Instead of just giving you one perspective on the NFL playoff games to be played this season, GuysNation gives you a whole round table discussion!

Saturday, 8:00 – Denver at New England

Rob: Tim Tebow has been the topic of most NFL-related discussion over the past week (not to mention the past couple months), but that all ends when Denver gets eliminated from the playoffs on Saturday Night.  I don’t expect him to have any problem rushing against the Patriots, nor do I expect New England to intercept Denver’s infamous Quarterback, but I don’t expect the Broncos to be able to keep up with the Patriots prolific offense.

Danny Rouhier (@funnydanny on Twitter): Cannot wait for the end of this Tebow BS. I’ll take the Hall of Famer with 3 Super Bowls at home over the guy with 15 starts.

XIV: I’m treating Denver’s QB like Voldemort. He will not be named. Not out of anything other than I think he’s been mentioned ENOUGH this week. Remember how quiet the mania was those three glorious weeks when he was on a losing streak? *sigh* … good times… good times… Let me start with a rant… The Josh McDaniels “controversy” is the most drummed up media creation I’ve witnessed in a while. He hasn’t coached the broncos in over a year… and the offense they run? Isn’t anything resembling the offense Denver is using under John Fox. He was hired before Denver won, so if Pitt does what its supposed to do? This isn’t a story. SSSSSOOOOOO annoying that talking heads and columnists like Woody Paige (of the Denver Post, surprise surprise) railed against the hire as some sort of advantage. Lets just look at the football facts. Denver lacks the experience, and skill to keep up with New England. The Pats dual All Pro caliber tight ends are match up NIGHTMARES. Stop Gronk and deal with Aaron Hernandez. Too big and strong for corners. Too fast for linebackers or safeties. The X-Factor for whether or not this is close lies in the hands of New England’s suspect defense. Can they make a few stops and get a few timely turnovers like their regular season game? Cuz if they do that just a few times this thing gets out of hand. My money is on Tommy Terrific, and the Hoodie.

Wallace (@bwall87): I’m also ready for the Tebow mania to stop. I want people to stop praising him like he is God. I hate the Patriots as well, but I see them destroying the Broncos this weekend. I’ll pick the Patriots over the Broncos.

Rob: For as much as I agree with those points, the thing that does concern me is that last time these two teams met, Rob Gronkowski was minimized. Aaron Hernandez had a huge game, but Gronk didn’t. Neither did Wes Welker. If somehow the Denver defense figures out how to continue to stop those guys, and Hernandez doesn’t have a monster game… could things fall apart for the Patriots? It’s not like Denver had any problem rushing on New England in mid-December. Is that going to change just because the game’s going to be played in Massachusetts this weekend? Demaryius Thomas had over 110 yards receiving last time, but he didn’t get to the end zone. If the Broncos defense steps up, their running game continues to work against the Patriots, and Tebow throws for better than 50% and gets a passing touchdown… I fear that Tebow-mania COULD be running wild into an AFC Championship game.

Robert Aitken (@RobertAitkenBR): Tebow. With that said, this is New England’s game. Don’t make excuses about how Josh McDaniels returning to New England puts the Broncos at a disadvantage. All that needs to be known here is how dominating and damaging New England was the first time around. The Broncos have used the great play of their defense to stay in striking distance, allowing their quarterback (whose name is escaping me at this moment) to have a thrilling comeback. No secret weapon is necessary for the Patriots. There are plenty of potent weapons that are far from being a secret. Without the thin air of Denver, the Broncos’ chances are that much thinner. New England to the title game by two touchdowns.

JMB: Well, I was wrong about Pittsburgh / Denver. I thought it would be close, I just was counting on Ben doing right before overtime what Tebow did in over time. That being said, it’s Denver and New England. The thing I have to try and wrack my brain around, is if Tebow’s coming out party was a result of a horrifically injured and incredibly atrocious performance by a normally solid Steeler defense, or was this really a “coming out” party of sorts of a more confident, more capable Tebow. If its more of the later than the former, then New England needs to be quite worried. The Steeler defense was yielding and we thought it was above par, and the New England defense already on the surface really quite below average. With that being said, the Hoodie and Tom Terrific always seem to have something ready to go for a game like this. The McDaniels junk aside, going to Foxboro is a tough, tough thing, and I am not sure if the Broncos can sustain that emotional high and that intensity on the road in that hostile environment. I would LOVE to see the Broncos pull this one out, but I just can’t go against New England at home. It will be a close one – but my money is still on Brady for the winning TD. 24-23 Pats.

Another IWC Jerk (@AnotherIWCJerk): This game is probably the toughest for me to pick, for so many reasons.
-I’m a Jets fan, thus I HATE the Patriots, Tom Brady, his hair, his Uggs boots, Bill Belichick, etc.
-I’m a believer of TebowMania. Not ESPN-obsessed, but I’ve been a Tebowmaniac since he was drafted when EVERYONE (including ESPN) trashed the Broncos decision to take him in the first round.

So after seeing that, it’s easy for me to just take Denver, right? Here’s the conflict. When I make my picks, I go by two things: My head, and my gut. This is the game where they don’t agree.

My gut tells me to take the Broncos, because it just isn’t wise to doubt Tim Tebow, or the Broncos defense. Tebow has proven he can handle the pressure of the Big Game situation, and that fact should scare the Patriots. Also, the fact that New England has been known to “take it easy” in the Playoffs the last couple years.

My head says to take the Pats because that’s just the smart thing to do. The Patriots are a far superior team to Denver, and the Pats’ D already stopped Tebow Time earlier this season. Also, the game is in New England, where the Pats will have a better advantage. This game can also go either way in regards to close game vs. blowout in favor of either team.
Official Pick: I never doubt my gut feeling, but this might be the exception, I’m reluctantly taking the New England Patriots.

Jon: We all saw the game last week. Von Miller and the Broncos defense stifled Big Ben’s attempt to win it at the end of regulation. Then, after running on first down all day, the Broncos fool the Steelers with a post route that Demaryius Thomas took to the house in a way that very, very few receivers can. It was impressive, but it’s not sustainable. The Patriots have a much healthier offense that won’t be so easily stopped if the game rests on their shoulders as it did for the Steelers. I don’t think it will even come close to that. Pats 38-20.

Rob: I’m hearing yet another stat that’s worrying me. The New England Patriots are the worst in the league at allowing passes of 25+ yards, and with those type of passes, Tim Tebow had a higher percentage of passes attempted than anyone else in the league. He throws long passes and those are the type that the Patriots give up. If New England tries to not allow that sort of pass, is it going to screw up their defense against Denver’s running attack which was highly prolific against the Patriots earlier in the season? I’d say most people would agree that New England is the favorite in this game, but that doesn’t mean that the Broncos won’t find a way to win, and the idea of Tim Tebow going to the AFC Championship game amidst all this media blitz is scary.

XIV: I watch the final play of that Steelers Broncos game and have to wonder, where was the deep help? I can understand giving up a few long passes. I understand you’re gonna slant towards stuffing the run and leaving your corners on an island, but man… After you get torched early you’d think you’d adjust. I think the Steelers went out of their way to stop one facet of the Bronco’s attack so aggressively
that they made it obvious to what Denver had to do. Made “HIS” decisions all the easier. Its not like the QB play was other worldly. Completion percentage was under 50. Hit 10 passes for 316, which means he just whooped your ass… So I don’t put much stock into New England giving up long passes as a primary worry. That’ s not how Denver had success in the first meeting. Especially now that the homerun ball is so prevalent in the Hoodie’s mind. Different looks. Man and Zone. Blitz. Try to be stout against the run, and be disciplined. Force them into 3rd and Long. Denver is the WORST in 3rd down conversion. Get them there, get Denver to punt. Put the ball in Tommy Terrific’s hands. Ballgame. NE showed last game. You can take away Gronk. Hell, you can take away Welker, but we’re still gonna beat you.

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So that’s the perspective from the Round Table, what say you?