After Week 6 there was much ado about the way in which the NFL intended to enforce its rules, doling out over $200,000 in fines.  This week, the NFL levied less than half the amount, but the names who had to shell out some cash were of significant profile.

Randy Moss.  He was fined for not talking to the media this week, and his wallet is $25,000 lighter.  Okay, it was probably his bank account, but you get the idea.

The media undoubtedly wanted to talk to Randy Moss following his team’s loss to the inter-division rival Green Bay Packers in what could possibly be Brett Favre’s last game, and with Moss returning to New England this weekend as the Vikings play the Patriots in Week 8, the reporters were likely to have some questions about that.

Moss’ coach, Brad Childress, was fined $35,000 for his critical comments in regards to recent NFL officiating.

Two of the highest profile Defensive Tackles in the league were also fined this week.  Darnell Dockett, who plays for the Arizona Cardinals, was fined $15,000 for a late hit during Week 7’s game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Albert Haynesworth, the much talked about Washington Redskins player who has the largest contract for a defensive player in the history of the league, was fined only $7,500 for a hit he doled out on the play where teammate DeAngelo Hall was returning an interception 92 yards for a touchdown.

The remaining money was from $20,000 in fines paid by Minnesota Vikings offensive tackle Phil Loadholt for his two serious facemask penalties he drew against the Packers.

The odd thing about all these fines?  Every fine was levied against an individual from an NFC team.