It’s said that history is written by the perspective of the winners, and here at we’re taking that perspective to the NFL.

Though the games from Week 14 aren’t all complete, I’ve found some articles by fans/analysts of the Week 14 winning teams which provide a perspective on the outcomes of the games which have already gone final.

Indianapolis defeats Tennessee 30 to 28

Pittsburgh beats Cincinnati 23 to 7

Jacksonville defeats Oakland 38 to 31

Atlanta defeats Carolina 31 to 10

Tampa Bay defeats Washington 17 to 16

Detroit beats Green Bay 7 to 3

Buffalo beats Cleveland 13 to 6

New Orleans defeats St Louis 31 to 13

San Fransisco defeats Seattle 40 to 21

Arizona defeats Denver 43 to 13

New England beats Chicago 36 to 7

Miami defeats the Jets 10 to 6

San Diego shuts out Kansas City 31 to 0

Eagles defeat the Cowboys 30 to 27

Article to be updated when the rest of the Week 14 games are final.