Not long ago they were two of the NFL’s most productive runningbacks.

Ronnie Brown was the focal point of the Miami Dolphins offense, running the wild cat offense from the runningback position and chalking up tons of yards despite sharing time with fellow runningback Ricky Williams. When he ended up a member of the Philadelphia Eagles squad, he dropped in stature behind starter LeSean McCoy, partially due to a costly turnover which helped keep the Eagles in the NFC East cellar.

Jerome Harrison looked to be a budding star at runningback in Cleveland, having huge days of productivity when he got opportunities under Eric Mangini. When the coach left and the regime changed, Peyton Hillis was brought to town from Denver, he turned out to be a phenom, and Harrison had trouble getting back on the field. Harrison went to the Eagles mid-season, and then ended up signing with the Lions in the off-season.

With Jahvid Best battling injuries and a concussion, the Detroit Lions are looking to sure up their backfield by picking up Ronnie Brown from the Eagles, sending Jerome Harrison back to Philadelphia along with a reported 7th round draft pick in 2013.

Fantasy Football perspective: If the Eagles find time to use Jerome Harrison, he would probably be productive, but don’t expect him to get many looks unless Vick or McCoy get injured. There’s reason to question Harrison’s approach to the game, whether it’s his ability to study enough to understand an offense or his work ethic, so don’t be surprised if he just fills a backup role for the Eagles and doesn’t rack up any significant numbers. Ronnie Brown, on the other hand, could be quite valuable for the Lions this season, as a nice change-of-pace back for Jahvid Best, or an even more prominent role if Best can’t shake the injured list. Don’t expect Brown’s productivity to last into next season, however, as the Lions drafted Mikel LeShoure in the 2nd round of the 2011 draft to be the change-of-pace for Best, but LeShoure tore his Achilles Tendon prior to the season and won’t return until the 2012 campaign.