Whether you’re considering a trip to the movie theater, or you want to rent something and stay home, there are new movie options for you. We’ve got your two-part look at what hit this week and what some of the critics are saying about the options!


Out of the movies which hit theaters for the January 17th weekend in 2014, four of them earned enough at the box office to be in the Top 10 at the box office. How did they fare?

Ride Along

The Nut Job

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Devil’s Due

None of them are the top-rated films in the theater right now. That distinction STILL belongs to the film about potentially being lost in space, which has worked its way into the upper eschelon of films ALL TIME, not just in 2013.


  • Currently rated 92.3% and ranked #1 overall in 2013, and 28th all-time
    • 87.5% Rated It Buttery (high)
    • 8% Rated It Regular (above average)
    • 4% Rated It Half-Popped (average)
  • Featured Review: Dan Franzen of Critical Movie Critics – (full review)
  • Earned $1.945 M this weekend, it’s 16th in theaters, bringing its total to $258 M (domestic)
    [with $642 M world-wide]

Of the other notable new(-ish) films at the box office:

For all other films at the box office, be sure to check out the entire box office slate.

And on the other side of the coin are the movies you can (legally) enjoy from the comfort of your home!


Each week we like to try to let you know what new options you have in the way of new Blu-rays. Here’s a list of movies being released January 21st, 2014.


Rating Breakdown:

  • Buttery – 80%
  • Regular – 20%
    (Interpretation: most people loved it, but a few people thought it was just good)

Starring Tom Hanks and Catherine Keener. Directed by Paul Greengrass.

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Rating Breakdown:

  • Buttery – 35.71% (loved it)
  • Regular – 57.14% (good)
  • Half-Popped – 7.14% (average)

Starring Cate BlanchettAlec BaldwinLouis C.K., and Peter Sarsgaard. Directed by Woody Allen.

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Rating Breakdown:

  • Buttery – 0%
  • Regular – 44%
  • Half-Popped – 55.56%

Starring Danny TrejoMel GibsonAmber HeardMichelle RodriguezSofía Vergara, and Jessica Alba. Directed byRobert Rodriguez.


Similar Movie:

IN A WORLD… (75.75%)

Rating Breakdown:

  • Buttery – 25%
  • Regular – 50%
  • Half-Popped – 25%

Starring Lake BellDemetri MartinRob CorddryKen MarinoNick Offerman, and Geena Davis. Directed by Lake Bell.

Selected Reviews:


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