The first 9 weeks of the NFL season are complete, and so enough games have been contested that we can not only speak more definitively about teams at this point, but we can also talk about some teams having more momentum than others. Ranked below are each of the 32 NFL teams listed in order from worst to first, along with a mention of how the team’s ranking changed since the last time this list was published.

32 – Indianapolis Colts (0-9) Dropped 2

Come on, Colts, at least the Rams and Dolphins found a way to WIN a game! I realize he’s nowhere near the talent of Peyton Manning, but Curtis Painter isn’t a terrible QB (I can think of a few who are worse… who are actually starting for other teams). They should do better than this.

31 – Seattle Seahawks (2-6) Dropped 4

The victory in New York against the Giants was decent, but they’ve lost three games since then after a week 6 bye week. Maybe Pete Carroll should’ve stayed at USC. Two of those losses were on the road by 10 points or fewer, but you have to do better than a 22 point loss at home to Cincinnati – a team which only has one win all season by more than 10 points.

30 – St. Louis Rams (1-7) Climbed 2

After a big win at home over the Saints, the Rams should’ve done better than to lose to a poor Cardinals team, albeit on the road by less than a touchdown. Unlike other teams, the Rams don’t want the option of picking Andrew Luck when the draft rolls around.

29 – Miami Dolphins (1-7) Climbed 2

A big time win by 28 points on the road in Kansas City in week 9 is likely to be the start of some optimism building as they face an injury-depleted Redskins squad which has struggled to do anything on offense the past few weeks. With three of their losses coming by 3 points or fewer, don’t be surprised if the Dolphins kick it into gear and move up the list a bit in the coming weeks.

28 – Washington Redskins (3-5) Dropped 8

They really need to figure out their offensive woes, and quickly. John Beck improves each week, but he’s not stepping it up fast enough to help the team win. As Hankerson and Helu continue to grow in this offense, Beck’s numbers should improve, but they’ll need to look a lot better than they have in the first half over the past four weeks (following a bye nevertheless) if they want those stats by Beck & Company to be anything more than garbage time stats against a defense which already has a victory in its hands.

27 – Carolina Panthers (2-6) Dropped 1

Following a win against Washington and a narrow defeat to the Vikings, the Panthers got a week 9 bye, and it will be interesting to see how that affects Cam Newton’s development. They’ve got weapons, they’ve kept the outcome of all but one of their losses to a touchdown or less, so now is the time to make a statement regarding what this team is all about.

26 – Arizona Cardinals (2-6) Climbed 3

A win over the Rams at home in week 9 actually doesn’t impress me nearly as much as a loss in Baltimore by only 3 points in week 8. I’m wondering how the team will respond with Skelton as the QB instead of a hobbled Kolb, because although they aren’t a consistent team, they’ve only lost two games by more than 4 points. Still, victories over Carolina and St Louis aren’t inspiring, especially when they’ve lost to the Seahawks, Redskins and Vikings.

25 – Minnesota Vikings (2-6) Climbed 3

All of their outcomes have been close aside from one. With narrow defeats in San Diego and at home to Detroit and Green Bay, a big time loss by 29 can be forgivable. Wins over Arizona and Carolina aren’t inspiring in the slightest.

24 – Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6) Climbed 1

The Jags have been very inconsistent this season, beating a decent Titans team and a very good Baltimore team, yet getting blown out by the Jets while coming close to beating the Steelers in Pittsburgh. It will be interesting to see how the Jaguars fare coming out of a week 9 bye.

23 – Cleveland Browns (3-5) Climbed 1

How badly could the Browns use a healthy Peyton Hillis right about now? Looking at their running offensive attack at this point in the season leaves you wondering how the Browns are accomplishing anything. Still, they climb because other teams are faltering, and they’ve played a couple of good teams. Sadly for them, their bye week is long since gone.

22 – Tennessee Titans (4-4) Climbed 1

One win in their last four games and it was over the worst team in the league. Congrats, Titans, Chris Johnson might be getting back on track, but you haven’t shown much all season. Wins over the Broncos and Cleveland aren’t helping your case much, and I think by now everyone is discounting the win over Baltimore in week 2 because it was more about the Ravens beating themselves. The Titans have plenty of work to do if they want to rebound, which should frustrate them because the AFC South is VERY winnable this season with the Colts bottoming out.

21 – Oakland Raiders (4-4) Dropped 5

You can’t follow a bye week by losing to a divisional opponent in your home stadium by two touchdowns, especially when you lost before the bye week to a divisional opponent in your home stadium by FOUR TOUCHDOWNS! The Raiders really need to figure out their QB situation and get Carson Palmer on track because they’ve got pieces in place to make things happen, but as it stands now they look to be in trouble.

20 – Denver Broncos (3-5) Climbed 2

Following a bye week they only beat the Dolphins by 3, then they get blown out by the Lions by 35 points, only to rebound a bit and beat the Raiders by 14 by exploiting Carson Palmer’s learning curve? Not impressive. Losing the three games leading into the bye week wasn’t impressive either.  They should probably be ranked lower than this, but I’m having trouble justifying it.

19 – San Diego Chargers (4-4) Dropped 5

Three straight losses following a bye week. I guess now we know how strong those early season less-than-10-point-margin wins over Minnesota, Miami and Denver were. One thing they can hang their hat on is that the Jets, Chiefs and Packers are all three in the top half of the league and they lost by no more than 7 points in any of those games… but it’s still a very bad trend.

18 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-3) No Change

When you’re coming off of a bye week, you have to do better against a divisional foe than an 11 point loss, even if it is on the road, especially because you beat them a month ago. The loss to the Bears isn’t terrible by any stretch, but week 5’s huge loss to San Francisco by 45 points is pathetic, especially because their wins over Minnesota and Indy earlier in the year were by a touchdown or less.

17 – Philadelphia Eagles (3-5) Climbed 2

I probably under-value the Eagles because I have higher expectations for them. Beating Washington isn’t a huge feat, and although the Dallas win was nice, the loss to Chicago puts them back on their heels a bit. Not a great resume, especially when you consider that what I just referenced in those three games includes a bye week and is following up a 1-4 start, albeit a span which included losses to four of the top 10 teams in the league… their one win in that span was against the lowly Rams.

16 – Kansas City Chiefs (4-4) Climbed 5

Feast or famine for this team. They got a big win over the very tough Chargers, shut out Oakland in a road game… but they got blown out by Buffalo and Detroit to start the season, had a close call in Indianapolis and got blown out last weekend against Miami. Still, I like what I’ve seen when they show flashes of what they’re capable of doing, so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt which won’t come their way if they don’t get more consistent.

15 – Dallas Cowboys (4-4) Climbed 2

Following their big win over the Rams at home, the Cowboys had a bad loss at Philly, and then rebounded by getting a decent win at home against Seattle. What’s this team all about? I don’t know, because some weeks they play really well gagainst really tough teams (San Francisco, Detroit and New England) and other weeks they’re not so impressive against average teams.

14 – New England Patriots (5-3) Dropped 12

Bill Belichick loses two straight games following a bye week, going into which they got two victories at home by mere single digits? Not impressive enough to stay anywhere close to the top of this list like they were a couple weeks ago.

13 – Buffalo Bills (5-3) Dropped 4

I was really tempted to have them higher than this, but following their bye week they haven’t shown a lot. Sure, they shut out Washington in week 8, giving Mike Shanahan his only shutout loss as a head coach, but they didn’t show as much in that game as they had in others. The week 9 loss to the Jets is frustrating because the game was played in Buffalo, and you’re not supposed to lose to divisional opponents at home. Still, they have a home win over Oakland and New England and Philly, so that’s all reassuring.

12 – Detroit Lions (6-2) Dropped 5

I’ll be very interested to see how they emerge from the bye week. A huge 35 point win over the Broncos was good, but primarily because it was a road game. That followed two straight losses at home to fairly good teams, both by less than 7 points. To me, that doesn’t give a lot of faith for what they can do in the playoffs. Still, they did start the season 5-0 with a huge win over the Chiefs and three road wins to go with the victory over the Bears. They should be higher than this, but I’ll want to see how this potentially great team gets on track after getting some rest, especially because that Broncos win on the road might’ve inflated their egos a bit too much going into mid-season vacation time.

11 – Chicago Bears (5-3) No Change

Two straight road wins against top-half teams? Decent, but they have to do more if they want to get into the top 10. I’m not very impressed by a home win against the struggling Vikings, even if it was by 29 points. The Falcons struggled to start the season so I’m not rewarding the Bears much for the week 1 win, and aside from that, the Bears have lost to the three good teams they played – New Orleans, Green Bay and Detroit – all by double digits. A win over Carolina? Nothing to brag about.

10 – New Orleans Saints (6-3) Dropped 6

Losing to the Rams by 10 is likely a product of the over-production the prior week, when they beat the Colts by a margin of 55 points. Still, I’m looking at their resume and I’m seeing a win over the Bears, one over the Texans… and not a lot else.

9 – New York Jets (5-3) Climbed 1

Beating the Bills in Buffalo by double digits was a good thing, but you expect something like that following a bye week. That string of losses to the Raiders / Ravens / Patriots is rough, but those were all road games. Interesting to note that the Jets are still undefeated at home, with some big games coming up there in the very near future.

8 – Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3) Dropped 2

Losing twice to Baltimore is a bad sign, especially when the Steelers might be fighting with the Ravens for a wild card spot if Cincinnati keeps up the strong play. Beating New England was good to cap off a 4 game win streak, and with their bye week positioned late in the season, Pittsburgh might come down to the wire looking way more formidable than an 8th overall squad.

7 – Atlanta Falcons (5-3) Climbed 6

The win over the Colts wouldn’t be so impressive on their resume, except it was played in Indianapolis and they won by 24 points. That’s what strong teams do following bye weeks. The win prior to that over the Lions in Detroit would look better if the Lions weren’t following their first loss of the season, but it’s on their resume so the Falcons should be proud of it.

6 – Houston Texans (6-3) Climbed 2

Three straight double-digit wins following losses to Baltimore and Oakland, but let’s not get too excited, neither Cleveland, Jacksonville nor Tennessee are great teams. Still, there’s a win over Pittsburgh on their resume and a loss by only 7 to the Saints in New Orleans. They’re looking like a playoff contender, but I’ll be surprised if they get to a championship game.

5 – Cincinnati Bengals (6-2) Climbed 10

Following their bye week, the Bengals have two decent wins against decent teams. I like the 22 point win IN Seattle, and the 7 point victory in Tennessee could’ve been better but at least it was a win. 10 point wins over the Colts and Jaguars prior to the bye week aren’t looking great, so I nearly considered dropping Cinci behind the Steelers, but for now they can hold this spot.

4 – New York Giants (6-2) Climbed 8

The win in New England last week was really good, but it was only by 4 points, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves and call it a great win. No way do the Giants get to move into third place with a measly three point victory in New York over the lowly Dolphins. The win over Buffalo in week 6 was decent considering how strong the Bills are this season thus far, but losing at home to Seattle by double digits? Ugh. Wins over Arizona and the Rams aren’t impressive, and how bad does that double-digit loss to the Redskins look right about now? They’re lucky they got this high in the rankings.

3 – San Francisco 49ers (7-1) No Change

The win over Washington wasn’t extremely impressive given the margin of victory (only 8 points against a struggling Redskins squad), and beating Cleveland in San Francisco isn’t something to brag about either, especially when you only out-scored them by 10 and it was following a bye week. Still, the road wins over Detroit, Philly, Cincinnati and the big home win over Tampa Bay all look really good on the resume, enough to surpass the Giants anyway.

2 – Baltimore Ravens (6-2) Climbed 3

Beating Pittsburgh once in a season was expected, but twice is quite a feat… even if it was just by three. Only beating Arizona by 3 the week prior tells me that most of their preparation was probably set on the Steelers, and while the loss to the Jaguars on the road in week 7 is a blemish on their resume, I can’t find any reason to give the Giants or 49’ers the nod over Baltimore, so the Ravens remain in this spot for now.

1 – Green Bay Packers (8-0) No Change

I find no reason to put the reigning Super Bowl champions anywhere other than first place while they’re undefeated, especially because there’s no one providing a serious threat to their throne. Their last two victories have come by a touchdown or less following four straight wins in double digits (two by more than 20), but the Ravens, 49ers, Texans, Giants and Bengals haven’t made any huge statements which would make me consider having any of them surpass Green Bay, so the Packers are safe in the top spot for the near future.

Am I crazy? Did I make ANY good points that you agree with? Would you make any changes? Feel encouraged to let me know. I do take those things into account.