Nea Dune is a cover girl, a internationally published Croatian model, a professional dancer & aerialist, a Performer and a aspiring actress. Using her 16 years as a Latin & ballroom dancer, her 5 years as a aerialist & pole dancer and a wide variety of other skills and talents, Dune provides amazing visuals that photographers all over have used for various projects. From latex to leather, Cosplay and burlesque, her ability to adapt to any style of shoot has made all of her pictures breathtaking and something to see. But not being confined to just her good looks, Nea has weaved her way into dance and fitness in order to expand her already impressive skill set. Lucky for me, she was able to slow down enough in order to answer a few questions and give us a bit more insight into her life and career.


Mr. Incredible: Well I guess the first question is out of all these amazing talents you have…which one came first?

Nea Dune: Being born with way too much creativity I’d say! You are who you choose to be.

Mr. Incredible: Now I’ve haven’t met that many sexy Didgeridoo players before and it isn’t a instrumental that really gets pushed in music class. How did you come back picking up playing it?

Nea Dune: Accidentally really. Back in 2006 I overheard someone out of my dorm playing a deep drone, came down with a friend to listen and instantly fell in love! Tried it a bit and was at a didgeridoo workshop the next day! Two years later I got my own didge for my bday, a 2m long oak #C beauty called Beastie <3


Mr. Incredible: While reading up on you and doing my research I see you are fluent in Bosnian, Croatian, English, French, German, Portuguese, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish. Does that come in handy in your travels and on acting gigs?

Nea Dune: Well Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian are pretty much the same with specific accents and some different words. I started learning English in kindergarden, other languages in school, uni or language courses. Spent a year studying Arabic ages ago but unfortunately forgot the words, only remember the letters. Also learned Icelandic but forgot a lot since I haven’t been there for a few years, about time to come back to my northern home! Languages come in handy in absolutely everything, can’t imagine not knowing all of them. I’ve always believed in the saying – Quot linguas calles, tot homines vales.

Mr. Incredible: Now you are a dancer of many disciplines from Contemporary to Ballroom. Which style do you feel more at ease in?

Nea Dune: I don’t dance contemporary. My dance choices since the nineties are Latin American and ballroom dances, with faves being rumba, slowfox, viennese waltz and samba in the exact order! I also love freestyle where I combine elements from these dances with flexy figures and floorwork from pole dance fitness.


Mr. Incredible: It also says that you are into pole dance fitness. Now alot people think just strip club pole dancing when they hear that. But it is much more then that, isn’t it?

Nea Dune: I also teach aerial fitness – pole dance and lyra. And it has nothing to do with stripping. Pole is unfortunately very stigmatized and although it’s becoming an Olympic sport, people still perceive it wrong. I always work hard on promoting it as a sport and an excellent way to look & feel good. I’ll never support chicks dancing in thongs or lasciviously/trashy sexy, they are the reason poling can’t get away from that stigma. I also teach poling to men, who built up their core amazingly, grew strong and cut. No striptease there, we’re pole ninjas all the way!

Mr. Incredible: Ok, let me ask you, how hard is to have a social life with everything that you seem to have going on?

Nea Dune: When I’m home I always find time between shooting, running to castings or teaching dance to hang out, attend gigs or events with my gang. When I’m touring or traveling, I do the same with my international friends, combine work with the touristy stuff and clubbing/concerts/theme parks. Both modeling and international volunteering brought me to so many lovely people abroad, love it! So not hard at all, it’s my way of life =)

Mr. Incredible: How do you think social media has affected the world of of modeling and acting?

Nea Dune: Remember that old “Who’s your agency – Instagram?“ meme? Still makes me laugh every time I see it! These days anyone can have a Facebook fanpage or Tumblr following, or be a self-proclaimed model or actor. The market became literally crowded and the worst thing is, so many people are so alike.  With the hipster movement or maybe pin-up hitting the mainstream, it seems most people don’t aim to be different at all – they just try to be “in” and trendy. Personally I rarely take selfies and i.e. don’t have Instagram, I prefer living IRL =)


Mr. Incredible: Speaking on dressing up…how did you get picked to be the cover model for Longhena by Gridlink?

Nea Dune: Gridlink’s singer Jon Chang contacted me after stumbling upon my photos on the Interwebz, after a long search for the perfect covergal. It was even before I had a fanpage, only a Model Mayhem profile. I can’t wait to get the copy of Longhena for my archives, looks killer!

Mr. Incredible: So, when you are getting ready for a shoot, what type of music do you listen to?5274fb8eab159

Nea Dune: Whatever I’m digging at the moment, all sorts of alt music really. Lately it’s been projects of oldschool bands I usually listen to, like Crosses or Palms, also Kryn, Fall of Efrafa etc. I’ve been relistening to a lot of what I like to call pole music, since I teach exclusively alternative-music-pole dance fitness. I love post/prog styles of metal and some hardcore, melancholic music (merely Icelandic), industrial or even some obscure dubstep, depends.

Mr. Incredible: Well thank you for taking time out to answer my questions for the fans and readers. Before we wrap it up is there anything you would like to promote or say to the people?

Nea Dune: Rock on and go follow =)