With the Monday Night game still yet to be played, Week 7 is all but over, and if you want more information than just the scores, we’ve got a quick write-up about each game as well as news and notes from the top performances of the day… and the injuries which are likely to impact teams going forward.

Denver Broncos beat Miami Dolphins 18 to 15 (in OT)

Fifteen points in the fourth quarter and then a field goal in the extra period, the Broncos didn’t make it look pretty, but they made it happen.

New York Jets beat San Diego Chargers 27 to 21

Chargers fail to score in the second half, and the Jets answer with 7 in the third quarter and 10 in the fourth for the win at home.

Houston Texans beat Tennessee Titans 41 to 7

The Titans were losing 20 to 0 at half and didn’t score until the third quarter, allowing Houston to come to Tennessee and take the AFC South division lead.

Atlanta Falcons beat Detroit Lions 23 to 16

Matt Ryan suffers an injury but comes back to help deliver the second straight loss to the Lions. Detroiters are hoping this isn’t a home losing streak in the works.

Carolina Panthers beat Washington Redskins 33 to 20

For the second straight week the Redskins were losing by 17 points early in the fourth quarter. They got a touchdown, the Panthers got a field goal, and a turnover sealed the deal. At least this time it as a road game.

Chicago Bears beat Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24 to 18

The Buccaneers made London their home for the week, the Bears spend less time over-seas and the 21 to 5 lead for the Bears holds up in the face of a 13-point effort in the fourth quarter by Tampa Bay.

Cleveland Browns get a win over Seattle Seahawks 6 to 3

Like field goals? This was Sunday’s worst game by far.

Pittsburgh Steelers beat Arizona Cardinals 33 to 20

The visiting Steelers lead by 10 at half-time in Arizona and never look back.

Kansas City Chiefs beat Oakland Raiders 28 to 0

Quarterback woes make the otherwise woeful Chiefs defense look good, giving Kansas City a three game winning streak as they leave Oakland with a shutout.

Green Bay Packers squeak out a win against Vikings in Minnesota 33 to 27

Losing at halftime, a 20 point third quarter put the Packers on top, and the 10 point fourth quarter wasn’t enough of a comeback for the Vikings.

Dallas Cowboys defeat St Louis Rams 34 to 7

As Texas shuts down the Cardinals in Game 4 of the World Series on the same day, the Cowboys RUN ALL OVER the Rams in Dallas. (check the fantasy player portion of this article for more details)

New Orleans Saints demolish Indianapolis Colts 62 to 7

Score was 34 to 7 at half-time, and the only other interesting point is that the Saints handed over play-calling responsibilities to offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr before the game due to Sean Payton’s leg injury.

Week 7 Fantasy Notes

Arian Foster (RB – HOU) gets 110+ yards rushing and receiving, 234 total yards, tallies three touchdowns

Drew Brees (QB – NOS) completes 31 of 35 passes for 325 yards and 5 touchdowns in blowout win

DeMarco Murray (RB – DAL) set a Cowboys record with 253 rushing yards, but only 1 touchdown and 0 receptions (targeted twice)

Aaron Rodgers (QB – GBP) completes 80% of passes for 335 yards and 3 touchdowns

Marques Colston (WR – NOS) catches all 7 thrown his way for 98 yards and 2 touchdowns

Matt Forte (RB – CHI) with 183 all purpose yards with a touchdown

Cam Newton (QB – CAR) completes ~80% of passes for 256 yards and 1 touchdown, rushing for 59 more yards and another touchdown

Darren Sproles (RB – NOS) with 107 total yards, 6 receptions and two touchdowns

Greg Jennings (WR – GBP) catches 7 for 147 and one touchdown

Ben Roethlisberger (QB – PIT) completes two-thirds of passes or 361 yards and 3 TD

Plaxico Burress (WR – NYJ) catches only 4 of 8 thrown to him for a mere 25 yards… but amasses 3 receiving touchdowns in effort

Adrian Peterson (RB – MIN) averages 7+ yards per carry in amassing 175 yards rushing and one touchdown

Jimmy Graham (TE – NOS) catches 6 of 7 for 54 yards and two touchdowns

Calvin Johnson (WR – DET) hauls in 5 catches, 115 yards and one touchdown for his tenth score of the season

Mike Wallace (WR – PIT) catches 3 for 118 yards and one touchdown

Mason Crosby (K – GBP) and Olindo Mare (K – CAR) each kick 4 field goals and 3 extra-points

The Not-So Good News

QB A.J. Feeley made his first start since 2007 due to the high ankle sprain ailing Sam Bradford

Mark Ingram (RB – NOS) left the blow-out over the Colts in the fourth quarter because of a bruised heel, but x-rays were negative. He already had 91 yards rushing on only 14 carries at that point

Carson Palmer (QB – OAK) and Kyle Boller (QB – OAK) combine for 6 interceptions, one each returned for touchdowns by Kansas City. Matt Cassel (QB – KC) adds two interceptions of his own for 8 total on the game

Beanie Wells (RB – ARI) sprains knee against Steelers, severity yet to be reported

Earnest Graham (RB – TB) suffers leg injury, potentially a torn Achilles

RB Tim Hightower leaves game for Redskins with injury to knee which looked to have been suffered as he tried to make a cut with his left leg

Darren McFadden (RB – OAK) questionable for Week 8 with foot injury

Hines Ward (WR – PIT) to be evaluated this week with ankle injury

Santana Moss (WR – WAS) breaks bone in left hand

London Fletcher (LB – WAS) injures his hamstring

Willis McGahee (RB – DEN) fractures hand

Percy Harvin (WR – MIN) re-aggravates rib injury

Marshawn Lynch (RB – SEA) injures back in pre-game warm ups

Walter Thurmond (CB – SEA) out for season with cracked fibula

Matthew Stafford (QB – DET) is scheduled for a Monday MRI to look at his potentially injured leg

Tim Tebow (QB – DEN) had just 24 yards passing through the first three quarters against the Dolphins