When NBC decided it was done with SCRUBS, my wife and I were happy when ABC decided to pick it up for a season.

The way that season ended was perfect.  The common belief seemed to be that the show was ending, so they wrote an appropriate series finale that wrote Zach Braff off the show really well.

The problem is, it returned for another season.

Initially I was willing to give the post-finale season a chance.  It was going to change significantly, moving to a Medical School setting, bringing in some new characters to virtually build a spin-off with a few characters from Scrubs.  Zach Braff was involved in a few episodes, as were Sarah Chalke and a few others.  Series regulars John C McGinley (Dr Cox) and Donald Faison (Dr Turk) continue their roles, but some of the best parts of the show are gone – Neil Flynn’s “Janitor”, Judy Reyes’ “Carla” and Sam Lloyd’s “Ted Buckland”.

The biggest reason Scrubs went from my list of top 3 favorite shows and is now a show that I still TiVo but typically don’t watch anymore is because of how they write for the new main character – Lucy Bennett (played by Kerry Bishe).  My wife and I agreed early on in the new season that she wasn’t really a character that you can connect with, but then the writers gave her a fatal flaw (which the character realizes is a huge flaw) – they have her sleep with a very annoying side character (Cole Aaronson – played by Dave Franco, who is no doubt the younger brother of James Franco).  Cole is easily one of the most annoying characters I’ve seen in a while, and he could be funny if he had any endearing qualities, but he really doesn’t… and Lucy actually seems addicted to him – for no apparent reason except for the fact that sometimes pretty girls make really poor decisions when it comes to men.

Think I’m over-reacting?  Give it a watch.  If Lucy stops dating Cole or his character does a major 180 degree turn, let me know and I’ll start watching it again.

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