Welcome to week 13’s Dueling picks. We walk off 5 paces, turn and hurl our choices for each and every NFL game this week! Last week was a mess… not picks wise, but getting the picks on the site. The Holiday. My Health. It just wasn’t a good week. So this week we’ll attempt to get back in full swing. My Yahoo Update: 1st place in points. 1st place in record 113-63 on the season… I’ll take it. Last week I was 12-4. the 4 winners i missed: San Diego, Chicago, Miami, and Atlanta.

but really? I’d take 12-4 every week if I could. Lets try to keep rolling as i’ve had 2 STELLAR weeks in a row… so I’m due to lay an egg.

I still don’t take the time to add up how I’m doing, but before the season is out, I’ll go back and tally it up to let you know how badly I beat my Philly counterpart.

Thursday Night Game

Houston @ Philadelphia

How the HELL does Andre Johnson not get suspended for this game? Listen… oh yeah, this is totally a homer argument, but also look at the NFL who is cracking down on misbehavior like a rule wielding NUN. He and his counterpart last sunday should have each gotten at least a game. Cuz now? You set a dangerous precedent. NHL styled fights during a game may get you ejected, but you won’t lose another game… so if you’re getting blown out? Lets get ready to RUMBLE… okay… now I’m just writing a column… Houston’s pass defense is dreadful. Eagles’ looked dreadful against the Bears, but it sounds like All Pro CB Asante Samuel will be back. And like you’d expect a different pick.

My Pick: E-A-G-L-E-S … EAGLES!

Rob’s Pick:  I’ll have to say Eagles, simply because I don’t trust the Texans to put together two good weeks in a row, and they dominated Tennessee last week (in a game where I think the rivalry should be put more on display, as Tennessee did steal the Oilers from Houston).

New Orleans @ Cincinnati

Good news, T.Ocho… you fellas will have a whole lot of extra time in the off season to continue your budding “reality” show careers. I’m taking Drew Brees to officially sink the S.S. Cininatti-tanic.

My Pick: New Orleans

Rob’s Pick:  I’ll agree again, the Saints have it.  Cincinnati (which Sir Hayes can’t spell) is 31st in the Power Rankings for a reason.

Chicago @ Detroit

Bears certainly look for real after their handling of the Eagles Sunday Night. The defense has regained their form. They have finally put together an offensive philosophy where Cutler isn’t getting sacked 9 times in a half, and throwing interceptions like its his job. Detroit… while improved… is Detroit. Offensively, they have Megatron… and that’s about it. Jahvid Best has fallen off the map, trust me, I know this thanks to Fantasy.

My Pick: Chicago

Rob’s Pick:  I used to not believe in the Bears.  Seeing what they’ve done lately, now I do.  I blame their offensive line for being offensive earlier in the season.  Don’t be surprised if Detroit wins, though.  They almost had it the first time around… though that was WITH Jahvid Best (I have him in one of my fantasy leagues, too)

San Francisco @ Green Bay

4-7 San Fran is still in the hunt for their Division… ugh… If the NFC West has a sub .500 team get to the playoffs? It’ll be ridiculous. Editorial aside? Green Bay is good. At home. Coming off a loss.

My Pick: Green Bay

Rob’s Pick:  Green Bay.  The only reason they lost last week is because it was a road game against the #2 team in the GuysNation Power Rankings.  The 49ers are… very far from being #2.  In fact, (insert toilet joke here).

Jacksonville @ Tennessee

Tennessee struggled mightily last week. Chris Johnson rushed for 5 yards. Yeah I didn’t forget a number. Their starting quarterback is Rusty Smith. Randy Moss’s catches can be counted on one hand… Things in Tennessee? Not so good. So I don’t even consider it that I’m PICKING Jacksonville, just that i’m picking against Tennessee.

My Pick: Jacksonville

Rob’s Pick:  Jacksonville, because the Jaguars are doing some decent things as of late.

Denver @ Kansas City

Denver has been struggling, and have been under fire for “spy gate” 2: London Spying. Kansas City continues to look good. They have 2 good running backs. Solid defense and over the last 8 weeks, the best wide receiver in the game in Dwayne Bowe.

My Pick: Kansas City

Rob’s Pick:  Kansas City is a top team.  Denver is very close to the bottom.  Enough said.

Cleveland @ Miami

You know… if Colt McCoy was healthy? I’d have a problem making this pick. Peyton Hillis has been a battle tank, and McCoy has shown to be a much better option at quarterback than Jake Delhomme. Miami is decent, but are in a brutal division.

My Pick: Miami

Rob’s Pick:  Cleveland, because a good defense and a decent running game should be enough to beat Miami.  And as an interesting aside, the NBA teams are playing this week, too.

Buffalo @ Minnesota

Buffalo are the kings of “so close”. Best 2-9 team in the last 5 years. From week 7 to now, they went 2-4… and in the four losses they lost by 3. Last week Steve Johnson dropped an easily catchable ball in the end zone to win in overtime. They’re constantly “right there”. Minnesota got a win with their new coach Leslie Frazier. I think Minnesota is gonna start a win streak, but probably are gonna win by 3.

My Pick: Minnesota

Rob’s Pick:  Because I like the way the Bills play football and I’m not a fan of the way Brett Favre has conducted himself over the past 30 months, Minnesota will likely win.  My luck for those sorts of things never works out.

Washington @ New York Giants

Giants won a close one with Jacksonville, and managed to straight arm the “collapse” talk for another week. Washington lost to Minnesota. Who I’m picking isn’t who I’m rooting for. For Eagles’ reasons I want Washington to win this game, sadly, I don’t see it happening.

My Pick: Washington

Rob’s Pick:  Washington, because I live here… and because I’m free to pick them without worry of slipping further in the “I’m-Losing-To-Hayes” picking tally because he picked them too.  I hope the Giants collapse continues, as the Redskins play them twice the rest of the season.

Oakland @ San Diego

These teams have totally different trajectory. San Diego is showing how talented they are, behind the MVP caliber play of Philip Rivers. Oakland is struggling and looking like what we thought they’d look like.

My Pick: San Diego

Rob’s Pick:  The Chargers, even though I really like Oakland and think they stand a strong chance.

Dallas @ Indianapolis

So Last week I said Peyton doesn’t lose 2 straight… SO? Peyton doesn’t lose 3 in a row. Dallas is improved, but if Indy loses this game? Their season is done.

My Pick: Indianapolis

Rob’s Pick:  Indianapolis, because Peyton Manning won’t lose 2 straight at home… and the Cowboys are pretenders.

St. Louis @ Arizona

NFC West… ugh… Arizona’s only headline came from their QB laughing on the sideline – which was blown WAY out of proportion, mostly because of Derek Anderson’s reaction to the post game questioning. St. Louis is improving and is young.

My Pick: St. Louis

Rob’s Pick:  St Louis has been an above average team the past few weeks, and the Cardinals have been bottom of the barrel.  And frankly I don’t think Derek Anderson was laughing, I think it was a frustrated look on his face mixed with a reaction to whatever the other guy said to him.  And seriously, haven’t you ever had a time where you just laugh about how bad things are going so you don’t cry about it?

Carolina @ Seattle

Carolina is the worst team in the NFL. At 1-10 I can’t see Carolina getting their second win on the road. Even as inconsistent as Seattle is… they’re at home, and again… they’re playing Carolina.

My Pick: Seattle

Rob’s Pick:  Seahawks.  If this game were in Carolina…I’d pick differently.

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay

Both of these teams have something to prove with this game. Tampa can prove they are in fact a NFC Power. Atlanta can prove they are in fact the NFC’s team to beat with a very good road win. This is a high profile game that got a 4:15 start time which is usually saved for one of the best games on Sundays. Is the home field enough to help Tampa get a huge win?

My Pick: Atlanta

Rob’s Pick:  Falcons.  I don’t think Tampa’s very good.  They’ve benefited from an easy schedule.

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore

A huge rivalry game. Division and Conference implications. Big Ben hurt his foot/ankle and has been in a walking boot this week. Which means its gonna be hard for him to get away from the aggressive defense of the Ravens. Pittsburgh had a hard time scoring against Buffalo. I expect more of the same on the the road in Baltimore.

My Pick: Baltimore

Rob’s Pick:  Ravens defense is going to rough up Roethlisberger like a…. (insert poor-taste punch-line here mentioning the off-field pursuits of Ben Roethlisberger)

New York Jets @ New England

A budding rivalry. The reason I say budding, despite the New York/Boston implications… is that the Jets weren’t really competitive with the Pats until Rex Ryan stormed into town. Plus the public chatter has been amped up. Brady says he hates the Jets. Ryan says he hates the Patriots. Numerous players and coaches have commented on the importance of this game. Huge implications for the AFC East, playoffs, and who will get a precious playoff bye. This will end up feeling very much like a playoff game, and will do a huge rating for ESPN.

My Pick: Patriots

Rob’s Pick:  The Jets handled them the first time around, they’ll do it again.  This time Brady doesn’t have Moss to throw to.

SOOO there are a full slate of picks this week. Some tough games, but should be some great watching!