In case you didn’t watch WWE Smackdown tonight, there’s a new World’s champion.

The show started off as you’d expect – Chris Jericho shows up and brags about having wrestled “the perfect match” at Wrestlemania against Edge.  As you’d also expect, Edge shows up and says he’s not done with Chris Jericho.

Edge then challenges World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho to defend his belt right then and there.

Jericho refuses.

Edge spears him.

The Rated R Superstar’s theme song hits, and Edge leaves.

Before Edge gets halfway up the ramp, he gets clobbered from behind by a Money In The Bank briefcase, compliments of Jack Swagger.

With Jericho still knocked down in the ring, Swagger says he’s cashing in his championship opportunity (a la the Money In The Bank briefcase), and as Jericho starts to stir, The All American American Jack Swagger makes the most of his opportunity, hits a gutwrench powerbomb and pins Jericho to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

I have my opinion on this, but I won’t share it right now because I think GuysNation has something planned to have a multi-author discussion on it, which should be cool.

For now?  Put a new nameplate on that big belt.