As we head into Week 6, we’ve finally had enough NFL games played to where we can look at the outcomes and compare all 32 teams. Here are the GuysNation Power Rankings. We encourage your comments, and if they’re good perspectives, we’ll take them int account a week from now when the next rankings come out.

32 – St. Louis Rams (0-6)

They’ve only had two game outcomes which were settled by fewer than 18 points. They’re better on paper than they are on the field, so I won’t be surprised if they get to move up a little bit. I don’t expect them to win the Andrew Luck Bowl this season.

31 – Miami Dolphins (0-6)

They’ve kept it somewhat close in a couple games and have never lost by more than 18 points despite playing some high quality teams.

30 – Indianapolis Colts (0-7)

Five of their losses were by 10 points or less… and their 27 point loss to Houston during week 1 is looking a little less terrible after their Week 7 drubbing by 55 to the Saints.

29 – Arizona Cardinals (1-5)

Three of their losses were by fewer than 7 points, another was by fewer than two touchdowns. The loss in week 5 to Minnesota was rough because the Vikings are bad and the margin of difference was 24, but it was contested in Minnesota.

28 – Minnesota Vikings (1-6)

They drubbed the Cardinals, so they get to be listed above them in the rankings. They performed well against the Packers in Week 7, Detroit in Week 3, San Diego in Week 1, Tampa Bay in Week 2 and Kansas City in Week 4, but those games were still losses. They did get drubbed in Week 6 against the Bears.

27 – Seattle Seahawks (2-4)

Their win over the Giants was somewhat impressive, though their win over the Cardinals wasn’t inspiring. They came close against the Browns in Cleveland and against the Falcons, but they still wouldn’t be a good team even if they were 4-2 and had won those games.

26 – Carolina Panthers (2-5)

They beat the Jaguars, but it was a narrow margin and it was played in Carolina, so that isn’t factoring in very much right now. Four of their five losses were by 7 points or fewer.

25 – Jacksonville Jaguars (2-5)

The win over the Ravens was more a product of the Ravens being a team who has trouble getting up for games which should be easy victories. A close game against the Steelers in Pittsburgh speaks to the fact that the Jaguars have potential, though.

24 – Cleveland Browns (3-3)

Their three wins were by small margins against lower-tier teams. They haven’t played any top tier teams yet, and their record is not inspiring.

23 – Denver Broncos (2-4)

Their two wins were by a field goal or less. Three of their losses were by 5 points or less. Their other loss was by 26, but that was in Green Bay.

22 – Tennessee Titans (3-3)

They beat the Browns, so that keeps them from being #24, and beating the Broncos keeps them from being #23. A win over Baltimore was good, but that was more about the Ravens than Tennesee. Their loss to Jacksonville could’ve been avoided by playing a little better, but they got beaten soundly by Pittsburgh and Houston.

21 – Kansas City Chiefs (3-3)

They’ve lost twice by more than 30 points, and although three of their outcomes were decided by less than a touchdown, they won two of those games. Their week 7 win in Oakland was good, but that was more about the Raiders QB situation.

20 – Washington Redskins (3-3)

Two of their losses have been by a touchdown or less, but their wins were against teams with significant issues. They had the chance to crush the Eagles, and they laid an egg. They should’ve beaten the Panthers, but they laid an egg in the third quarter of that one as well. The jury is still out on this team, but right now they’re highly questionable.

19 – Philadelphia Eagles (2-4)

Following their bye week they are looking considerably better than following their week 5 loss in Buffalo. Had they not lost to the 49’ers in Philly in Week 4, their season would look a lot differently at this point.

18 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-3)

Wins over Minnesota and Indianapolis weren’t inspiring, but beating Atlanta and New Orleans looks good on their resume… though, home games against division opponents are “must haves”. If they were a good team, they wouldn’t have been blown out when they visited the 49ers.

17 – Dallas Cowboys (3-3)

After a string of games decided by fewer than 5 points, leaving them 2-3, the big win over the Rams has them looking back on track. If DeMarco Murray can be a quality starter, they just might start a trend of winning games.

16 – Oakland Raiders (4-3)

Their week 7 loss to Kansas City looks bad, but once Carson Palmer gets things rolling, the team’s going to look really good again.

15 – Cincinnati Bengals (4-2)

Their defense is keeping them in every game they play, but they’ll have to beat someone better than Cleveland, Jacksonville and Indianapolis if they want to move up the rankings. Beating Buffalo was good, but it was only by 3 points, and it was at home so that’s basically a push.

14 – San Diego Chargers (4-2)

Losing road games in New York and New England don’t look terrible, but their wins over Minnesota, Kansas City, Miami and Denver don’t look great.

13 – Atlanta Falcons (4-3)

Beating Philly, getting a win in Seattle and in Detroit all look good. Losing to Green Bay by 11 is forgivable, and the loss in Tampa Bay by 3 is basically a “push”.

12 – New York Giants (4-2)

The jury is still out on the Giants, but they’ll need more impressive wins if they want to move up the ranks, especially with losses to teams below them on the list.

11 – Chicago Bears (4-3)

They’ve blown out the Vikings and Falcons in Chicago, all three of their losses were acceptable, and a win in Tampa Bay looks decent on the resume.

10 – New York Jets (4-3)

Their win against the Chargers looks decent, but the ones against Jacksonville, Miami and Dallas aren’t hugely impressive. Their losses were all road games against two top-tier teams and a very decent Raiders team in a cross-country jaunt.

9 – Buffalo Bills (4-2)

Both losses were on the road. They put up big points against the Chiefs and the rest of their games were by 7 points or less.

8 – Houston Texans (4-3)

Three strong wins, two acceptable losses, and they’re looking like a viable playoff team.

7 – Detroit Lions (5-2)

Their two losses were at home, which is surprising for the Lions. Three of their other games were too close to look good on the resume.

6 – Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2)

The loss to the Ravens in Week 1 is the big blemish on their record. Losing to the Texans in Houston isn’t such a problem this season. Only beating the Colts by 3 and the Jaguars by 4? That’s questionable. The shutout win when hosting the Seahawks looks good.

5 – Baltimore Ravens (4-2)

They beat the Steelers in a big way Week 1, but losses to the Titans and Jaguars look suspect – especially in coming after big wins.

4 – New Orleans Saints (5-2)

Their only two losses were to the Packers on opening day and to the Buccaneers – both road games – by an average of 7 points. Two of their wins are against top tier teams, and the other three were bottom tier.

3 – San Francisco 49ers (5-1)

They crossed the country and beat Philly, beat the Lions in Detroit and got a blow-out win by 45 points over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (who are otherwise 4-2).

2 – New England Patriots (5-1)

Despite some obvious flaws, they only have one los and that was to a good divisional opponent in a road game by only 3 points.

1 – Green Bay Packers (7-0)

They’re the reigning Super Bowl champs, and while they’re undefeated, it’s hard to say anyone deserves to be above them.