Other sites just present their ratings for each of the 32 teams in the NFL with a couple sentences (if that) to justify where they placed a team. I’d like to get our #Citizens involved in the action by letting you all vote. We’re going to do this each week from here on out, now that there’s enough evidence to know how to value each of the NFL teams.

We’re not ONLY leaving it up to you. Most voters would likely take this seriously, whereas those of you who are fans of anarchy would probably try to get the Bears and Buccaneers to the top of our list, when they clearly belong much, much closer to the bottom at this point in the year.

The Undefeated

At the top of the list is almost certainly an undefeated team. Once we get deeper into the season, perhaps another team will make it into the top spot despite not being undefeated when someone else is without a loss. For now, we’re going with one of the 3-win teams.

Make sure you picked TWO.

And for the next one, for the other side of the coin…

The 1-Loss’ers

If you played a tough team and lost, it’s still possible that you’re better than any of the undefeated teams.  Are any of these teams better than an undefeated? Pick all that apply…

That’s right, I threw the Seahawks in there too, because they just got Kam Chancellor back, and they’re the defending NFC Champions.

Sub-500 Squads

Then there are those who haven’t earned their 2nd win yet. Or their first. Who are the top 3 from the pack?


There are four teams who are still yet to get their first win.

Results of the poll will be released on Sunday… and yes, I realize there’s a Thursday game.