So all the games have been played and the myriad of playoff scenarios have come to an end. It’s time for the NFL Playoffs and this one promises to have some interesting matchups. It’s not all good times for teams that barely missed the cut. Here are my playoff picks:

Wild Card Round

#6 Cincinnati at #3 Houston

Normally you’d think Houston would be a strong pick to advance, but they’ve lost three straight games and are depending on Jake Delhomme as their QB. Plus their two biggest offensive weapons, Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels, have injury concerns. Cincinnati will avenge their Week 14 loss to Houston and advance.

#5 Pittsburgh at #4 Denver

Tim Tebow’s magic carpet ride will end here. The Steeler defense will be too much for him to handle. Plus it’s hard to have faith in a team that qualified for the playoffs by losing. Pittsburgh by a wide margin.

#6 Detroit at #3 New Orleans

Drew Brees has been on a roll lately, dissecting opposing defenses with surgical precision. It’s a victory for the Lions to even qualify for the playoffs, given their recent history. However, they’ll be one-and-done as the Saints roll over them

#5 Atlanta at #4 NY Giants

This is the toughest to pick of the first round. The Falcons have been good but not enough to have too much confidence in them. The Giants have been inconsistent to say the least. However, they played an excellent game against the Cowboys and all the momentum will be with them, so they’ll prevail over Atlanta.

Divisional Round

#6 Cincinnati at #1 New England

Even given the Pats’ struggles on defense, I can’t imagine the Bengals putting up a good enough effort to upset them. Plus you can never count out Tom Brady in the playoffs. He’ll lead his team to a win for sure.

#5 Pittsburgh at #2 Baltimore

Third time’s the charm? After getting swept by the Ravens during the season, you can be sure Big Ben and his boys are out for revenge. However, Baltimore has too much of a mental edge and has all the confidence to make it a hat trick this season.

#4 NY Giants at #1 Green Bay

The Packer’s B Team was enough to beat the Lions today, so their A team will be more then the Giants can handle. They’re playing like a team worthy of repeating in the Super Bowl. Rodgers will cement his playoff legacy this postseason.

#3 New Orleans at #2 San Francisco

Great offense meets great defense. The Niners haven’t faced an offense of this caliber all season, but Harbaugh hast he team believing in itself and they’ll prove their defensive prowess against Brees. The team just has this aura of destiny that makes you think they’ll go far.

AFC Championship Game

#2 Baltimore at #1 New England

This should be good. Although I think the Patriots have the offense to beat the Ravens, I’m not too sure about their defense. They could fix that all by this time, but the Raven defense will hold Brady in check just enough for Flacco and Co to win the game.

NFC Championship Game

#2 San Francisco at #1 Green Bay

The 49ers’ dream season ends here. As good as their defense has been, it’s the offense that will do them in here. While Alex Smith has improved, the Packer defense will be too much and Green Bay will have a chance to go back-to-back.


Green Bay vs Baltimore

The Ravens will give them a run for their money, but in the end Aaron Rodgers will lead the Pack to another victory and they will get to hoist The Lombardi yet again.