It’s been a little too long since I last brought y’all the BudView, so lemme get right back on track with a little NFL Round Up here after the second weekend of Pre-Season NFL Football.

Starting with my boys the Washington Redskins, by now y’all know all about how Coach Shanahan and Big Al Haynesworth can’t get along, with Haynesworth having some serious comments about how the coaching staff are almost lying to the media and whatnot about his status.  Well I was happy to see today when my man veteran linebacker extraordinaire London Fletcher stepped up and got involved.  According to Twitter, Fletcher and Haynesworth “had a great conversation” and London “feel[s] good about where [Haynesworth’s] at today” and that Big Al is “definitely on board for what we’re trying to do”.  Sounds good to me.  Haynesworth might cause more drama than Spencer Pratt (blame my niece for that reference), but I like him being a dominant part of a dominant defense for this season.

From the world of confusing suspensions, the great and disgruntled Vincent Jackson out in San Diego might be missing more games than just the three he’s suspended for (due to a substance abuse violation).  If he gets traded somewhere after 6 pm on September 4th, there’s a chance that Jackson could miss an additional three games.  I don’t totally understand it, but explained it like this:

“As per the CBA’s restricted free agency provisions, if Jackson reports after his suspension begins on Sept. 4, he will be ineligible to play for an additional three weeks following the date he actually reports. The CBA’s restricted free agency provisions state that once a club has notified a player of its intention to place him on the roster exempt list, the player must remain on that list for three games following the date on which he actually reports to his club”

Confused?  Let’s move on.

On the Dennis & Callahan show, Tom Brady was asked about HBO’s “Hard Knocks” which features a division rival team.  Brady’s response?  “I haven’t turned it on.  I hate the Jets so I refuse to support that show.”  Nice!  I like a good feud in the NFL and I know that all these people are professionals and whatnot, but I’m more than happy to hear that some of the players hate other teams.  I don’t need to hear that all the players respect one another.  That doesn’t make me feel like the hits people give and take are worth anything.  I want to know that when Tom Brady throws a touchdown pass against the Jets, that he wants nothing more than to taunt Rex Ryan about it.  I don’t care about either of those teams, but it does make it more fun to watch, especially when Rex Ryan responds with “He knows we hate the Patriots”.

Were you wondering whether Brett Favre was going to return?  Apparently Zygi Wilf, the owner of the Minnesota Vikings, never had any doubts that Favre would be his starting QB this year.  At least that’s what he told the Minneapolis Star Tribute.  If that’s the case, then why did he gas up the private jet and send three of his players down to Mississippi last week to bring Favre back?

Up until now I was wondering whether my Washington Redskins were right to have drafted Trent Williams instead of Russell Okung, but now I’m glad that choice was made.  I’m sure it was a freak accident, but Okung sprained his ankle this weekend when the Seahawks played the Packers, and now he won’t be back until the start of the regular season.  Williams just had a contusion on his arm and apparently won’t miss any time.  Even if the injury to Okung was a fluke thing, I’m glad it didn’t happen to a player on the burgundy & gold, knock on wood.

Think the pressure is high on Sam Bradford, the number one overall pick of this year’s draft?  How about not having a veteran backup for a little while.  A.J. Feeley of the Rams injured his thumb this past weekend, so he might not be there this weekend to help take some of the pressure off Bradford.  Good luck, Rookie.

Bears fans, when you hear that Brian Urlacher hurt himself in the Oakland game, are you going to worry?  I would be.  I don’t care that he says this injury seems like one he had back in 2007.  If I were you, I’d be thinking about how he crippled your defense last year because he was injured in the first game.  I don’t have the Bears defense this year in fantasy football like I did last year, so I’m not as worried as the Soldier Field Faithful are going to be, but I worried about it for y’all when I heard it, nevertheless.

The former backup here in Washington D.C. now found his new temporary home in Chicago, as the Bears signed old faithful Todd Collins to backup Jay Cutler.  Funny to think that if Cutler had been traded to Washington last year, we might’ve had the Cutler / Collins pairing that Chicago’s got going into next season.  After performing well when Jason Campbell went out a year and a half ago, I’m glad to see that Todd Collins got pulled on somewhere.  He’s a good dude.

When it rains, it pours down in Houston.  The Texans already gotta go four games without Brian Cushing due to performance-enhancing drug suspension.  Now the guy who was going to take Cushing’s roster spot for those four games, Danny Clark, sprained his knee.  Xavier Adibi is another guy who could’ve taken that spot, but he’s got a sprained groin.