After ten weeks in the NFL season, we’ve got plenty of evidence to understand what each of the 32 teams are all about. Picking winners isn’t always easy, but some of Sunday’s games are easier to predict. Here are Sunday’s games and the reason you might want to wager one way or the other.

Remember: bet at your own risk. We won’t help you out if you lose because of some of our advice, and you shouldn’t consider us liable for your decisions. If you want to share your winnings with us out of appreciation if our perspective helps you decide which way to go, we can talk about where you can send the money.

Oakland Raiders @ Minnesota Vikings (-1.5)

The Vikings got blown away by Green Bay after having two weeks to prepare for the game, and that was against a divisional opponent whom they have to prepare for TWICE in a season.  The Raiders are coming off of a victory over the Chargers in San Diego. As Carson Palmer gets more accustomed to the Raiders offense and improves his conditioning each week, the Raiders are increasingly dangerous. I don’t see any reason to see this game as an even contest. The Raiders should beat the Vikings.

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins (-2.5)

The Dolphins defense is considerably worse than the Dallas defense, so the Bills should have a better week this time around. Miami doesn’t have nearly as many weapons on offense as the Cowboys do, so the Bills won’t have a repeat performance of the 44 points they allowed in Dallas last week. Sure, the Dolphins are on a two game winning streak, but those are the only two wins the team has all season, and the 5-win Bills are simply a better team.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Cleveland Browns (-1)

Jacksonville has looked to be the tougher team this season, but I’d stay away from this one.  While the Jaguars have played close with some good teams (and even beat Baltimore), it’s tough to say how they’ll fare against the Browns, who are good enough to win or at least keep it close against sub-par teams at home.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens (-6.5)

The Bengals defense likely loses a bit of its luster this week, as the Ravens should rebound from last week’s performance in Seattle. If you can find odds that give the Bengals 7 points, you might consider taking it, with all of their losses coming by 7 points or fewer, two of the three coming against the upper tier teams in the league – San Francisco and Pittsburgh. If you get a line which favors Baltimore by 6.5, it’s still something to consider. Out of their last four games, they lost two on the road by 5 points each, and their two wins were each by just 3 points. Prior to that their wins were by no fewer than 15 points. I don’t have enough confidence to recommend Baltimore this week, and though I don’t feel very confident either way, I’d go with Cinci.

Carolina Panthers @ Detroit Lions (-7)

The Lions only giving up a touchdown in this one is being kind to Carolina. The Lions have destroyed subpar teams this season, with a 45 point differential against the Chiefs and 35 points ahead of the Broncos in Denver. So why would they have any trouble beating the Panthers in Detroit by more than 7, especially when the Panthers got blown out by the slightly-above-average Titans after a bye week, losing by 27 in a game played in Carolina? Sure the Lions are having trouble with their running game, with Jahvid Best still out with concussion issues, but the Lions get a favorable matchup as the Panthers are ranked in the bottom quarter of the league in terms of rush defense. That will easily setup the passing game for Stafford and company to run up the score.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Green Bay Packers (-14)

Following their bye week, the Buccaneers have lost by double digits both time. Getting blown away by the Texans by a 28 point differential is more telling than the 11 point loss to the Saints. Looking back at week 5’s loss by 45 points to San Francisco also makes me think that the Packers could very easily win by more than two touchdowns. I don’t like point spreads of more than 12 points, but in this case I’d be inclined to go that route.

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins (+7)

The Cowboys have done a lot better on both sides of the ball since these two teams last met, whereas the Redskins seem to have imploded due to the injuries they’re facing. It’s an NFC East division rivalry game, so it’s tough to tell which direction things will go. Team win-loss records typically have very little to do with results in this rivalry, but the Cowboys tallied 3 interceptions the past two weeks and they could have another good day against the turn-over prone Rex Grossman. In their last four losses, 7 points wouldn’t be enough to swing things in the Redskins’ favor, though it should be noted that this is a home game for Washington, and the last two games they had against NFC East foes were decided by 7 points or less, including a loss by just two points to the Cowboys earlier this season in Dallas. Stay away from this one.

Arizona Cardinals @ San Francisco 49ers (-10)

The Cardinals have played very tough with John Skelton as their QB, winning their last two games. The win against the Rams didn’t mean much, but last week’s win in Philly against the Eagles was promising. Prior to that, the Cardinals only lost to the Ravens IN BALTIMORE by 3 points, and they fought the Giants to within 4 points and the Seahawks to within three in Seattle and the Redskins to within 1 in Washington. They should be able to keep this one to single digits.

Seattle Seahawks @ St Louis Rams (-3)

The Rams giving up three points essentially says that Las Vegas odds-makers think this game is about equal… and it probably is. Neither team is very good. The better bet might be the Rams. They’ve won two of their last three and are coming off of a road win last week. The Seahawks got a big win at home last week against the Ravens, but that might be due more to Baltimore having a let-down game and having to travel. Prior to beating the Ravens, Seattle lost their previous three games, two by double digits and another to a lowly Browns team.

Tennessee Titans @ Atlanta Falcons (-6.5)

The Titans get wins over lowly teams (Carolina, Indy, Cleveland and Denver-at-that-time) and get beaten by good teams, and keep it close against decent teams. Atlanta fares a bit better and has a realistic chance of making a playoffs run, so I’ll say they’re more likely to make this a statement game, especially because it is being contested in Georgia.

San Diego Chargers @ Chicago Bears (-3.5)

The Chargers have only won one of their four road games so far this season, and that was against the Broncos who are nowhere close to being as good as the Bears. With this point spread, the Chargers would’ve gotten the nod against the Chiefs in Kansas City, but it’s the only outcome all season which was by fewer than 4 points in a losing effort. The Charger wins aren’t impressive – Minnesota by 7, Kansas City by 3 at home, Miami by 10 at home, and the road win against the Broncos. The Bears have looked good in their past four games, getting big victories at home by more than twenty points in both outings at home, and road victories by 6 points against teams I’d rank to be almost as good as San Diego at this point. There shouldn’t be much doubt that the Bears will beat the Chargers by 4 points or more.

Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants (-5.5)

Earlier in the year, the Giants beat the Eagles in Philly by 13. Since then, the Eagles have gotten better, but their outcomes haven’t increased their winning percentage, taking them from 1-2 to 3-6. They’ve beaten two divisional opponents and held the point differential to less than 10 in their four losses. The Giants have won 4 of 6 since then, but four of those wins have been by fewer than 5 points. In a divisional game like this, I’d stay away, but the best bet would probably be to go with the Eagles and take the points.