat him just like any other young QB in the league? He overthrew a WR by a couple feet, but the WR made a great adjustment and caught it. The announcers simultaneously climaxed, gushing over how great the throw was. I’m picking Houston just so I can root against Timmy. Also, he CAN’T play a 16, possibly 18 game schedule the way he does. Its admirable, sure, but also stupid and reckless when you’re a franchise quarterback.

MY PICK: Houston

Rob’s Pick:  Houston, because I think the Tebow experiment is a terrible way to derail a nice season by Kyle Orton.

Indianapolis @ Oakland

Peyton’s back. After one of the worst 3 week stretches in his Canton bound career, Manning (much to do the delight of my mancrushing co-author) is Manning, once again. They lost Austin collie, which is bad for Indy… but I really feel bad for Collie who has to rethink if he ever wants to put pads on again.

MY PICK: Indianapolis

Rob’s Pick:  The Colts.  It’s crazy they’re even in the position of possibly being out of the playoff hunt at this point in the season, and yes, my favorite NFL player Peyton Manning will lead them back to the post season.

New York Giants @ Green Bay

Who can recover quicker? The giants blowing a HUGE lead with 7:30 left (for the record.. greatest…game… EVER!) – or Green Bay who nearly beat New England when nobody gave them a snowman’s chance in hell. Aaron Rodgers is supposed to be back. Oh and I hate the Giants, so?

My PICK: Green Bay

Rob’s Pick:  Packers.  If they can put up that kind of a fight against New England last week, losing by only 4 points without Aaron Rodgers, I think they’ll definitely find a way to beat the Giants.  And it’s no surprise to me at all that Sir Hayes thought last week’s Eagles / Giants game was great.  It was a strong comeback, but the Eagles probably shouldn’t have needed the comeback in the first place.

Seattle@ Tampa Bay

Tampa loses to Detroit last week. Seattle gets curb stomped at home by Atlanta. Well at least Seattle lost to a good team! — but that STILL doesn’t change my pick.

MY PICK: Tampa Bay

Rob’s Pick:  The Bucs.  I still think Tampa is something of a pretender, but Seattle’s not going to have fun making the trip all the way across the US, and I’m not a believer in the Seahawks even at home.

Minnesota @ Philadelphia

Let me tell you, GuysNation. It was a good Sunday. Sure we had three and a half quarters of misery, but that last half of a quarter? Those glorious 8 minutes? Wow. I’ve never seen anything like it. The celebration at the sports restaurant I was at? Ridiculous. Oh and Minnesota will likely be starting, for the 1st time in his career, Joe Webb. Good new, Minnesota, the Linc will be in much better condition than University of MInnesota’s field. Bad news: the Eagles are there waiting for you.


Rob’s Pick:  Philly.  I don’t like much about the Vikings at this point, and there aren’t many teams I’d pick to beat the Eagles given how they’re playing.

New Orleans @ Atlanta

Wow… this is tough game. Atlanta is great at home, but a dome is a dome, and New Orleans will be comfortable there… Noise may play an issue. Heated Division rivalry. Atlanta is too well rounded, and can effectively keep the Saints awesome offense off the field.

My Pick: Atlanta

Rob’s Pick:  Falcons.  Coin flip.

So there we have it. Hoping for a bounce back week. I’ve slipped into second place in my pick em league, and need some good stuff to happen to get back to that #1 spot.

Key Games:

New York Jets (Sir Hayes) @ Chicago (Rob)

San Francisco (Sir Hayes) @ St. Louis (Rob)

Washington (Rob) @ Jacksonville (Sir Hayes)

Merry Christmas, football fans. We’ll see you next week!