Each week I pose NFL-related questions to the contributors at GuysNation with some of the questions surrounding the sport this week. Here are the questions and their perspectives.

John Beck or Rex Grossman, who would you go with if you were the Redskins?

Jeff S: I’d probably go with Beck.  You already know what you’ll get with Rex. The season is pretty much shot, so why not learn everything you can about Beck.

Nathan: A choice between two sub par QBs? I guess Beck because he’s been playing lately.

Mike Frandsen: This is a tough call because Beck has a good chance at his first win against his old team, but the Skins should go with Grossman. A win would put them at 4-5 with a slim chance to still make the playoffs, and Rex is better at throwing deep. Beck is more mobile, but he has been too tentative during his starts. If Beck starts, he should have a short leash.

JMB:  Rex Grossman.  He doesn’t always make good decisions, but he makes them quickly.  Beck is indecisive in my opinion and the offense isn’t opening up.  Neither is the long term answer but for now I like Rex.

Ronny: Since neither isn’t an option I’ll go with Grossman, at least he makes plays(albeit it some are negative ones)

Are you surprised that Tampa Bay picked up Albert Haynesworth?

Jeff S: Surprised, shocked and confused.  Apparently you can be fat, slow, lazy and still get paid in the NFL.

Nathan: After losing McCoy, they had to do something to fill his spot. So why not Haynesworth?

Mike Frandsen: It’s not surprising. He almost signed with them in 2009, and it’s a good risk for the Bucs who are fighting for a playoff spot. Haynesworth knows his chances are running out.

JMB:  I am surprised in the sense that its a young team, and he’s a bad egg, but with that DL line being injured they have needs.

Ronny: I’m surprised anyone picked up this tub of lard. If Bellichek couldn’t redeem him how do the Bucs think they can. He’s always been overrated, the man had one great year, coincidentally it was a contract year. He got paid and then laid down.

More surprising: Buffalo Bills (5-3) / Houston Texans (6-3)

Jeff S: I can’t go Homer twice in the same article.  Houston is more surprising in that Andre Johnson has been out for most of their season.  When he gets back, Houston could be VERY tough.

Nathan: Everyone knew Houston would be competitive, but no one thought Buffalo would have this kind of record.

Mike Frandsen: The Bills are more surprising because they came out of nowhere, and Ryan Fitzpatrick had more questions around him than Matt Schaub. The Texans have been knocking on the door for years.

JMB:  Buffalo.  The Texans have so much talent at skill positions where the Bills don’t, and there’s a victory against NE on that resume.

Ronny: The Bills. When Peyton got hurt I said that if the Texans couldn’t win the division this year they should disband the team. The Bills are the little engine that could.

Most likely to get the #1 overall pick next year:
St Louis Rams (1-7)
Minnesota Vikings (2-6)
Washington Redskins (3-5)
Indianapolis Colts (0-9)
Miami Dolphins (1-7)

Jeff S: Indy has this one all wrapped up.  It’s amazing what a difference Payton Manning makes …

Nathan: There are no reasons the Colts will suddenly get hot and reel off a few wins to push them out of the Luck Sweepstakes.

Mike Frandsen:The Colts are most likely to get the top pick. With all their money invested in Manning, the roster hasn’t had enough depth at too many positions and time has caught up to them.

JMB:  I still like the Colts to be #1 given their struggles on whole and their schedule.

Ronny: First I’m going to comment on the absurdity of a team throwing games to get Luck. There is NO way an NFL team would do this. Football is a violent game involving 52 men on each team. In order to “Suck for Luck” They would all have to be involved. That being said the Colts will get Luck, they get worse every week.

Which three teams could most use the services of Andrew Luck?

Jeff S: Washington for sure.  Miami and Seattle.

Nathan: The one team that is in contention for the #1 pick and could really use Luck is Miami. They have no competent QB. Indy I suppose would be next. Luck could learn from the one he’s compared to and would be better off then getting thrown into the fire. Third would be Denver because Tebow, is no QB, as much as some in Denver would like him to be.

Mike Frandsen: The teams with the three worst Quarterback situations are the Seahawks, Dolphins and Redskins.

JMB:  Use is sort of an interesting way to put it.  I think Indy does need him given they don’t have a young QB and Peyton has serious health issues.  However, in terms of immediate need I have to think of Miami and Washington.  They don’t have what I would consider even a solid QB prospect, and both have enough tools on offense that a capable QB could make them competitive.  Seattle potentially is in this position, but they may not have given up on Jackson/Whitehurst just yet.

Ronny: With the exception of the 49ers if you don’t have a franchise QB you’re not going to be a competitive NFL franchise. The Skins and Dolphins need him the most. The Skins haven’t had a franchise QB since Thiesman and the Dolphins since Marino. The Colts could also use Luck, he couild provide a smooth post Peyton transition, ala Montana to Young, Farve to Rodgers.

Other than Andrew Luck, who do you think will be top 10 draft picks with huge potential in the draft 5 months from now?

Nathan: There are the big names in Matt Barkley, Landry Jones and Justin Blackmon, but this draft could have several offensive linemen picked in Matt Kalil, Jonathan Martin and Riley Reiff, not to mention Cordy Glenn, David DeCastro and Peter Konz who could go in the 1st round.

Mike Frandsen: Quarterbacks Matt Barkley of USC and Landry Jones of Oklahoma should also be drafted high.  Look for running back Trent Richardson of Alabama  and his teammate cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick to also make the top 10.

JMB:  I’m not sure about huge potential, but I think Matt Barkley will be in the top five, probably to Miami if Indy wins the Luck sweepstakes.  I could also see Trent Richardson going in the top 10 to Denver as McGahee is only so durable and John Fox loves the 2 back system and the ground and pound running game.

Ronny: A little early for my draft breakdown but I love two kids out of USC. Matt Barkley their Quarterback and Woods their wideout.

How do you feel about the NFL doing Thursday night football on NFL Network?

Jeff S: Washington for sure.  Miami and Seattle.

Mike Frandsen: It’s nice to have Thursday night games but a lot of NFL fans don’t get the NFL Network, so it should either be on network TV, ESPN, or not on at all.

JMB: They need it to build the network, but I dislike it since I don’t get the NFL network, so I miss games.

Ronny: What took so long. The more football the better. The NFL still needs to improve their production values, but I like the new announce team.

Predicting Individual Games:

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati

Jeff S: I think this could be a tougher game than Pittsburgh fans are expecting but I still think the Steelers take this one.  Coming off the Sunday nite loss to the Ravens, in Pittsburgh, should be motivation enough for the Steelers.  That and a divisional rival, Pittsburgh really needs this game.

Nathan: This would be a big statement win for the Bengals, but Pittsburgh is way more talented on both sides of the ball.

Mike Frandsen: Pittsburgh. Cincinnati is a great story but the young Bengals come down to Earth a bit against Pittsburgh in a close game.

JMB:  Pittsburgh.  I like what Cincy is doing with Andy Dalton, but he’s still a rookie QB going against a very good veteran D.  Also, Pittsburgh has much improved against the run the last few games, so this one will be on Dalton’s shoulders.

Ronny: I like Pittsburgh in this one, Cincy has beaten up on bad competition and I expect them to fall off in the second half of the season.

Denver @ Kansas City

Jeff S: I’m taking KC.  I watched Tebow last week and saw the same old mechanics that teams were so critical of.  The big looping throwing motion is back!!  KC seems to playing better as of late.

Nathan: Chiefs. I put very little stock in Tebow as a QB, until he proves he can be more consistent (if he can at all), then I’ll take his opponent.

Mike Frandsen: Chiefs. Tim Tebow can only take the Broncos so far. He’s too inaccurate and the Chiefs are tough at home.

JMB:  Denver.  Miami took care of business last week, and KC is reeling, not the time to face a team with a solid running game and a good running/improv QB.

Ronny: Wow nasty game. I’ll take KC. No way Tivo can play two good games in a row.

Buffalo @ Dallas

Jeff S: Total homer pick with Buffalo.  I can’t remember the last time Buffalo traveled to Dallas so I’m excited to watch this game.  I think it’s close with Buffalo pulling out the win.

Nathan: Buffalo. Only one of Dallas’ wins came against a contending team (SF) and they’ve been wildly inconsistent.

Mike Frandsen: Buffalo. With Jackson, Johnson and Nelson, the Bills may have plain names but their offense is prolific, averaging nearly 28 points per game. Tony Romo isn’t 100 percent, and the Bills win.

JMB:  Dallas. I think these teams are evenly matched, and I do like Fred Jackson against the Dallas D, but I look for Murray to come up big against the buffalo D, and the Cowboys are playing at home.

Ronny: Dallas can’t handle prosperity, they’ll find a way to blow this one.

Washington @ Miami

Jeff S: Two of the worst teams in the league.  Washington is just a notch above Miami, but not by much.  I’m taking the Skins.

Nathan: Miami. Back to back wins for the Dolphins? Who would’ve thought? I have more faith in Matt Moore then I do John Beck

Mike Frandsen: Washington, because Redskins fans and media have written off the team but it’s too early for that. Miami’s home field advantage is non-existent, and the Skins offense finally scores more than 20 points behind rookies Roy Helu and Leonard Hankerson.

JMB:  Miami.  The defense is better than people admit, and I’m not seeing anything in terms of a real playmaker stepping forward for the Redskins.  14 dump offs to Helu and maybe finding Fred Davis isn’t going to open up the field.

Ronny: Another dandy. I’ll take Miami, they gave Baltimore a game and blasted K.C. last week.

New Orleans @ Atlanta

Jeff S: Interesting game.  Both teams can be great at times and then down right awful.  It’s hard for me to pick against Drew Brees, but I’m going with Atlanta at home.

Nathan: Atlanta. The Falcons will be charged in front of their home crowd and Turner will be the difference with a big day.

Mike Frandsen: Saints. When mentioning the NFL’s great passers, Brady, Manning and Rodgers are often mentioned, while Drew Brees is sometimes overlooked. Brees is as good as any of them and has enough weapons to outscore the Falcons.

JMB:  I like Atlanta in this one.  The Falcons play well at home, and Brees has been very spotty this year.

Ronny: Atlanta is my Super Bowl pick, I think they are about to pick it up. They are great at home with Ryan

Houston @ Tampa Bay

Jeff S: Again, two really streaky teams.  You just never know which one is going to show up.  I like TB in this one.

Nathan: Houston. Even without Andre Johnson, the Texans have been winning and that won’t stop this week.

Mike Frandsen: Houston’s offense is too tough for the Bucs to overcome.

JMB:  Houston.  The D is still good, and Foster/Tate are lethal.  Plus, TB hasn’t shown me anything this year.

Ronny: Tampa is as inconsistent as they come and I like the way Houston has been playing lately. I’ll take the Texans.

Detroit @ Chicago

Jeff S: In the past, this has been a “Bye” week for the Bears.  Not anymore. With one of the best D lines in the league, Detroit should be in Cutler’s backyard all game long.  Detroit … big.

Nathan: Detroit. The Lion D will hold Forte in check just enough for the offense to do its thing.

Mike Frandsen: Jay Cutler is coming into his own and the Bears’ versatile linebackers will do just enough to slow down the Lions.

JMB: I like Detroit this game.  The Bears are giving up way too much through the air, and I just don’t see them playing catch up well.

Ronny: I want to take Detroit, I really do. They certainly are the sexier pic. But the Bears are always underrated, Cutler has looked good lately as Mike Martz has finally figured out that if he protects him he will play better.

New York Giants @ San Francisco

Jeff S: This is the game that SF needs to win, to prove they are for real. Beating the G-men would be A HUGE feather in the cap … I’m picking San Fran.

Nathan: SF. The Niner defense will be too much for Eli and Co.

Mike Frandsen: The Giants have to travel 3,000 miles and despite Eli Manning’s excellent play as of late, the 49ers’ tough defense and running game will be enough for San Francisco.

JMB: SF:  This is going to be a REAL test for both squads.  I think Manning can do some damage through the air, but I don’t see the Giants stopping Gore, or getting their own running game going.  This gives control of the tempo and the clock to the home 49ers, which will be the key to victory.

Ronny: The Niners are on a roll, so that means they are due for a bad game, they are good but this is not a 15-1 teams.

New England @ New York Jets

Jeff S:  Big Big AFC East game here.  Jets are riding high after they dismantled Buffalo last week.  Brady always plays the division rivals tough and I just can’t pick against him here.  Patsies for the win!

Nathan: New England. Tough call, but I’ll go with Brady and Belichick.

Mike Frandsen: When two evenly matched teams such as the Patriots and Jets play, look at the coaching matchup and go with Belichick.

JMB:  NYJ.  They have played Brady well before, and with New England searching for answers and the Jets playing as well as they have all year.  Its a perfect storm for the Jets to beat New England.

Ronny: The Jets are on a roll but I dont’ see the Pats losing three games in a row. I’ll take the Patriots in a nail-biter.

Given the GuysNation Power Rankings that went up a couple days ago, tell me what I did wrong:

Jeff S: Atlanta at 7?  Over the Steelers?  I’d actually swap them.  True the two loses to the Ravens put them in a tight spot, but the Steelers have the much tougher schedule. Cinci at 5.  I think you should have stuck with your gut and placed them behind Pittsburgh like you said.  I’m not a believer of the Bengals yet. Philly at 17.  I’m not buying Eagles stock.  Until they can put
together some wins, I’m not buying.  I think they’re a 19 still.

JMB:  I think the Vikings really should be ranked higher, at least over the Jags and Browns.  Ponder is playing well, and they still have a good defense and Adrian Peterson.  I’d be much more afraid of them than the impotent Browns or the defenseless Jags. The Lions need to be higher, at least higher than Chicago with a win over the Bears already on their resume.

Ronny: The Bengals are much too high, I don’t think they are as good as anyone else in the top ten. They are like Boise in that they benefit from a weak schedule. However they play the Steelers and the Ravens two times a piece in the second half of the season, so we’ll see what they are made of.