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Instead of just giving you one perspective on the NFL playoff games to be played this season, GuysNation gives you a whole round table discussion! Nine guys got together on this one to give you a look at this playoff game from multiple perspectives.

Sunday, 1:00 – Houston at Baltimore

Rob:  This is going to be a totally different game than when the Texans visited Baltimore back in week 7. Andre Johnson didn’t play in that game, and he’s arguably the biggest game changing player on either team. He’s going to open things up and allow Arian Foster some room to run, and the Ravens are going to have yet another early playoffs exit.

Danny Rouhier (@funnydanny on Twitter): Great chance this is one of the top 7 most boring games in the history of the sport. I think people are going to be fooled by Houston last week against a below average Cincinnati team. This is the same group that could barely manage to get out of their own way during losses to Carolina, Indianapolis, and Tennessee. You really picking TJ Yates on the road? I’m not. This is going to be a putrid game with 1 million rushes and announcers gushing about how tough these teams are. Baltimore gets their elimination next week because Joe Flacco is not good at playing quarterback.

XIV: This is the least exciting game of the week, in my opinion. Also the easiest to pick. Houston shocked a lot of people last week, by beating Cincy… myself included. Arian Foster showed the nation why he’s one of the best running backs in the game. Houston showed they WILL be a force in the AFC. Notice. Future Tense. WILL. They got the first playoff appearance. First playoff win. Time for them to get their first playoff loss. Baltimore’s defense is the best in the AFC side of the bracket. Ray Rice is every bit as good as Arian Foster. Oh… and Aquan Boldin is reportedly coming back for this game. So Baltimore will have their weaponry. They’ll be at home. They don’t have a rookie starting at QB. Ravens 27 Texans 17.

Wallace (@bwall87): I’m not looking forward to this game at all. It will be a lot of running and a lot of praising the Baltimore Defense during this game. They are going against a rookie QB. I would love to see Houston win this game, but I don’t see it happening. I pick the Ravens over the Texans.

JMB: This is the least interesting game for me this week as well, but its more because as a Steelers fan, I take no joy in watching our arch rivals carry on in to the playoffs. However, given the talent of the runners both in the running game and passing game, I think we will get some bright spots from the offenses in a generally defense dominated stand off. However, the Ravens are 8-0 at home, including big wins over the Jets, Texans, Steelers, and 49ers. I simply can’t pick against them with that kind of dominance at home with a sturdy defense and Ray Rice. Flacco might keep it closer than it should be, but Ravens take this game.

Rob: Don’t get me wrong, I love that undefeated at home statistic, and I realize that a rookie QB isn’t going to give Houston the stability they might need, but two things jump out at me that put me in a position where I absolutely wouldn’t bet on this game: Andre Johnson coming back seriously helps Yates by giving him an any-play target who could break the game wide open at any time. Also, the Ravens have been really good this year, but they’ve been inconsistent. They lost to Tennessee, Jacksonville, Seattle and San Diego – none of whom made the playoffs – and only beat the Cardinals in Maryland by 3. There are two versions of the Ravens team, and against teams that everyone thinks they should beat, the lesser of the two teams seems to find its way onto the field. You would think that with this being the playoffs they wouldn’t have any issues firing on all cylinders, but it’s something to be wary of, and I think Houston is going to surprise some people.

JMB: The Ravens seems to play to the level of the competition – and that inconsistency has been primarily on the road. Even that one issue with Arizona at home came because they took one half of football off and STILL came back and won it. I don’t at all bet on seeing the Ravens bring anything less than the A game. Andre Johnson is a great offensive addition – but Yates has to get the ball to him, which in that hostile environment on the road against that talent and effort, I just don’t see them pulling it off. I’d love to see it, but I am not betting on it.

Robert Aitken (@RobertAitkenBR): Not too many people are watching this game, but they probably should be. Joe Flacco has never been seen as a top-tier quarterback, but can put his team one game from the Super Bowl with a win at home. TJ Yates has gone from backup rookie to the only QB to ever win a playoff game for the Texans. Both teams are actually pretty similar. Arian Foster and Ray Rice are top flight running backs. The two teams are among the best defenses in the NFL. In the only divisional round matchup without a prior meeting this year, there’s not a lot to go on. A lot of the talent on either side cancels one another out. I’ll go out on a limb, however, and say that Yates fixes enough mistakes to get the upset done. Andre Johnson and the rest of the receiving corps for Houston is better than the guys catching passes for the Ravens. Unless Ray Rice completely takes over and the Ravens’ D has multiple gamechangers, Houston can steal this one.

Another IWC Jerk (@AnotherIWCJerk): Of all the games this week, this one probably has the greatest chance for an upset. I’m always a big fan of the “new kid on the block” in the Playoffs, but I realize they usually don’t go all the way, either.

The Texans just might have all the tools to shock the Ravens in Baltimore. As has been well documented, Andre Johnson will be 100% and the biggest threat for Houston. The fact that T.J. Yates has his first Playoff game and win past him is only a confidence booster at this point.

However, the Ravens defense is still scary after all these years. They had better come with their A game if they want to get to the AFC Championship game. Baltimore’s offense is also better than it’s been in past years, which just might put them over the top this weekend.
Official pick: Baltimore Ravens

Jon: Baltimore is the only AFC team left with an impressive regular season resume. They finished 6-0 against playoff teams, including a 29-14 throttling of Houston WITH Matt Schaub. Arian Foster is the truth and the Texans defense is a legit, but I can’t see the Ravens suddenly losing their ability to outplay tough competition, especially at home. Baltimore 24-Houston 13.

XIV: Don’t misinterpret. I’ts ranked 4th in my “must see”/interested in category, but, I’m watching it! (for the record I’ll be missing most, or all of the NO/SF game for work related reasons) – I’m just not excited for it. Flacco’s pissy interview certainly gets me more interested to see if the the former Blue Hen can live up to his claim of being a top flight QB. For the record, I don’t think he is. He’s a good QB. Better than the guy who was there when they WON the SB, but probably 8-12ish if I was ranking. Baltimore is very good at home. They’re an older team, especially on defense, so the week off will do wonders. Plus its getting close to the final chances for some of the Baltimore mainstays like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. This might be their final good chance at getting to a Super Bowl. This game WILL be
physical as hell. Three words come to mind the more I hear and read about it “Ground and Pound”. Can Houston get Foster and/or Tate rolling against Baltimore’s defense? Do they have a chance of stopping Rice? Can TJ Yates manage the game enough to keep Houston close? And… that’s where the wheels will come off.

Mark C: I believe that the Ravens defense is going to make it difficult for Houston to move the ball even now that Andre Johnson is back. I think that the biggest problem that Baltimore has is Flacco. He can be great, but then he has games where I am looking around going, what happened to the other guy. I did not see the interview mentioned above but I am going to have to look it up. But I think this team is good enough to make it this round over Houston.

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So that’s how the Round Table stands, what say you?