Ty Warren, who is an 8-year NFL veteran who has played his entire career with the Patriots, has decided to spend less time in New England and more time in Texas.

More precisely Texas A&M.

He’s currently pursuing his degree in Agricultural Leadership & Development, and because he’s trying to graduate by next spring, that includes a schedule with five classes this off-season.  Warren is making a big sacrifice for his education, giving up on a $250,000 bonus from the New England Patriots – more than double the national household salary average – by not attending off-season workouts.

With his decision, Ty Warren is looking to not only advance himself, but also set a good example for his children:

“I try to put the kids in the best educational system possible and I think there is something to be said for their father, who has been blessed to play in the NFL and do something he’s loved to do, going back and finishing what he started.”

“If we end up having a lockout in 2011, that’s where you can find me, working with students.”

The Patriots are likely to be happy that amongst his busy schedule of classes and accompanying homework, Warren makes time to work out every morning. His kids are likely happy that their father can drop them off at school every day and have lunch with them once a week.

In a world where the only news you hear about public figures cast them in a negative light, Ty Warren sounds like a good father and a quality role model – not only for kids to look up to, but also as someone other NFL players without college degrees should consider following his example.

Ty Warren, celebrating a Super Bowl victory